Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Message From Jeremy

From JLin's Twitter page:

Thx for all the love! Ill return from this surgery stronger/better than before and hopefully in time for the playoffs! Ecclesiastes 3:1&11


  1. Lord willing you will be fine. I had menicus tear and with physical theraphy I was fine! Keep the faith Jeremy!

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  3. Its impressive how he can stay positive and strong through all his struggles.

  4. Thank you for your valiant efforts and struggles to not only represent the Asian race as an athlete but also to succeed beyond our wildest dreams. I think everyone sees a little bit of themselves in you. we see the underdog and dream of the possibilities of what can be. Alot of us only dream, but your possibilities are quickly turning in reality with each passing day. We are all living our lives vicariously through you. And it's been hell of fun. I'm sure this injury is only a blip in your road to stardom. Jeremy, take all the time you need to recover because we want you to have along successful career, unlike Yao Ming. This is a chance for you to gain another perspective on your game, the team and the organization. Patience is key here. So get well.

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    1. I got 10 questions right, but I don't need the red bull.

  6. Jeremy, good luck! I will pray for you too! God always with good person! So please come back with 100% health!

  7. How could one not to fall in love with Jeremy Lin?

    I have never watched basketball in my whole life till I was swapped in by the linsanity tornato. I never knew basket ball games could be this exciting and beautiful to watch.

    I thought the basket ball were tall people's game only so I didn't bother to watch until so I saw Jeremy Lin playing. He is not terribly tall, he looks more like people in the street I see everyday. He is so quick and sharp as a knife cutting into the paint (Ha, I even picked up so many basketball jargons quickly), he can stop and burst into flashing speed, his play is so exciting, and he is the fourth quarter king, the valentine day's raptor's 0.5 second killing 3-point will be remembered by millions for a long long time.

    However, I am still not a die-hard fan of basketball. The more I watched Jeremy's game, and the more I learnt about him, his charm shines more off the court to me.

    I learnt Jeremy Lin had established a Jeremy Lin Foundation long before he became this famous, he had repeated expressed his desire to help the unprivileged people and community, he loves kids, he went to Taiwan and China to engage with kids there; he has a big heart, when same racist called him with slurs he responded with love "Jesus loves and I do too", it is so classy;

    He expressed gratefulness to all the people helped him, he had no hard feeling towards any team cut him and sent him to the D-league; he expressed his gratefulness to his coach, kept credit success to his teammates, and gained the nickname of “humble hero from Harvard”. he is so unselfish playing with his team mate, made people like Novak shining like bright star. Through his play, I got familiar with his lovable teammates, Tyson Chandler, Landry Fields, Iman Shampert, Novaks, Jared Jeffry, and STAT.

    He answered silly interview questions with sincere, such as "why don't you kiss Landry". He is down to the earth even though the whole world is crazy about him. He wants to remain the same Jeremy as he is, and asked reporters let him know if he changes in any way.

    Did I mention he is also hilarious funny? His video "How to get into Harvand" gave me rounds of laugh. He has a great sense of humor and cool kind of acting skill. I love watch his non-basketball video with equal or even more Enthusiasm.

    Every parent would love to have a son like Jeremy Lin; everything mom would wish to have Jeremy Lin as her son-in-law; he plays basketball brilliantly (in my eyes at least), but he shines much more as a decent person with a big loving heart.

    I feel sadded by the news that he was injured and need to have a surgery, I wish him take time to recover as long as it takes, please do not feel pressured to come back to play, we lin fans will wait as long as it takes. We want to see Jeremy Lin to play for decades, not just a short season.

    Maybe one good thing it comes out, Jeremy may have much more time to make a lot more videos as he promised?

    Jeremy, please take good care of yourself. Make more videos! Best best wishes to you from a lin fan.

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  9. Like Jeremy's meniscus, I'm partially torn.

    On one hand, I want him to take every single precaution with his knee.

    On the other hand, it is a minor tear that only requires arthroscopic surgery. Six weeks might be enough to heal fully.

    So if the Knicks make the playoffs as an 8th seed, and they're down 2-1 to the Bulls in the first round...does Jeremy come back?

    I'm not a doctor so I don't know if it would be 100% safe, but if it is, I still think Linsanity could reach a new high THIS season. He already has that ability to rise to the occasion.

