Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Linsanity Is Still Alive

The Street has a great take on the "Linsanity is dead" talk.  Looks like a couple of JLin books should be coming out soon.  Great news!


  1. I wonder if waiving Jeremy Lin was part of the reason that Joe Lacob was booed in Golden State.

    1. It was more about a healthy Monta Ellis being traded for an injured Bogut. Of course, giving up Jeremy Lin did not help, but people don't really talk about it around here anymore. The Warriors were also losing by 14 points to Minnesota, having scored only 35 points in a pathetic first half.

      I'm glad the Warriors waived Jeremy.

    2. Hey Sydney... I'm from "here". I wish we had Jeremy on the Warriors!

    3. Ok, but only if he brings the Knicks team with him.

    4. Let me remind you that they won 8 in a row with Novak, Landry, Chandler,Shumpy , and Jeremy in their line-up...not exactly members of an "all-Star quality... Put Monta and Curry on that team...... and they lose!!!!! Kinda what they did with da warriors..

  2. Yeah, I remember last year when Warriors fans were blaming their team's losses on Jeremy Lin, who was sitting on the bench playing in DNP's and 2 minutes in blowout games.

    Me: "Why do you blame JLin for the Warriors losing, he wasn't even in the game ?"

    Answer: "Because, he is no good and taking up a roster spot that we could use for a good player who can play."

    Me: "What good players can you get in the NBA for $700,000 salary???"

    Answer: "Anybody would be better."

    Warriors fans, for such a highly educated region of the country, Silicon Valley, they are not too smart about sports.

  3. I know I said I would not post on this board anymore, but I wanted to share the below post by someone named JC whose content turned out to be incredibly prescient, which gives a real credence to JLin having a long-term NBA career:


    I think some NBA teams should consider employing this person named "JC" as a scout. Read it and you will be amazed.

    1. Yes, JC has some good insights. Thanks for that link. Good going.

      However, I beat JC to the punch AND made more predictions that turned out right.

      As early as Jan BEFORE had the triple double in the D league, I was writing here that Jeremy Lin should have been a lottery pick and would be a terrific NBA guard.

      Right after that D league game, I predicted that Lin had All Star potential and could eventually get the same assists he was getting at Harvard.

      I got flamed for making those predictions which all turned out to be TRUE. But I couldn't care less because I am an NBA fan first and a Jeremy Lin fan 2nd. I am just happy to see to see Lin playing fine NBA basketball.

      My next prediction is this: Out of a well founded desire to keep good team chemistry, Jeremy Lin will likely not average more than 20 ppg. Lin will also not be a 10 apg man simply because he is such a great scorer. As the years go by, Lin will be just as much decoy as he is destroyer.

      I predict that there will be pgs that outscore AND outassist Lin. But they won't have anywhere as much winning impact as Lin will.

    2. Oops. "Stats at Harvard", not "assists".