Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Knicks Lose @ Bulls

After a nice 100-99 home OT win over the Bulls on Sunday, the Knicks lose on the road to the Bulls, this time without Derrick Rose, 98-86. Carmelo follows up his 43 points with another strong scoring game with 29.

Tomorrow's game @ the Bucks is big. A Knicks loss would give the Bucks the tie-breaker and put the Bucks in the driver seat with a much easier closing schedule. The Knicks would then have to hope the Sixers fade for them to still make it.

Also, we wanted to show the doubters where Jeremy finished this season in terms of PER. Please don't give us the excuse of limited sample size. We've heard that the last 2 years when giving his per 48 min stats and D-league numbers. If anything this number would be much better if he started from the beginning of the season like he should have if given a fair opportunity.

2nd Year PER 

Magic 25.7
DWade 23.1
CP3 22.0
JLin 19.94
Steph Curry 19.4
DRose 18.6
JKidd 17.8
Russell Westbrook 17.8
Deron Williams 17.1
John Stockton 17.0
Baron Davis 16.6
Tony Parker 16.5
Steve Nash 15.6
Rajon Rondo 15.6
Goran Dragic 14.8
Jarrett Jack 14.5
Kyle Lowery 14.3

We guess many of the scouting experts still can't get past what Jeremy looks like. They're still calling him a backup. It unbelievable how these so called scouts/experts cannot admit when they're wrong:


  1. @JLinfan#1,
    You run a great fan site. I log in every day to check out the comments, but please don't post what I call are the ridiculous Jeremy Lin criticism articles. The more we click on these links, the more support they get and many of these web sites do this intentionally just to get more page views. For example, once I hear any mention of Steven A anywhere, I immediately turn off the radio, shut the tv off, or close my web browser. I just really can't stand the haters that make no sense at all.

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    2. I'm with you there.

      That article is chock full of unintentional hilarity. But I don't think this blog should even link to it. All that does is encourage idiot attention-seekers to be even more idiotic.

      People need to understand that a lot of vultures will purposely write inflammatory articles about J-Lin in order to drive up web traffic. Especially poorly written sites that nobody respects or trusts (e.g. "HoopsHype" or BleacherReport).

      Their only hope is to publish laughable trash to get hits. "Lin is a scrub!" "Lebron wants to be traded to Charlotte!" "Kardashian Dating Charles Barkley?"

    3. Great point!

      Also, kick out or delete Unknown. There are a lot of unregistered fans (as well as folks stumbling on this site - like I did, via googling Lin) who wind up reading his crap - much of which are false. As a private fan site (as opposed to ESPN or Bleacher, though private sites, they are "public" compared to this site, because they are corporations or companies - not an individual-owned site).

    4. P.S. -- I belong to only one other fan site (for a musician) that's also owned by an individual. That site bans anyone who is obviously a hater instead of being a fan (interjecting small harmless talks occasionally - or a lot - does not qualify one as a fan or even neutral; a "neutral fan" would be an oxymoron anyway, it does not exist and if there is a such person, s/he wouldn't be registered).

    5. Don't forget the American media JUST LOVES to build sports heroes up--only to tear them down.

      This is cynical Build Them Up/Tear Down Them game is predictable and is one of the primary ways that the US corporate media generates more viewers or readers.

    6. lxy,

      That's sadly true.

      I think that Jeremy Lin absolutely deserved the hype, but to me it was *WAY over* hyped to sell sell sell, money money money (and I don't mean jerseys). And eventually the excessive-over-hype would set the stage for bringing him down; and this too is all about sell sell sell, money money money.

      The Heat's Bosh warned him about it. Lin also realized it from the beginning, which is why he never serious bought into it, nor is he buying into it now. Good for Lin. What a level-headed young man. Great parenting by his mom and dad.

    7. I LOVE Jlinfan#1's "ridiculous Jeremy Lin criticism" articles.

      I enjoy reading anti Lin articles. They give me insight as to how people's minds work. Becauese I'm a "mental gambler" who likes to make my own predictions about basketball outcomes, reading such articles helps me "scout" people and thus hopefully improve my predictive guesses.

      I also don't want anybody banned from this site. I've probably been involved in more flame wars than anybody here, but I appreciate and respect my "opponents" because they do try to legitimately argue their points.

      Kudos to Jlinfan#1 for NOT banning anybody (at least I don't think he's banned anybody).