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    2. no, not worth the risk at this point. besides, lin still has doubters/haters on his own team. as another poster on this site put it, let them crash and burn. teach them a lesson about just how valuable he really is.

      lin haters on other forums were actually blaming him for the atlanta loss by not being in the lineup. imagine that. LOL! teach them a lesson as well.

    3. ntt - I agree. Lin should take the time to fully recover and NOT REJOIN the team *if* the Knicks make the playoff.

      You're also correct that some of his own teammates (plural) have been part of doubters/haters. Jealousy is of course obvious.

      I think I'm on the ballpark-right when INITIALLY it was just CarAnthony (sourmelon) who was very resentful of Lin (and somewhat Stoudemire). But, after the coaching change and started the winning streak again, sourmelon influenced a few other players to side with him. My observation is based on Lin's teammates' change in overall attitude (on the bench, Lin now looks "alone" a lot, sitting amongst them - and not engaged in small talks or laughing with them as much as before), as well as based on various interviews by new-sourmelon-camp players. I'm guessing they went from just 1.2 bad apple to 4 or 5 bad apples in the Knicks' basket.

      I'm no longer using "woodymelo" because my gut feeling is Mike Woodson is a fairly decent guy. I still don't like the things he said or what he's done, but the former is due to lack of his experience in PR (he'd been a head coach before, but he'd never faced media like this), and the later is due to his practicality taking over (and not repeat D'Antoni's situation), that unless he caters to sourmelon a lot more, the team will not play *together* because while Lin can be obedient and stoic in an awkward coaching and team situation, sourmelon would rebel like before. And it affects sourmelon's game a lot more than it effects Lin's game. Sometimes bullies get their way because it's easier and quicker to keep peace that way.

      Lin needs to play for another team next year.

  10. Just read about Jeremy's injury. I was afraid it was something like that. Before I go back to just following the Lakers, I will say this about Jeremy's game and potential:

    All these people implying that Jeremy doesn't have the skills to be a top 5 pg in this league are mistaken. They point to his numbers which had declined the last month as proof of this. To me, it was obvious why his numbers declined - he was told by his coaches, explicitly or implicitly, to set others up before looking for his own shot. Jeremy started taking about 8 fewer shots per game once Anthony came back (and he still averaged over 14 ppg). Many people seem to think that Jeremy was incapable of getting more shots for himself. The thing they don't acknowledge is that he had many opportunities, but time and time again, he passed out of them.

    If Jeremy had been allowed to do what he had done in high school, what he had done at Harvard, what he was allowed to do when he got the triple double in the D leagues, which are the same things he had done the first few weeks of Linsanity, he would be averaging 20 and 8. That's his game - a fast paced scorer, who sets up others with his aggressiveness. He's not what his coaches and so many others made him into - a role player once Anthony returned. Jeremy, like most scorers, is a rhythm guy, but it was very difficult to get into this rhythm when he had to pick his spots and play far less aggressively than he had before.

    I have no doubt Lin will come back stronger and better. He made huge improvements every significant stage of his career. Most likely, he won't be playing the rest of this season. That'll give him six months to get ready for next year, and he will be better at all facets of his game. I know it's highly unlikely, but hopefully, this will be for another team because as long as he stays with the Knicks, he'll be expected to get only the leftovers after Amare and Melo get theirs and many people will continue to think of him only as a role player.

    If I had the ability to choose a career path for him, I would suggest he go to a small market team with no superstars, like Portland or Toronto with an organization that believes in him and will allow him to play his full game. If he were allowed to do that, he would be putting up All Star numbers. Then, after two or three years, he can move to a big market team (hopefully the Lakers, lol) where he won't be a role player. He'll be a legitimate All star by that point and will be allowed and even expected to play his complete game. Then, he can do what all great players do - go for the rings.

    I know there are many out there who disagree with my assessment. But personally, i would be more surprised if he ends up an average player as opposed to an elite player which I'm fully expecting if he's given the chance. At any rate, as a basketball fan, it's been great seeing him play the last two months. Looking forward to seeing much more from him in the near future.

    1. Anywhere BUT Portland!

      I've posted on this forum that Portland's excessively wet climate is the likely reason why players like Bill Walton, Kevin Duckworth, Sam Bowie, Greg Oden, and Brandon Roy have had to retire due to leg injuries.

