Thursday, March 22, 2012

Post Game Interviews And Highlights

Post Game Interview with Tina Cervasio:

Locker room Post Game:

Knicksnow Courtside View: game highlights:


  1. Per-game stats since Linsanity (the breakout Nets game), and his rank among NBA PG if he had enough games to quality.

    45% FG (9th)
    33% 3pt (33rd)
    79% FT (27th)
    6.6 FTA (1st)
    19.2 pts (4th)
    8.0 ast (6th)
    4.5 to (1st/worst)
    1.8 a/to (42nd)
    3.9 reb (5th)
    2.1 stl (4th)
    0.3 blk (8th)
    2.6 fouls

    This made me chuckle because last year, when some of us were posting his per-minute stats, many people were saying that per-minute stats are useless, sample size too small, playing against scrubs, etc. It's true that of course he wouldn't sustain the same numbers against starters, but the per-minute stats indicated that he could be very good.

    Sure enough, now he is a Top 5 PG in 5 categories, and Top 10 PG in 3 categories.

    1. Great post. This confirms everything we all know, but many pundits refuse to openly acknowledge. He's damn good (not just because of MikeD), and biases of various forms keep him from being fully credited for being as good as he really is.

  2. Nice to see that his only glaring weaknesses are 3-point shooting percentage (He's actually a very good mid-range and layup shooter) and the high number of Turnovers.

    These things can be improved with more practice and better team chemistry.

  3. been reading this blog for sometime and have finally decided to start commenting. this has probably been posted before but have you seen this article from 2010 predicting Lin's rise:

  4. So when Jeremy said "keep it close for me", surely he meant that his teammates bailed him out of a poor shooting night, and not that this is now his team and crunch time is his time!

  5. Awesome article, thanks for posting. That's another salvo for the "experts" who claim that "no one could have seen this coming".

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    Would recommend this book to anybody wanting to read more about Jeremy Lin's life. It does justice to the faith element of his life and though the author isn't able to interview Jeremy directly (he has in the past, but not for this book), he does talk to a lot of Jeremy's community in the Bay Area and Harvard. The author is a friend and I can vouch for the quality of his writing.

  8. "Awesome article, thanks for posting. That's another salvo for the "experts" who claim that "no one could have seen this coming"."

    @ Real-dsb

    What's funny is that even if Jeremy Lin was exactly like Steve Nash, he would not have gotten playing time or even a roster spot on the Warriors for that matter.

    Their preference has always been for shoot first scoring guards like Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry. A true point guard, or even a combo guard who likes to pass the ball and play some defense would have been an albatross.
    Golden State was not a fit for him, and learning to become a "high volume shooter" would have been damaging to his development as a point guard.

    Warriors fans were right to boo Lacob, that organization has been thoroughly mismanaged and fallen way short of expectations these past couple years.