  2. there are still some doubters saying the knicks don't need lin to win with the way carmelo has been playing.

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  4. Hoopshype is a very respected site. Charley Rosen at the peak of Linsanity said JLin had the opportunity to eventually become a perennial All-Star. It looks like he is jumping off the bandwagon. I'm fine with that. They'll all be back. As Jeremy said, he has to keep proving himself over and over and over and over and over. And he will.

    1. Charley Rosen is flip-flopping like a decrepit beach sandal. As you noted, he proclaimed Lin a future all-star over a month ago. Now, he has changed his tune.

      Rosen mentions Shump as the Knicks PG of the future.

      I think Shump will be a good player--but as a 2 guard, not point guard.

    2. HoopsHype may have its player interviews, but there are very few respected sports sites out there, and HoopHype is not one of them. Heck, even ESPN often gets trashed by its own loyal readers.

      An example of an actual respected hoops website would be Jonathan Givony's DraftExpress.

    3. For all the love that Givony jerk gets, he wasn't a Lin fan before the 2010 draft and I doubt he is one now. They even rated J-Lin as a 2-guard in their draft preview. Sorry, but that clown and his cronies are jokes as scouts.

  5. On Sunday at MSG, the Bulls played really stupid, missing 4 consecutive free throws towards the end of regulation that allowed to go overtime. Then another stupid play with 8.2 seconds left in OT, unnecessarily passing too many times before the ball finally got to Rose with 0.5 second left, pressuring him to shoot at the buzzard. One team's stupid is another team's smart.

    Even though the Bulls won today, I think the Bulls are a much easier match-up than the Heat (who lost to the Celtics today).

  6. Are people blind? Shump may eventually be a good player but how can a player who mere played a good game defensively vs an opposing PG be some team's PG of the future? And people always complained about Lin's supposed "small sample size"?

    1. I am sorry I am also the victim to click on that article. But thanks for a good laugh. His mention of Douglas as a youngster with upside to run an offense especially made me lol. This author might have never watched the Knicks play. And yes everybody all together now, Jeremy Lin is an old man who is just a hyped marketing tool and should be a 4 string PG lol.

    2. Sorry to reply to myself again. But how could people so easily forget that the Knicks were 8-15 WITH Melo, Amare, Shump, Douglas etc playing BEFORE Lin?

    3. Lin's "slow-footed defense" was the biggest punchline.

      Not only is Lin actually a great defender (who even racks up plenty of steals and the occasional block), the objective statistical measurements of his speed and quickness put him at or slightly above Rose and Wall.

      Just to show I'm being objective, Jeremy's vertical leap is just okay and his wingspan is below average...which is why he won't dunk like Wall or Rose. But his speed and quickness are undeniably elite.

  7. Heh was expecting an even more of a blowout today, Knicks lucky to get away with a 12pt loss.

    I don't understand why ESPN would call the Sunday game the game of the year when its with a DRose just off (then back on lol) the injury list, who was obviously rusty...Knicks played very badly in 3q, but a lot of the so called fans started declaring them a championship caliber team...Just because they scratched a win by 1pt in OT...That there's no need for JLin or STAT...

    Was just as much a ridiculous claim as the article on hoopshype lol...Douglas with an upside...Um sure...Maybe next someone will write an article about how Melo is the next Wilt Chamberlain...

    1. "I don't understand why ESPN would call the Sunday game the game of the year when ... "

      I agree with you. For my reasoning, read my post above.

      I think it may be the top 25 game of the year; and only because it was the Bull's most stupid game of the year .

      The real top game of the year (or at least top 3) is the Knicks @ Toronto one with Jeremy Lin making the 3-point basket with 0.5 seconds left.

  8. The only thing more annoying that people claiming that Lin is a fluke are the people who are claiming Lin isn't worth at least the MLE. I was on realgm.com and there are people saying that he's only worth the league min?!?!?!?!

    What I see is that people are beginning to realize that they can no longer openly toss racist barbs towards Lin. So, they're going to try to tear down his game and economic value.

    1. If it was opposing fan saying this, it was probably he was jealous that the Knicks could sign him on the cheap instead his own team probably needs to sign the likes of Dragic or Nash for 10m plus a year. If it was a Knicks fan saying this, it was because he was an idiot and deserved those many years of the Isiah tenure and simply led him not capable of understanding what a good signing is.

