Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Knicks Beat The Bucks

The Knicks beat the Bucks 111-107 in a must win game on the road. Great game by Melo as he and Monta went at it. Luckily for the Knicks, Dunleavy wilted under the pressure and missed a bunch of open jumpers late.

Also, a buddy of mine gave me a heads up to check this out. It looks like when Jeremy gets close lined and hair pulled by Kidd, he lands awkwardly on his left knee. I wouldn't doubt that this caused the tear in his meniscus or at least had some impact on the injury. I still can't believe that the NBA didn't charge Jason Kidd with a flagrant foul. It looks worse each time I watch it:

[HD] 2012.03.6 Jason Kidd pulls Jeremy lin hairs. - YouTube


  1. I agree with you on the Jason Kidd foul. He lands very awkwardly on the left knee, hyperflexes it and limps. This could easily create a small meniscal tear.

    1. It looked like how Jeremy hurts his left knee, it landed awkward! Shame on Jason Kidd! What a monster, tried to hurt people to get win!

  2. Seeing this one makes me **really** mad. I've always been lukewarm on Kidd (he's from the Bay Area, etc.) after hearing about him punching his ex-wife in the face and his history of domestic violence. Now, I really don't like the guy. I wish there was an enforcer on the Knicks..someone who would be willing to get kicked out of a game to protect his teammates. Jeremy is too nice of a guy...there should have been retaliation for this to put other teams on watch.

    1. The coach has to encourage someone to step up and be an enforcer, or to work to mold toughness in their team in general. Pat Riley, Chuck Daly, K.C. Jones, Phil Jackson ... coaches like that did so. And toughness doesn't even mean boring, defensive football: the Lakers, Pistons, Celtics and Bulls teams coached by those guys scored plenty of points. While some individual players are never going to be tough and physical, in general soft or passive coaches create soft and passive teams. Regarding this issue, it really is as simple as saying "If anybody goes after one of our players - especially our star point guard - you go after them on the next play."

      NBA players will get away with whatever you let them, because there are wins and money on the line. It is the job of the coaches and referees to set and enforce boundaries, and the Knicks failed to do so regarding Lin. If they had, they would probably be in the 6th spot right now due to having the services of their point guard, instead of battling it out for the 8th spot.

  3. Was Kidd ever fined for that foul?

  4. I sent a letter to the NBA back on March 6, and this is what I got:

    Thank you for contacting the National Basketball Association with your concerns regarding the foul committed by Jason Kidd in the Dallas Mavericks vs. New York Knicks game on March 6.

    After careful review, the NBA ruled that the play in question will stand as called. In order for a foul to be considered flagrant, we examine whether or not there was an unnecessary wind-up, or follow through, as well as the level of impact. We further consider whether the fouling player was making a legitimate basketball play. Here, Kidd makes a legitimate basketball play by deflecting the ball. The subsequent contact was due to a natural rather than unnecessary follow through. Therefore, these factors taken together do not warrant an upgrade from personal to flagrant foul.

    Thank you again for your concern. We appreciate your feedback regarding this issue.


    NBA Fan Relations

  5. I remember reading some article saying that Jeremy Lin was a lock for Most Improved Player during the 7-game win stretch. I'm wondering if that's still the case, since he hasn't even really played for half the season. In any case, his fans are certainly expecting much greater things from him - all stars nods, first team selections, championships...

  6. Nope. I think I read from this forum that someone sent in an e-mail into the NBA to complain, but they reviewed the play and deemed it "fair".

    1. razerrr gets the credit for that.

      You can see the contents of that letter on his post here on 4/11 9:34.

  7. I find it amusing that the NBA finds it more important to crack down on homophobia than racism aimed at Asians/Asian Americans.

  8. Yeah, he was wearing a knee pad on his right knee before, I wonder if it would have made a difference if he wore both left and right knee pads.

  9. Rose
    Deron williams
    Chris paul
    Tony parker
    Ty Lawson
    Kyrie irving
    Brandon Jennings
    Ricky rubio
    Jason kidd
    Tyreke evans
    John wall

    I think next year he can be considered a top 3 pt guard as long as he keeps improving. Rondo has taken over the big 3, I hope Jeremy will do it next year. He will need to get the other 3 on board, and Melo is like that dumb blond who is intelligent, but isn't smart enough to pick a good guy. He's used to attention, and his slutty ways feed his ego. But he's not ultimately happy, just when for moments. He's getting there though, playing a lot harder on D, although he could improve his conditioning.

    Really good win for the knicks. Hopefully they make it past the first round, it would be a dream for Jeremy to come in and the knicks to win a championship this year.

  10. Let's be real, it was an ugly win. Considering the Bucks easy schedule vs the Knicks very difficult one I think it'll be very unlikely the Knicks are making 8th seed. Jeremy will have plenty of time to rest and I'm praying will at least get to practice with the Olympic team or maybe even be a backup spot. Even though there are arguably more experienced and worthy PGs that should be on the Team USA's roster, what better way to represent the country by having a players of all persuasions on the team.

    1. Knicks will be in the playoff. The league wants knicks to win.
      And....for the Olympic game??? Are you serious???????

    2. i'd be very surprised if the knicks as is (maybe + amare) can beat over .500 teams Heat, Boston, Atlanta, Clippers compared to the Bucks who have only three .500 teams Pacers, Boston, and a struggling 76ers but we'll see indeed.

      and yes there were reports of Jeremy getting the ability to at least scrimmage with the Olympic team which would give him huge amounts of playing experience with the elite players. i doubt he could make the team but never know with injuries, rehab, and players not willing to spend their summers there.

    3. I was actually rootin' for the Bucks...Ellis is having a much better season than Melo, him and Jennings should have taken down Knicks, if it wasn't for some clutch 3ptrs by JR and Novak. Comparing schedules, Bucks has 1 difficult game left, whereas Knicks still need to face Clippers, Heat, and Celtics. Jennings/Ellis fast becoming a good scoring duo, Melo is solo, rest of the team is inconsistent at best...They would play hard and beat some playoff team just to lose to cellar dwellers.

      Lin as PG on Olympic team makes all kinds of sense, it would attract a lot of viewers on a global basis.

  11. I thought that when a condition is referred to as "chronic" it's long lasting or persistent in nature. His is a Chronic Meniscal Tear. I do believe he's had a bum knee long before he played for the Knicks. During the lockout, he had a "sore left knee" that he nursed with the help of Sparta Science and he improved...a lot. But working out like this vs. long hours of pounding against hardwood floors at MSG during practice & game days are not quite the same. I think it aggrevated his condition. Falling the way he did during that game against the Mavs or the Pistons does not help any. So when this is all fixed I believe he'll be better than before. Can't wait to see what he can do with two working knees.