Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lin Vids

From Knicksnow:


  1. Before tomorrow's rematch with Toronto, I thought I'd link to this ESPN Radio play-by-play of Jeremy's game-winner:

    If you haven't heard it before, I strongly recommend it. Chills.


  2. Great videos, I hope Knicks come out with the same Lintensity vs. sub .500 teams, like the Raptors.

    This playoff race is TIGHT. Milwaukee is playing at the top of their game and have won 5 straight games. Knicks can't afford any more losses to bad teams like the NO Hornets, especially on their home court.

    Must Protect the Garden. Give the fans what they paid to see.

  3. Believe it or not, some NBA scouts still think that JLin is nothing more than a D-Leaguer. That's kinda shocking....

    Judging Jeremy never-ending journey for Knicks guard

    Here’s the thing though: Even as Lin was providing the Knicks with the energy and the offense to win a third straight game, even as he was electrifying the Pacers crowd and drawing his own share of arena-rattling roars, there was a small gaggle of NBA scouts sitting behind the baseline who were, to be kind, unimpressed.

    “Still a D-League player,” one of them said.

    “Nothing special,” said another.

    Look, scouts are the forgotten warriors of the NBA, pounding the road with their laptops and their notebooks, charting plays, meticulously turning squiggles and arrows and letters on a computer screen and a legal pad into strategies that the home office can employ on some future night. It is a thankless role. And a good scout’s eye is often as trusted as any voice in any organization.

    So it’s hard to just dismiss commentary like that. Most scouts know what they’re talking about. They’ve watched more basketball than any 40 of the most rabid hoops junkies you know. It’s their life. It’s their livelihood.

    And they still think Jeremy Lin is a D-League player?

    On one hand, it makes it easier to understand the Lin backstory, undrafted, released twice, sent to the D-League a couple other times, undiscovered and unused even by D’Antoni, who is supposed to be the Dalai Lama for point guards, until he was absolutely, positively out of options.

    And on the other hand, it makes you wonder what, exactly, Lin needs to do to be viewed as a legitimate NBA point guard, unburdened by the extremes tugging him on one end (skeptical scouts, cynical fans, point guards across the league who relish the idea of treating him like a piƱata) and the other end (the unchecked adoration that stalked him for a full month, and which still pops up in arenas, like at the Fieldhouse the other night) whenever he’s playing well.

    “I think it was a little crazier here than it normally is,” Lin said. “That’s cool. I didn’t know I had any fans in Indiana.”

    Well, he had some. But he also had — has — detractors, prominent ones, who still question, and will question, what they’re seeing and what he’s doing. You wonder what he has to do to impress them. If he ever can. And if it really matters.

    1. Folks, there will always be doubters. And if after Linsanity, they haven't changed their views, then quite simply those folks maybe in the wrong profession scouting NBA talent. "Something" is blocking them from seeing the obvious - that Jlin is a great NBA player.

      One can't please everyone in this world, and for those doubters, they aren't significant. Insignificant in JLin's world, and most likely, insignificant in the NBA world as well.

      For example, who do you think has more credibility -- words of wisdom from Magic Johnson or lip service from Stephen A - flip flopper. :)

    2. Some NBA scouts still think Lin is "still a D league player."..... Huh??? Then, what is Lin doing playing in the NBA???.... And why are so many inferior performers in the NBA get paid so much money with multi-year contracts ???

      It's obvious that not all NBA scouts are created equal - just as in any field.

    3. they can't admit their mistakes (or admit to racism either). Else they will lose their jobs. So they will just keep on making stuff up.

      As Kobe said, they should be fired.

  4. lxy I like your post. I think the amount of scrutiny Lin has endured his whole basketball career up till the present time has been nothing short of disgraceful. His numbers are far better than so many other pgs in the NBA that aren't rookies. Maybe it is his lack of flashiness that causes this kind of bias towards him. But it has been pretty clear to me that most of the media including the Knicks announcers are either too stubborn or too stunned to believe some asian american kid from Harvard is actually a really good/great NBA player. They keep holding him to these ridiculous standards that was put on him ONLY after he brought the Knicks back from the dead with his scoring and dishing. Before that he was an unknown to most people and now hes not having a good enough game cuz he only had 14 and 7 in a loss???? Before he entered that Net game everyone would've been ecstatic to have him have those numbers. It might take another full season of Lin putting up good numbers for them to once and for all to recognize Lin as an allstar in the making if he isn't already one.

  5. I dare those same NBA scouts would come on this blog to tell us why Lin is "still a D league player."

    It would be fun to pit their highfalutin' fancy laptops and notepads against our amateur eyes. I think that we'd Limbarrass them off this blog.

    If those NBA scouts were smarter, they'd realize that they'd learn more about Lin simply by reading this site that Forgebond has generously made for us.

  6. The expectations for Jeremy Lin are even higher than for: John Wall #1 draft pick, Kyrie Irving #1 draft pick, Ricky Rubio, et al.