    2. It was in the Knick section of realgm, so I'm going to assume that they are Knicks fans

  9. I liked the article, but in a twisted way.

    I see no need for the Knicks to keep a "2nd or 3rd string" PG like Jeremy Lin. Plus, Stoudemire is of no use anymore as a starter I guess.

    If Knicks management agrees (especially Coach Woodson), maybe they can package Lin and Stoudemire and trade them TOGETHER. Lin's extremely cheap contract would offset Stoudemire's extremely expensive one.

    I say send both Lin and Stoudemire to a losing team like New Jersey. And while I'm a big fan of Avery Johnson (the 90s Isaiah, not Isiah, Thomas), maybe management could eventually bring in Mike Dantoni to be Lin and Stoudemire's coach again.

    I would like to see Lin and DAntoni and Stoudemire together again just to see what happens.

  10. Hiya KHuang,

    What a *splendid* idea! (to use Brit's favorite word after "bloody")

    Forgot where I read it, but the other day someone commented something like "Lin and D'Antoni will reunite as Brookyn Nets. Bet on it!" The article in which that came about was regarding DWilliams likely leaving the Nets.

    1. The frightening thing is that if DAntoni and Lin and Stoudemire joined up on the Nets, other Knicks would follow (Steve Novak, Jared Jeffries, Jerome Jordan).

      Then it would be TOTAL Linsanity.

  11. Lin never belonged in the DLeague just like he never deserved to be California's only former HS Player of the Year to receive zero D1 scholarships

    1. Yeah, and Lin ended up PUNKING everybody who passed him over.

      Teams that disregard Lin have a tendency to get buttwhupped by Lin for it.

  12. Keep in mind that the same "genius" coach (Smart) that benched and gave Lin hardly any minutes/chance is giving Jimmer Fredette the same consideration. Case in point...vs. Clippers last month Jimmer went on a terror and scored 3, 3's in a row in the second quarter to extend the Kings lead. He doesn't get back in the game until late in the 4th when the game is out of reach.

  13. I have to admit, it is because of Lin that I am actually watching NBA games now and following the knicks. One thing I have noticed is without Lin, Novak has not been having any strong performances (as nobody feeds him the ball when he is open). I also believe Melo isn't as bad as 'Melo hater's' says he is, especially when he plays with the team (which he did prior to Lin's injury since Woodson took over and were winning games).

    I just hope all the Lin fans understand that if he comes back for the playoffs this season, chances are he will not improve the knicks anymore than they are now. Especially with the kind of player Lin is who relies on his burst of speed, and the sport putting lots of stress on the legs. He also probably won't be in good of shape as he was before. Just don't make him out to be a savior and then get him crucified for poor performance.

    Personally I would like to see him retire for the rest of this season (even if he is 'fit' for playoffs) and let that knee fully heal and start training in off-season. One thing I don't want to see happen to Lin (for someone his age and potential) is an early retirement due to injury.

    Here is how I see it, if Knicks miss playoffs, Lin can fully heal and not be pressured to play in high-intensity high-pressure playoff games. Win for Lin. But missing playoffs will be a lose for Knicks fans. I don't see a win-win situation unless I'm totally wrong and Lin comes back healthy, can take a beating on the court and not be affected by it (which I hope I'm wrong).

  14. Here is an amazing attribute to Jeremy by Taiwan's sand artist. Enjoy!

    Altar of the basketball:

  15. Chicago without Derrick Rose is still the toughest regular season team in the NBA.

    The Bulls run 3 deep at every position and use ALL their players. They are actually a team of role players built around a single star in Derrick Rose. However, those role players are stars themselves. When Rose is healthy, Chicago's starting lineup has 5 guys that have played in the NBA All Star Game.

    Lin played very well against Derrick Rose and the Bulls when Dantoni was coach and Lin's "teammates" were mutineering. I just wish that Lin under Woodson with a healthy Stoudemire could have gone against a fully healthy Chicago team.

  16. I love watch Jeremy Lin's game vs. Mavericks on 2/19/2012,
    here is the link to the full game I found on youtube:

    Jeremy played 46 minutes at this game!

    19.02.12 Knicks vs. Mavericks(half1)[Linsanity FULL Games]

    19.02.12 Knicks vs. Mavericks(half2)[Linsanity FULL Games]

    Some random thoughts:

    Just noticed the Chinese player Yi Jian Lian is with the Mavericks team. I (we) love Jeremy Lin, not because he is Asian American, it is because Jeremy Lin can play and play very well but being overlooked all the way up to this point. Yao Ming and Yi Jian Lian never triggered me any interest in NBA, but Jeremy Lin did!

