Monday, March 19, 2012

The secret handshake explained by JLin & Landry Fields


  1. They need to stop doing the handshake. It's showing the team that there is favoritism and that they don't treat other team members equally outside of their "clique". In other words, this special handshake can hurt team chemistry and encouraging favoritism.

    If they want to do a handshake, dance, cheer, etc. they need to get the ENTIRE TEAM involved.

    1. I think you're overreacting here... closer friendship do develop among team players in any sport. Baseball players build their own homerun rituals with specific players on the team as well, nothing wrong with that. Tyson Chandler claims to be a part of the Smart triangle (along with Fields/Lin) as well, do you think Tyson is hurting the team chemistry by saying so?

      I think Lin releases the video at this point of the season BECAUSE the team is finally winning again, remember that video was made during the break.

      So as long as the team is winning, they better keep that ritual going...

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  3. This just in, news on JLin's endorsement deal with Volvo:

    "Volvo is not a car. It' s just pretending to be a car and unrealiable. It's overrated. - Stephen A. Smith

    by Devs on Mar 19, 2012 3:05 PM EDT reply 5 recs"

  4. Kids ...

    Off topic: Do you think Lin will get his first triple-double this season or next season?