      Toronto would be a good fit. American players don't like playing there and Toronto is a very pro Lin town. Plus, Lin's mastery of the pick and roll would turn Andrea Bargnani into a MVP candidate.

      Another good team for Lin would be New Jersey. Should Deron Williams leave, New Jersey could easily start Lin and win more. By the way, Deron Williams needs to be called for palming violations every time he dribbles the basketball. He carries the ball illegally more than any player I've ever seen at any level.

      Michael Jordan would never do it, but Lin could singlehandedly turn around his struggling franchise. Lin would turn DeSagana Diop into a 10 point 10 rebound starting center and turn BJ Mullens into the next Steve Novak.

      New Orleans has excellent backup point guards, but they need a STAR. Lin would erase the sting of losing Chris Paul and would attract other free agents.

      My personal darkhorse choice for getting Lin is Indiana. That's a playoff team that is an elite pg away from contention. Lin would step in and be the biggest star since Reggie Miller. The Pacers would also have the cap space to afford Lin even if they resigned Roy Hibbert to a near max contract, especially if they let David West walk and started Tyler Hansbrough who I feel should be a starting NBA PF. Indiana's weakness is at PG where Darren Collison would be an ideal backup. The Pacers have a tendency to pass the ball aimlessly on the perimeter because they don't have a star like Lin who can break down defenses off the dribble.

      I agree that Lin needs to play on a team where he is the primary superstar.

    2. We hope, anyway. Knicks isn't gunna let him off the restricted free agent, he's making them too much money. I'd be surprised if they do.

    3. BCoozy89 wrote:
      "Lin.... will be better at all facets of his game. I know it's highly unlikely, but hopefully, this will be for another team... "

      Yes! Hopefully Jeremy Lin can go to another team this offseason. "Highly unlikely" can be turned into "Yes likely" if Lin insists on playing for another team. Playing for his home state or in a warmer climate could be used as a legitimate and tactful excuse. Not even necessary to take the highest offer ; it'll help his new team's cap space in surrounding him with good players and he'll make most of his money in endorsements.

      Please Jeremy Lin:
      Step back to view things more clearly. Get the heck out of the Knicks and play for the Lakers, Heat or other teams that's been suggested. Even though you're mature and take stress well, playing in a negative environment like that have already affected your play, and it will certainly affect your career. One more year with the Knicks would be EXCRUCIATING for your fans (and probably your family) to have to watch!.

    4. KHuang- respect your basketball acumen, but afraid you do not possess similar climate expertise. You have bought into the myth that even some Portlanders have that Portland is excessively rainy.

      As a matter of fact, Cleveland, Boston, Washington D.C., Miami,Orlando, New Jersey, Seattle(remember when), and New York itself among NBA cities all have higher yearly rainfall.

      There may be other reasons for JLin not to go to Portland, but risk of injury from too much moisture is not one of them. Unless you attribute his current injury to New York being wetter than Portland.

    5. NW fan,

      Very interesting observation and comment! I guess people think that because below Portland, from Salem on down, the weather is superb.

      Another thing is, in the Pacific Northwest, while there is less total rainfall, rain comes in steady drizzles (fantastic for plants and wildflowers) during the rainy season (Autumn & Winter -- and realize that's NBA season), while in the Northeast, there is no particular rainy or sunny season, and when it rains, it rains hard and when it stops it stops.

      Of course everybody knows Seattle is more rainy.

    6. I don't think weather is a factor causes injuries in the NBA. They play, practice, and exercise in indoor facilities that are Climate Controlled.

      Ray Allen spent many years in the Seattle Supersonics. He is still a healthy productive athlete. Same with Lamarcus Aldridge of the Blazers.

      I think the career ending injuries were more the result of
      1) Bad medical staff, training staff.

      2) Bad scouting, evaluation when it came to drafting players. Greg Oden was 7'-3" huge, but he was also injury prone and had bad knees.
      Brandon Roy may have had his knee condition since high scool and not known about it.

    7. +1000 to all the comments here.

      I am in error. Thanks guys.

