Saturday, March 3, 2012

Questions For Jeremy's Shooting Coach

Throw out your questions for Coach Doc as we'll try and squeeze in a few during our up coming interview.


  1. During the off-season, does JLin have a quota on the number of 3 point shots per day to work on? How about free-throws?

  2. Coach: I notice that Lin shoots much better off the dribble, than from spotting up. Why the difference, and how can he improve his stand still shooting ?

    Also, can these shooting drills increase the accuracy of pull-up jump shots, fallaway jump shots, post-up turnaround jump shots ... etc. Or are those skills completely different ?

  3. JLin appears to be just an average or slightly below average FT shooter for a PG. It would seem like that's one area he should be really strong in given that he gets to the line so much. Does he have any special routine for his FTs? Any specific path to improvement?

    1. His free throw motion looked much improved after he got to the knicks, so I don't know if someone there worked with him.

      But even this year, it seems sometimes he just loses a sense of distance and just clangs a free throw here and there.

      It just seems to happen now and then, and it doesn't appear to have anything to do with nerves.

  4. Is Jeremy making plans to train with the Coach again this off-season? Can Jeremy bring L. Fields along?

  5. What is your take on the outward hitch/flair that Jeremy has on his right elbow when he takes jump shots? Is it unorthodox?

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  7. How does Jeremy's shooting mechanics compare to good shooters like Novak? I notice that Novak tilts the angle of his shoulder plane such that his shooting arm is more forward to the basket. This aligns his shooting motion over his shoulder. Whereas, Jeremy's shoulder plane is more square to the basket, causing his shooting motion to align over his forehead. Any thoughts on whether this can help Jeremy improve his shooting consistency? Thanks.

  8. what are excuses like?

    have you ever been nervous?

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