Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pistons @ Knicks Pre-Game Thoughts

The Knicks are coming off of their first loss under Coach Woodson and it was an ugly one.  JLin only had 6 points and 4 assists in 26 minutes.  The Knicks were playing their 3rd game in 4 nights, but no one is using that as an excuse.  Nor should they, since tonight will be their 4th game in 5 nights.

And if the Knicks were tired last night . . . well, at least they're at home.

The Knicks have not played Detroit since the pre-JLin era (the teams last played in January) and the Pistons are coming off of 4 straight losses.

Some links of interest:
  • ESPN's pre-game thoughts regarding tonight's match up.
  • Post-game interviews with JLin and Melo.
  • The NY Daily News looks at last night's game (okay, maybe STAT is using fatigue as an excuse; that's kinda lame IMHO. Face it, every team is tired at this juncture of the shortened season)


  1. Yeah, it was only one game. It would be unreasonable to expect all but the very best teams to sweep any anyone 3 out of 3 (except Charlotte, ha).

    That said, I was a bit concerned at the Knicks' apparent confusion in the face of a well-executed zone defense. They fell right into Toronto's plan by taking the ball out of J-Lin's hands and settling for jumpers. That's not how you attack a zone. Especially when you only have one elite 3pt shooter (Novak).

    Oh well. I just hope Woodson, Jeremy and the others sit down and figure out a better offensive strategy for future zone defenses.

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  3. That game was ugly indeed but things could have been done early on to remedy the game.

    This is about the Raptors game from last night!!

    Off the top, Coach Woodson didn't coach this game well. Not adjusting his team against the "zone" is inexcusable. I didn't like how he relayed too heavily on the bench and sitting his starters for long periods which of course will stifle their rhythm in the process esp. in the fourth. The knicks did shot bad all around/No ball movement/confidence and they lacked the necessary energy to play high level Defense. Also, Woodson should know better in giving JR Smith the green light in shooting and keeping BDavis on the floor for too long esp. in the fourth q is again inexcusable.

    The Knicks live or die by JLin's play PERIOD not Melo or Amare...without JLin the knicks would have a MUCH worse record

    JLin did not at all play his game (only took 9 shots too) out of rhythm and not aggressive. His confidence and his passion for the game wasn't there. I love when JLin plays with passion (Linsanity moments), he is a "game changer' in so many ways. JLin is still learning, what is it his 18th start??...

    Caremlo Anthony is really disappointing me. His play as of late since returning has been nothing compared to the money he makes or why we call him Melo. He has been so inconsistent with his shot and overall game. He needs to watch Kobe videos and work on his foot work/post up game and beef up his bball IQ. Carmelo is looking over rated

    Amare doing better good thing!...but the Knicks win by JLin alone IMO...

    Another thing that it not mentioned about the Knicks that I KNOW for a fact would help them with their chemistry troubles aka losing lol


    Phil Jackson come to mind, bc I think he was so good at that establishing roles...Guys like Shumpert should never be giving the green light to shoot bc his shot is non existent, he should penetrate/slasher/pass in till he proves he has a shot so yeah he is not the best kept secret, JRSmith don't have to say anything he shouldn't be doing ISO plays ever time he touches the ball, B Davis should never be trusted down the stretch (he is not the BD fro the past), Fields should be like Shumpert NO ISO plays bc he has a weak shot I dont like it when I see Fields trying create something when he should swing back to JLin or get the point ROLE players need to be est...What do you think?? I never really hear anyone say things like this, players need to know their roles not just buy into what the team is doing and somehow start winning... they need PHil J! would be awesome

    I hope this game JLin/Knicks turn things around and decide to play D. Plz Melo come alive in this one DO SOMETHING! JLin play your game knowing your the best player on the floor...