    It's amazing that Jeremy is such an humble person off the court and but on the court he is so fearless, hard-willed, wanting to get a win every game! He said, he "really really really hate to lose", it turned out for me really really really fun to watch his game.

    Two things disturbed me a little bit; one was Carmelo shouted "this is my house" (from internet) after winning the Sunday game with 43 points; another one was Jeremy Lin said even he is able to come back for the playoff, the team's identity and chemistry will be different and he doesn't want to hurt the team (not exact wording)

    By watching the video clips starting Feb., I could see Jared is truly fond of Jeremy Lin, he defended Lin without any doubt, he acted like a big brother of Jeremy to protect him; Tyson is very fond of this kid as well, of course Landry, Iman, Novak are pretty good friends of Jeremy. Stoudemire actually is pretty nice to Jeremy as well, Stoudemire and Carmelo did show genuine excitement when Jeremy hit good balls

    And coach D'antoni definitely showed his fondness of Jeremy during the interviews and showed awkward expression when asked how Carmelo would fit in. I guess Carmelo's pride was deeply hurt by this kind of media play.

    The "this is my house" is a statement that Carmelo to tell the world he will not give his status/identity away to some minimum payed guy like Jeremy. We can tell how much frustration had piled up for the last two month since Linsanity was born.

    If the Knicks team makes to the playoff without Jeremy, I don't feel it's the for the best interest for Jeremy to come back; If the team lose after Jeremy comes back, people will blame Jeremy for the lose, just like people blame Carmelo for the lose after he came back; if the team wins, people would say, the team did it all by themselves without Lin; besides, the game may jeopardize Jeremy's knee. I wish Jeremy just concentrate on rehab this season.

    On the other hand, people who truly love Jeremy, will not pour oil on the fire and join the fight who is better, carmelo or Lin; Media reportors who only seeks attention and readership may get excited on this because they don't truly care about anyone, including Lin, to build the conflict of Carmelo and Lin will only hurt Lin. Because Carmelo is human, he will turn his frustration on to Lin.

    I hope Carmelo feels much peace in his heart now after released the built up frustration and as a good result, he will treat Lin without so much ostility。

    1. Carmelo has been all 'my house' and 'my people' (the fans) for a few games now. In one sense, he's rightly entitled, he's the Knick on a roll with a great few performances of late, finally playing up to his superstar tag. In another sense, one could be forgiven for suspecting that all the Linsanity and 'Lin this, Lin that' mania made him very uneasy. Wasn't in the plan for some undrafted scrub to usurp his throne in N.Y . I'm not suggesting Melo and Knick cannot co-exist on the court because I think they can, but I'd wager that Melo will never be comfortable with the attention Lin gets.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I wouldn't call this author an expert if he claims the following:

      At the same time, Toney Douglas is another youngster with a dynamic upside who's also learning how to run an offense.

      Uh, no. Toney Douglas is a lost cause at PG. Another all-hope, no-reality dream of a GM who thinks playing the PG just means passing the ball around more than shooting. Toney had his chance and didn't come close to the PG skills of JLin.

      I honestly wonder if this author saw any Knicks games. He claims JLin is good for spot up, open 3 point shots. Uh, most of his scores were on drives to the basket. If anything, early on, his 3-point shot was a liability.

      Get a clue, Rosen. Can't believe he writes for HoopsHype. They have good columnists like Eddie Johnson writing there. This guy is a joke.

  18. I'm not a Carmelo fan, but I'm gonna defend him this one time because I have not seen proof that he is such a horrible person. I do believe it was coincidental that when JLin and STAT went down, Melo found his shooting rhythm. I don't believe he was missing his jumpers on purpose when playing w/ JLin and STAT. He was struggling w/ his shots, and many stars go thru such periods. Even when D'Antoni left, Melo was still struggling with his shots.

    I do believe that Melo may have more energy on the floor when JLin is off the court, and the reason being is that with Baron or Shumpert at the point, it's a much slower game. The Knicks had only 6 fast break points on Sunday, and about 10 fast break points last night. I watched the game on Sunday, and there were plenty of fast break opportunities, but Shumpert/Davis/Douglas would put on the breaks once they got to the 3 pt arc rather than penetrating to the rim like JLin would do.

