Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Morning Quick Hits

Some morning reading:


  1. lin signed with volvo. he should look for a shoe deal. what's taking nike so long? lin shoes will sale more than jordans.

  2. He already has a shoe deal, no clue why the shoes haven't been released yet.

    But we can see that the Knicks win or lose depending on how Melo or Stat wants to play. And even though they lost games before they lost close games.

    Woodson has installed a way better defense and Melo and Stat are finally getting back into form.

    Lin needs to just be consistent in what he does, and not hesitate like he was during the losing streak. The current Lin is the aggressive and smart playing player we grew to love.

    Lin just keeps growing it's quite impressive. 76ers will be a good test to see how the team really gels.

  3. Lin is a money making machine. Will make more money than any current NBA player.

    "Ad Rates

    The Knicks through 32 games on MSG Network averaged a 2.99 rating, up 99 percent from last season. The team is charging up to $25,000 for a regular-season commercial and $40,000 for playoff spots, two to three times the previous amount. MSG this quarter will make about $25 million from carriage fees and $13 million from advertising, said David Joyce, a media analyst at Miller Tabak & Co."

  4. I was surprised to see that Kyrie Irving only got his first career double double this week. Kyrie's only had 1 double double in 39 starts? Lin's already got 7 double doubles with only 22 starts!

  5. As with the rest of sports or society, the Asian guy is the lowest paid compared to peers, even though he's bringing in hundreds of millions.

    Kyrie is good but it will take a year or 2 until the experts get over their soft bigotry of low expectations about Jeremy Lin.

    7 double doubles in 22 compared to 1 in 39 is very compelling.

    1. Yeah, not bad for a "D-League player" as some NBA scout recently branded JLin.

      And JLin ain't a number 1 draft pick like Irving.

  6. Lin's highlights in HD by geraldd39:

    BTW, now that Lin is such a trending online topic, there's a lot of stealing and re-posting of videos to bump up their own channel's traffic advertising revenue. Don't link and support those people. The link above is the original edit (as best as I could determine based up upload datetime).