  11. I just wish Jeremy take good care of himself. I believe in him that he will shine through wherever he goes. He is too good not to. I hope he keep improving his game in the summer once he recovers the he will be fine.

  12. I'd like to see Jeremy Lin play in Summer League 2012.

    Even though Lin does not need the experience from a skill standpoint, it would be good for him to test the knee and be the primary focus of his team.

    I'd also like to see Lin playing alongside my other favorite non NBA player Omar Samhan again. Lin and Samhan were the two best players for Dallas in Summer League 2012.

    Currently Samhan is down with a torn ACL that he suffered playing for the champion Tropang Talk and Texters in the Philippines, so he probably wouldn't play in Summer league but has a shot in training camp.

    Samhan needs a conditioning coach to lose some weight in order to be a little bouncier, but he's still a fully developed player who is the Jeremy Lin of centers. My NBA fantasy is to see both Jeremy Lin and Omar Samhan starting together in NBA games, especially since I firmly believe that Samhan will easily be a 20 point 10 rebound guy in the NBA.

    A good Summer League 2012 for Jeremy Lin would get Lin ready for his contract year next season. While I believe that Lin will star on any team he joins, it would be nice to see him pick a team that values him enough to build the team around him.

    1. If I'm not mistaken, I think only first year and players entering their second year in the NBA are allowed to participate in summer league. Lin will be going into his third year this summer so I don't think he will be eligible.

    2. I like Omar, he has great fundamentals...I think he is a bit too slow footed to play in the NBA, well I mean play well. He has a great offensive repertoire but is lacking in footspeed and hops. But I get what you are saying, he could potentially be a diamond in the rough.

    3. Everything you say, 4d, seems true.

      That said, Samhan's instincts on defense are so good that I feel it negates any lack of foot speed on his part. He beat down DeMarcus Cousins in summer league, even athletically rejecting Cousins' jump shot. Samhan did just fine against super athlete Javale McGee, and McGee had less success against Samhan than he did any other player in summer league. Samhan also destroyed 2009 lottery pick Jordan Hill.

      I'm not worried about Samhan's footspeed or jumping. He's a lot faster and higher jumping than people think. I remember reading about Samhan testing out as being a VERY FAST runner despite his pudgy frame.

      I thought Samhan looked like an NBA player in his youtube highlights for Tropang. If he loses 15-20 pounds, he'll be athletically capable of playing against any center in the NBA. The only NBA big men I see Samhan having trouble scoring on are Pau Gasol with his endless arms and Tim Duncan who Samhan has been compared to.

      If I were Rich Cho of Charlotte, I'd eventually throw a max contract at Jeremy Lin and a 2 year minimum contract at Samhan. Then I'd put both of them in the gym with Michael Jordan for a few weeks. I'd start Lin and Samhan together and they would DOMINATE.


    1. remember we are April the 1st, right?

    2. its a gag article. oops lol

    3. haha i always forget about april fools.

  14. You got me too! LOL April fools!

  15. This will be a VERY depressing 6 weeks ahead. I get tired of watching the same top NBA teams dominating the playoffs every year on TV. There is no parity and nothing new going on in the NBA.
    It's the same teams on top doing the same tricks.

    1. I totally agree. It's all about the Lakers,Heat,Thunder,Mavericks,Bulls and Boston. Having the Knicks making it to the second round is kind of a longshot without Lin.

    2. Also forgot to mention the Spurs...

  16. Well....I've just cancelled my NBA League Pass for the season.

  17. Jeremy will be fine. Best wishes to him. He will use this free time to study film and correct his weaknesses and come back a much better player. He will shine through wherever he goes.

  18. I wonder if he can practice his jumpshots while he's recovering.

    That's the biggest flaw in his game right now, not being able to stretch the defense with his outside shooting.

    Hitting a few 3's in the game will keep the defense from collapsing on Melo and Stat. It will also beat a zone defense and open up the lanes.

    Practicing jump shots shouldn't put too much pressure on his knee.

    1. What games have you' ve been watching? He needs to recognize his space and shoot more.
      He needs to be ready to shoot more quality 3's on kick outs.
      Not sure of the timetable on jumping after meniscal tear repair. Believe he has a list of skills to work on while rehabbing. His goal is to keep getting better.

