Sunday, April 22, 2012

Old School Linsanity

Coach Pete still close with JLin.

Jeremy, only guy who played college ball from Paly. I think Mater Dei had 5 or 6 guys go DI.

Schooling Johnny Flynn. I knew they were still gonna cut JLin cause Flynn had guaranteed money.

I never get tired of watching this one. First time most scouts even looked him up. Our site starting getting tons of hits after this game.

Linsanity 1.0:


  1. Thank you for sharing, I really love watching it.

  2. First off, thanx for posting the old vids. I'm watching the college clip with my tired, dry eyes. So I have to squint alot. Something revealing happened! Everytime I opened my eyes I can find Jeremy in a crowd, even on my small smartphone screen (and I cant zoom in either cuz of the phone..the players show up the size of a font). my eyes were naturally quickly drawn to the guy running the fastest. That was Lin. Weird, amazing, and very revealing experiment. Give it a try. Talent evaluators take note. Lol

  3. Holy cow.

    Most of these videos I have not seen. That said, I'm blown away at how physically dominant Jeremy Lin was at the college level.

    Having Jeremy Lin on your Harvard team is like ordering a Happy Meal from McDonalds but discovering filet mignon inside.

  4. Jeremy Lin's HS team won the state championship his senior year over Mater Dei. Various publications had Mater Dei as top 15 in the entire country as a high school team, Lin's Palo Alto team wasn't even ranked on some publications (sound familiar?).
    Mater Dei had 7 players 6'7 who all ended up getting D1 scholarships. Palo Alto was so short that aside from Lin who was 6'2 as a senior, their starting center at tip-off was only 6'1. Lin was the only one on his team who played D1 but it was not on scholarship at Harvard. Jeremy Lin is the only California HS Player of the Year ever to receive ZERO D1 scholarships.

    With his exact same skillset and accomplishments, if Jeremy Lin were white or black he would have started at UCLA or Kentucky then been drafted top 10. Instead, he got zero D1 scholarships, went undrafted, and cut twice (almost cut by the Knicks too who didn't know what they had).

  5. One of Jeremy Lin's talents that makes him an elite player is his ability to make his teammates better.

    In these videos, Lin's teammates play with confidence and poise against bigger name competition. That is because Lin leads them in an unselfish and respectful way.

    Even though Lin now stars in the NBA, we have seen his amazing ability to bring out the best in his teammates. This is particularly true for longtime marginal players like Jared Jeffries or Steve Novak who have benefitted from Lin's presence.

    The basketball purist in me wants Lin to be picked up by the league worst Charlotte Bobcats just to see what he could do with that roster. I'm sure we'd suddenly all be marvelling at Tyrus Thomas's newfound athleticism or Desagana Diop's humongous picks or Matt Carroll's Novak-like outbursts.

    1. i want him to be w/ bobcats too, i want him to be w/ mj his idol and far away from melo ^^v and i know he can make a diff w/ that team...or he can be w/ the nets
      but i know this is impossible bcos definitely he's going to be w/ knicks next season

  6. i love the Bobcats idea!
    I live near Charlotte, so i can watch him in person!

    this will be an very interesting offseason!

    1. Jeremy Lin would help the Bobcats win far more games than the very raw Anthony "Unibrow" Davis would.

      I'm more insane than Rich Cho, so I'd try to trade Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields and Steve Novak for Davis and DJ Augustin and filler.

  7. Let's not forget this INSANE drive and layup with the Rockets preseason squad. In effect, he beats ALL FIVE GUYS on the opposing team:

    Nice job, Daryl Morey! Johnny Flynn is so much better (i.e. less Asian) than Jeremy Lin. You saved some chump change by keeping Flynn's contract...and lost out on hundreds of millions by letting Lin go. Genius!

    But hey, like Morey said, Jeremy never distinguished himself from, uh, Josh Slater.

  8. I think one of the main keys to Lin is that he is consistently around with good people. His parents are really doing a remarkable job here. A lot of people have the raw talent to play in the nba but not the proper mindset. And Lin has BOTH. I really hope the sudden fame and the prima donna star driven environment won't poison him and he can keep improving as a player.

  9. I believe Jeremy won't be poisoned and get carried away as he possesses strong faith in God, good family values and morals.

    Also, it always takes somebody who is humble, grounded and tough-minded to endure the rough journey(not given scholarship, undrafted, being cut twice as we all know) like that of Jeremy before he gained the sudden fame. I believe Jeremy will remain focused and he will work hard as always to improve himself regardless of his social and financial standings.

    1. As Jeremy said, it is all by God's grace. Like hardship and sufferings, praises also test a person's true faith. Please keep praying for him.

    2. I pray everyday for his speed recovery. For better or worse, I will continue to support Lin. I hope he wont force and rush himself to comeback right away. I want him 100% healthy because I want him to be successful in his career in many more years to come. God bless Jeremy!

  10. anyone help? according to the post "
    Jeremy Lin, who made the Knicks’ road trip, tweeted he jogged for the first time Sunday since knee surgery three weeks ago. But people familiar with the situation said he’s at least three weeks away and definitely will miss Round 1."
    Read more:

    Is it longer than expected ??


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