    How is this fair ? Why is Lin expected to carry the Knicks to victories over championship teams ... when the Wizards, Cavaliers, and Timberwolves high draft picks are allowed to fail without any backlash from the media.

    1. Excellent point. I hardly hear any criticism against Wall, Irving and Rubio even though their teams are doing worse. Critics are expecting an undrafted, minimum wage, twice-waived, rookie D-leaguer to perform like an allstar? If these scouts are owners of the Knicks and if they really think Lin is that bad, I'd dare them to waive Lin.

  7. Whatever happens to Jlin's NBA career, he will make more money off the court than any player in today's game.

    "The U.S. arm of Swedish car brand Volvo said on Monday it expects to unveil a marketing agreement with U.S. basketball star Jeremy Lin that will cover several international markets."

    "The symbolism of such a deal would be rich. Volvo is now owned by China’s Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. The company is trying to boost Volvo sales in China as part of a strategy to double the brand’s global sales to 800,000 vehicles by 2020. Geely plans to invest up to $11 billion in the effort."

    How much will be JLin's share of the $11 BILLION?

    1. Probably not that much. He's probably getting only 1 or 2 million $$ a year fixed pay, with no share of the car profits.

      Which is why I was against this Volvo signing. He is still a new player, and his popularity hasn't reached his peak. I'm sure he could have gotten more money from Toyota, Ford, Nissan, or any other company if he had competing offers. I don't think his agent is doing a good job of marketing him to companies.
      Lin needs to hire a talent agent to take care of his off court activities, separate from his sports agent, who only handles his NBA contract.

      Look at how much money Tiger Woods made endorsing Cadillac, Gillette razors, and all that other stuff. Tiger Woods was a billionaire athlete, in a less physically demanding sport.

    2. He could and will make more money with subsequent sponsorships. That's the beauty of endorsements, there are thousands of companies out there without conflict to each other. Also, a $1mm in Jeremy's pocket today will be nice as a newly minted professional athlete.

    3. I think Volvo is planning to make JLin their global spokesperson. This deal isn't limited to just China. Volvo is now a Chinese company and they want an Asian face to represent the company. He is more valuable to Volvo than to any other auto company.

      Yao Ming gets around 35 million a year from his endorsement deals. I am sure JLin is getting more than 1 million a year for this deal. (20 Vovlo = $1 million).

  8. I want to see Linsanity vs Heat redux.

    1. Me too!.... I feel strongly that the Knicks will bet the Heats. Here's why in my opinion, in the the order of importance:

      -- The Knicks, with Anthony now "on board", are playing as a team.

      -- Jeremy Lin is much more rested; no more abnormal level of fatique on Lin's part.

      -- Lin will not be saddled with excessive burden by greatly reducing the number of pick & roll style; On a related matter, Lin will also have enough high-energy for the whole game.

      -- The Heat is difinately beatable, especially by Knicks with current roster. The last debacle, the Heat should have won by 30 to 50 points, not my mere 14 points or so.

    2. I actually want to see the original Linsanity crew and not the Woodsanity crew play the Heat. Call me nostaligic. February was fun.

  9. BTW, I got a reply back after writing NBA about Kidd's foul on Lin:

    Dear Steve:

    Thank you for contacting the National Basketball Association with your concerns regarding the foul committed by Jason Kidd in the Dallas Mavericks vs. New York Knicks game on March 6.

    After careful review, the NBA ruled that the play in question will stand as called. In order for a foul to be considered flagrant, we examine whether or not there was an unnecessary wind-up, or follow through, as well as the level of impact. We further consider whether the fouling player was making a legitimate basketball play. Here, Kidd makes a legitimate basketball play by deflecting the ball. The subsequent contact was due to a natural rather than unnecessary follow through. Therefore, these factors taken together do not warrant an upgrade from personal to flagrant foul.

    Thank you again for your concern. We appreciate your feedback regarding this issue.


    NBA Fan Relations

    1. Yep, I got that same copied message today as well. :) I still think it should have been called a flagrant foul though. The big boys never want to admit they made a mistake.

    2. My spouse and I also got the same templated reply back.... Of course they reject any reply to their reply ; one can still bypass the block by sending the nasties to the same *contact* address (title the email *Thank You* LOL).

      The filthy *Gang of Three* (which ironically comprised of a black, a hispanic, and a white - which was just a coincidence, but symbolic nonthless) knew that the meeting in their home-court was THE LAST MEETING of the year.

      Maybe they are afraid the flamboyant billionaire owner of the Mavs, who is said to be EXTREMELY ACTIVE (to the point of exasperation) in making complaints regarding the way "his" games are officiated.

      Just the "teammates" non-support alone, Lin shouldn't re-sign with the Knicks... In addition to the inner tension with jealous Melo (btw, he was put in the awkward situation - he is only a human), THE identity of the Knicks (evident by his contract and his clout big enough to oust the coach) FOR YEARS TO COME (even *IF* they want to trade him, his trade value is low; and most owners are leary of a diva superstar who also affects the game's outcome.