Monday, March 19, 2012

Some late evening JLin reading, viewing, and listening

Finally, had a great time during our radio interview with Jeff Fuller from WDEV in Vermont!  Thanks again Jeff!



    Oh my goodness...I chanced upon the above article online. Does anyone know if it's true? Is JLin missing a kidney or something? Anyway, if it's true then I'm even more amazed and proud to say I'm JLin fan

    1. The article sounds weird, I really can't fathom anything out of it.

      However, it did stay that the kidney match up didn't work out, Jeremy should be living with a pair of kidneys all right.

    2. LOL. It's just a joke/satire. McSweeney's is a popular American comedy website.

      Many of J-Lin's fans aren't from the US, so I can see how they might not be familiar with it. Or they're not native English speakers (even though they're very fluent), so the ironic tone doesn't come through.

      This piece was apparently written by the actor Jesse Eisenberg (from The Social Network and Zombieland). He must be a fan.

    3. ooops.... I guess working in a medical school also accounts for US extra-terrestrial, I miss that irony too

      Must be the kidneys...

  2. Just wanna show some excerpts from an article that i read that would educate cynics like John Terry of the Mavericks.

    "Many commentators as well as players on opposing teams labeled him a “system” point guard. They attributed Lin’s gaudy numbers at the height of Linsanity to Mike D’Antoni’s point guard controlled offense.

    The fact is that he has been playing in a lot of different systems. He has been able to adjust at each stop because no situation is ever the same. Dealing with different coaches with different philosophies as well as different teammates with different skillsets has helped prepare him for this opportunity.

    Jeremy Lin isn’t going anywhere. He is not just a Mike D’Antoni creation. What matters more than a “system” that he has been playing in is the fact that the kid has transferrable skills to any system.

    While the statistics may have been inflated during the initial 7 game winning streak of Linsanity, it doesn’t change the fact that the kid has some serious talent. A “system” in and of itself does not produce those kinds of results. If they did, then Lin never would have gotten an opportunity in the first place. The most important thing that he got was an opportunity with no real restrictions which resulted in one simple truth: Jeremy Lin can play in this league. There are lots of talented players in this league, but you have to believe you can do it. Lin knows he can play and just as important his teammates know he can play."

    1. In a more conventional system, Jeremy's points and assists will go down.

      But his rebounds, steals and blocks will go UP (we've already seen this happening). Without the ball in his hands, he has more energy on defense and can afford to get in foul trouble because the offense isn't as reliant on him. You'll see him contesting more shots, reaching in for more steals and skying for more rebounds.

      Jeremy's TOs will eventually drop, too, since he's not handling the ball so much. He's not a poor man's Steve Nash; I see him becoming a rich man's Kyle Lowry. A PG with great all-around production.

  3. Meanwhile in Golden State, this is happening:


    I'm so glad Jeremy got the HECK out of there. Truly a blessing in disguise. What a mess of a franchise.

  4. IMO, GSW's problem is not at the owners but FO/management