Friday, April 20, 2012

Marc Stein Gives Jeremy MIP

It's not just because he gave JLin his vote for Most Improved Player, but I like Marc Stein because he is smart basketball guy who does his homework:

Weekend Dime -- Season-ending awards - ESPN


  1. Lin definitely deserves MIP. But I doubt he'll win it because the voters have other criteria (like they don't like to vote for someone who didn't get much playing time the previous year). Whatever, it doesn't matter. MIP isn't that big of a deal, Lin should be setting his sights higher.

    As for the Cavs game, the Knicks are unbelievably sensitive to the any change in the team chemistry. They were mediocre to start the season, then Lin became a starter and they went on an incredible tear. Then Melo and Amare came back, and they went on a losing streak. Then D'Antoni resigned, and the team went on another winning streak. Then Lin and Amare got injured and Carmelo temporarily reverted to the all-star that he used to be. Then Amare came back, and they got humiliated by the Cavs. Melo only had 1 FTA!

    I completely expected the Knicks to have chemistry issues when Amare came back, although not to the point of getting dominated by the Cavs. For this reason, I do not want Lin to return if the Knicks make it to the 2nd round. Because if the Knicks make it past the Bulls or Heat in the 1st round, that means they played extremely well. Adding a new starting PG will absolutely mess up the chemistry. I'm calling it now.

  2. I still predict that Jeremy will return for the 1st round. It's just speculation, but it's not baseless.

    1) A 6-week recovery is a high-end estimate for this type of recovery.

    2) Jeremy has a superhuman will to win. That's how he proved the doubters wrong at every level. He won't pass up a chance to beat the Bulls or Heat in a massive upset because of minor pain. Even if he's only 90%, his heart will overrule his Harvard brain.

    3) There was that whole mini-controversy over the Knicks hiding the severity of Jeremy's injury. So I would expect nothing less than Jeremy overcompensating now.

    4) Even so, Jeremy keeps qualifying his 6 week timetable with quotes like "...but I'm a fast healer" or "I PROBABLY won't be ready" or "unless something really good happens." He always leaves a little wiggle room.

    5) Gamesmanship. If the Bulls and Heat have no idea whether Jeremy will come back, that makes it MUCH harder to prepare as the Knicks are a completely different team with him in the lineup. The Knicks need every advantage they can get and this is no exception.