Saturday, April 14, 2012

Learn From The Best

Doc Scheppler:

  • Over 35 years of coaching and individual skills development
  • 5 California State Championships
  • Unmatched knowledge and teaching ability
  • Jeremy's shooting coach
  • Limited space available


  1. What about the differences between High School level basketball and the NBA level ? The skill levels don't always translate. A player in the NBA, would need to shoot the ball from farther distances and over more athletic defenders.

  2. Years ago before the Spurs had Tim Duncan, they had Jerry Tarkanian as their coach.

    I saw an interesting interview with Tarkanian about thw difference between coaching at UNLV (his teams with Larry Johnson and Stacey Augmon were among the best I've seen in college basketball) and coaching the Spurs.

    In that interview, Tarkanian said that he couldn't believe how high above the rim the NBA game was played compared to the college game. For him, that was the biggest difference.

    I also saw some articles about Tarkanian's struggles with assistant coaches and Spurs owner Red McCombs. I think Tark's guards were Vinny Del Negro and Avery Johnson. The coaching staff tried to tell Tarkanian that even though del Negro and Johnson looked great in practice, they wouldn't look as good against guys like Derek Harper.

    I remember Tarkanian as being a pretty good pro coach despite his famous battle with Red McCombs about getting an experienced PG that got him fired.

    Tarkanian also did something very smart that I wished I had seen continue. He brought in NY playground legend Lloyd "Sweet Pea" Daniels who I thought was going to be an NBA All Star. Unfortunately, Daniels was dumped by the Spurs.

    When I think of Jeremy Lin, I occasionally think of Lloyd Daniels who I thought was as good a NBA player as Lin is. However, the big difference is that Lloyd Daniels screwed up his NBA chance by doing drugs while Jeremy Lin has been totally clean. And that's why Lin has already outlasted Lloyd Daniels in the NBA.

    1. I respectfully must set the record straight re: Daniels

      Lloyd Daniels played in the NBA for 7 seasons, and was not doing drugs while he played professionally after 1992.

  3. wow...did anyone see that fake pass to landry by davis? flashes of 5 years ago haha

    knicks + melo playing pretty well against heat

  4. melo's numbers are vastly better without lin in the lineup. i think the knicks may be doing well but i don't see this lasting very long. it's dangerous banking everything on one guy. at least with lin in, the team rallies for each other. with melo, everyone role is to the pass the ball to him.