  19. We'll see what happens when Lin and STAT return. Specifically, let's see if the Knicks go back to the initial Woodsanity team-ball they were playing right after D'Antoni's departure. Now that Melo has found his stroke, he should in theory make the open shots he was missing before. If not, then let's just say I'll be pushing the "BrookLIN Nets" movement.

    1. By the way, after doing some more research, here's a quick rundown on J-Lin's restricted free agent status after this season:

      1) Yes, a team like the Nets can offer Jeremy a huge backloaded 3-5 year deal.

      2) The Knicks can still match that huge contract, but it will put them well over the salary cap.

      3) However, the Knicks are one of the few teams that can afford to pay a hefty luxury tax.

      So from I gather, Dolan and the Knicks will probably re-sign Jeremy even if the Nets make a huge offer (which they probably should/will). However, Jeremy's price tag could be high enough to give Dolan some pause...especially if Nash wants to finish his career as a Knick.

  20. The comments from the article site were funny as hell. It's a gem for it's comedy and entertainment value. However, I do agree with Stat not Being a good fit with Carmelo. I always thought that way before linsanity and before even watching a knicks game. Stat, melo, Chandler all crowd the middle without much interior passing. They don't have much spacing under woodson era, so they need to pass more, but it's not happening. Under dantonni they had the spacing and passing but melo didn't buy in. So either way, that pairing is not working. The coach needs to have the balls to sit Stat and have him come off the bench. That will open up more driving lanes with limited spacing. Now that there's more lanes, you need a willing penetrator. Lin takes care of that. No matter the scenario woodson needs Lin. If they all buy in to Lin, then they will have a bright future and it would be the best place for Lin to stay. Im mixed about Lin playing for noncontending teams. Do you really improve ad a player that way? I think Lin will improve no matter where he is, so why not a contending team?

    1. Knicks won. Kenny smith on espn said it best. The knicks dont play well when everybody is healthy. The play better when someone's hurt. To me that means a healthy combo doesnt work. So appatently less is more. Somebody has to sit for the offense to work.. Either that or some trades are in order

    2. Well, I myself don't take Kenny Smith seriously.

      The Knicks CRUSHED teams with their healthy team. Ironically Carmelo and Stat and Lin all dropped in scoring. The "Quarreling Quartet" of LinMeloStatTyson destroyed teams so badly that they sat out entire 4th quarters.

      When Lin comes back next year, the only way he doesn't dominate in games is if Woodson makes him a DNP (which I am expecting).

      Lin is so good that he'll take over games even if he comes off the bench for the 3-5 minutes a game that I envision Woodson hoping for.

  21. How about Nash and Lin exchange teams next season?

    That way, I can see Lin in my hometown Phx. Alvin Gentry is a good coach who will respect Lin's game.

    If Lin ends up in Phx, I'll take him to the best dim sum places.

    1. Phx is my hometown too. I was hoping they'd recognize the potential of JLin and use a second round draft pick on him b/c they've come up with 0 options to backfill Nash, who had a comparable/similar profile, but I have zero faith in the loosely patched together front office and the idiocy of Sarver, who pulls the strings.

    2. Suns Fan 007, do you think that Jeremy Lin can fully replace Steve Nash?

      I think Lin can do it.

  22. Here are my projections: STAT will be back for the Miami game this Sunday. He was warming up before today's game, so I think he's close. JLin will be back in May, Game 3 of the first round! The media have been saying JLin will not return until the 2nd round, but he never said that. JLin said that things have to go really well for him to return for the first round. If he starts running this Friday, I think there's a good chance we'll see him back before the Knicks get eliminated from the playoffs.

    I thought that the Gilbert Arenas Rule will prevent any teams from outbidding the Knicks, meaning that the Knicks can simply resign JLin using their mid-level exception. When the Wizards offered Arenas a huge long term contract, the Warriors could not match it because it would put them over the cap. That's why they came up with this rule.

  23. Great stat comparison. I hope Jeremy gets a chance to at least scrimmage with the Olympic team and get him accustomed to playing the top tier PGs in the league. I don't even think he's really gotten a chance to even play against all the top shelf PGs yet and scrimmaging against Chris Paul daily could do wonders for him.

  24. Apparently the Knicks have the best wing defender in the league, tickets are always available,the best anchor in the league, the best scorer in the league.. I'm proud that i'm a huge knick fan !