  19. Interesting...

    1. Ha ha, Cynical LOL ! Leave it to the New York Knicks front office to try and squeeze every dollar out of their fans.

      I feel bad for all the Knicks season ticket holders who bought playoff tickets thinking that 'Linsanity' would be back on the court in a week.

      As if the fans weren't cynical enough.

    2. Frank Isola of the NYDN is a known sensationalist writer that likes to create controversy out of nothing. If you want real news and a balanced opinion, Howard Beck of the NYT is who you go to.

  20. This fairy tale may still have a suprising ending.
    I will continue to follow the Knicks progress until the season really ends for them, in the(faint)hope that they may go deep into the play offs. And you never know, mama Lin might have some super ginseng concoction to heal him in four weeks.

    Here's to grasping at straws.

  21. Def grasping at straws lol. I think the best scenario would be for Lin to come back in time to lead the Knicks to the Finals but I'm not holding my breath. Cheers to all us Lin fans.

  22. On a side note.. thinking of the off season I have seen a number of posts from different sports blogs that NY is NOT a slam dunk to get JLin back. While he is restricted, another team could offer him a multi-year heavly back ended contract (like 4-5 years with big dollars after next year). This is not a fairytale so they say, mostly because of JLins marketability in the Asian market is so big. I found a intresting post that said after the first week of Linsanity MSG's stock value increased by almost 130 million dollars.

    Correct me if I'm wrong here:
    From what I read about restricted free agent (and it is a little confusing) he can field offers from any team but Knicks can match that offer for next year up to 5 million. HOWEVER, another team can offer him a multi-year (numbers thrown around where 50million) heavly back loaded and if NY can't match that for outlet years he doesnt have to come back to NY for the 2nd season. He can accept a bigger multiyear offer. Is that really true?

    I'm also see'ing crazy talk (especially from NY sports outlets) that the Knicks may make a run to get Steve Nash in the offseason. In that case JLin would be a backup PG. Have NY'orkers lost there minds? JLin is not backup PG, I dont care if its Steve Nash or not. I know JLin says he wants to come back to NY but in my mind if Woodson, (I'm not a fan of his), is still coach and they want JLin to be a token player off the bench for the draw money, he needs to leave. I hope he has some good advisors.

    Anyone know who is agent is?


    1. I don't see any team out there giving Lin a big contract based on a 30-game sample size. He did perform very well for in what was basically his pseudo-rookie season, but I think teams are eager to see what he does in a full 82-game regular season with a full Knicks squad. Whether the Knicks go after another PG or not, Lin is highly likely to be back for at least 1 more season.

    2. I don't think Lin would make decision simply based on which team offers the highest salary. A good environment (coach, system, teammates, etc.) for his development may be more important to him.

      I also wonder whether Lin has the liberty to choose any team he likes no matter what the salary offer is.

  23. Good point. I wouldn't want him playing backup either.

  24. Knicks can't afford a Steve Nash type free agent. They are over the salary cap .... end of story.


  26. if your guys lin fans please votes for the leaders artist innovator icon and heroes support jeremy lin he got 86% for voting the line will close april6



    max contract would be 4 years 36 million.

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  31. Jeremy Lin is special. He is a man of Destiny. And if he's that , nothing and no one can thwart that. Everything will come to pass according to God's plan...

    It is a God-moment towards the “working for good” of all things.
    It is a giddy time in New York.
    It is memorabilia heaven.
    It is history in the making.
    It is a growing record of ability on display.
    It is a catch-phrase treasure trove.
    It is a basketball team owners dream (and a coach’s headache!?!).
    It is a teammates joy (or not!).
    It is an opportunity amidst an atmosphere of neglect.
    It is an Asian parent’s vision for their son.
    It is a coming of age drama.
    It is a testament to hard work.
    It is a worldwide focus of excitement.
    It is a collaboration of hopeful souls everywhere.
    It is a fantastic, exciting diversion from the mundane.
    It is a sports commentator’s all-enveloping theme.
    And there are, I know, many more “It is’s . . .”

    But most of all:
    It is a targeting on necessities and filling in the gap . . . a decision;
    It is getting into a For the Love of the Game-type mental/physical focus; . . . a concentration;
    But Ultimately, Jeremy . . . .
    It is being who you are.

    2-26-2012 BobPhang