Saturday, March 3, 2012

Knicks @ Celtics Pre-Game Thoughts

This is the first of 9 challenging games in two weeks, with 6 of them on the road:

3/4 @ Celtics
3/6 @ Mavs
3/7 @ Spurs
3/9 @ Bucks
3/11 vs. Sixers
3/12 @ Bulls
3/14 vs. Trailblazers
3/15 vs. Pacers
3/16 @ Pacers

Having 5 practices in the past week will really help. Look for Baron to eventually get more minutes by playing with Jeremy for 10-15 minutes a game. Jeremy will still get his 36-40 minutes. I actually love this combo and think this will be the crunch time backcourt during the playoffs, as long as Baron can stay on track health wise.

Let's not forget that Jeremy has been playing at a level never seen before by a first time starting point guard. Not Magic, not Isaiah Thomas, not  Chris Paul, not DRose, no one. I expect this output to continue and we'll be monitoring this closely by tracking his PER. Currently, Jeremy is 15th in the NBA, and the 4th ranked point guard. The top 5 point guards by PER as of Friday:

26.09 Chris Paul
24.98 Derrick Rose
23.51 Russell Westbrook
22.94 Jeremy Lin
21.88 Steve Nash

Here are a few more great links heading into the Boston game tomorrow:

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Saturday Practice Report: Lin:
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Celtic great, Bob Cousy on JLin:
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Asian Hoops in Boston and "Tiger Mom" a Lin fan:
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  3. My layman's uneducated basketball intuition is wondering if Toney Douglas would be effective playing spot minutes with the starters.

    As a poor man's Gilbert Arenas (actually Gilbert Arenas is the poor man's Gilbert Arenas), Toney Douglas is an explosive young scorer who theoretically can be an effective dribble drive guard alongside Lin.

    When Lin gets doubled and tripled on one side of the court, Toney Douglas can receive a cross court pass and attack the rim aggressively. Also, Douglas handles the ball just well enough to be a secondary ballhandler to relieve defensive pressure on Lin.

  4. New York has won 10 of 13 since Lin started playing major minutes. During that span, his tangible effect on the team is undeniable:

    The Knicks are shooting 47.5 percent when he's on the floor and just 37 percent when he's on the bench.

    They've scored 103.8 points per 100 possessions with Lin running the show and an average of 90.2 with him off the floor.

    The Knicks are also defending better (98.5 points allowed per 100 possessions pre-Lin; 95.7 since).

  5. I'm anxious to see how the Knicks will do against the Full Court pressure that the Celtics are guaranteed to use tomorrow.

    Is the team practicing for it ? Is there any way to counter a defense that uses the full court press after every made FG ?

    Lin has always struggled against back court traps and steal attempts. It gave him problems at Harvard, China League, and in that game vs. Miami.

    He's got to learn to use his body to protect the dribble, and pass out of double teams BEFORE they close on him.

  6. Lookout for Lin to have a big game this afternoon and I mean Big game!!!! All the Harvard boys will be coming to see their man do his thang!!!!

  7. Mike D'Antoni has said that Lin needs help in the backcourt from his teammates.

    Lin and Baron Davis have been working closely. I am sure that Davis is giving some pointers to Lin, as is the entire Knicks coaching staff.

    Lin will come back next season as a vastly improved ballhandler. He reminds me a little of Tim Hardaway who used to cross people over with that unbelievable UTEP Two Step.