Monday, March 12, 2012

Knicks @ Bulls Game Thread


  1. I want to see the aggressive, confident Jeremy Lin again. I want to see the defense, heart, and hustle again. Since Shumpert and Smith aren't playing well (not that their teammates are playing well), maybe it's time for Tony Douglas at SG again. I don't know if Douglas has figured out where his shot went, but I'm confident he'd play hard and defend.

    1. I think we are seeing the aggressive, confident Lin tonight. He's taking on the challenge of D rose head on and playing well. Offensively, he seems very calm and collected (IMO this wasn't always the case when the Knicks are on the road and playing against good teams eg. Celtics, Heat); and he is not forcing up shots like has has in the past couple of the games - he is taking what the defense is giving him. Defensively, there's only so much one can do against Rose, and Lin is playing Rose pretty well. Let's see if Lin and the Knicks can keep it up in the second half.

      I'm gonna disagree with you... Shumpert is playing fine, he's a rookie so he's gonna have his ups and downs. and he is by far the Knicks best perimeter defender (it's not even close IMO). and Jr smith runs hot and cold all the time, he's gonna hit a hot streak, eventually. And the last thing any Knick fan wants to see is TD...

    2. Lin has picked up his D recently and I wonder if that's contributing to his shakier J - he uses a lot of leg in his jumper.

      Definitely no more Douglas at PG, but he was a hard worker and defender who once upon a time could stick a 3. He had potential to be a poor man's Tony Allen. Maybe he can rediscover that.

    3. Douglas' 3-pointer was hot and cold, but his defense against point guards was decent, and he has quick hands for steals. Maybe D'Antoni can sub him in so that Jeremy doesn't have to get tired out defending Rose.

  2. Wow...what a block by Lin on DRose!!

  3. Looked a little gimpy before the half, hopefully Lin's okay.

  4. Yeah, those TWO blocks were AWESOME !!! Those are definitely highlight reel defensive plays, although I wish Jeremy hadn't given Rose a path to the basket in the 1st place.

  5. Lin held Rose to 5 of 15 shooting in the first half. Great defense, give the kid credit.

  6. Why do the Knicks always come out slow after the 1st half. They didn't box out for a rebound after Carlos Boozer missed a Free Throw ... leading to a Derek Rose 3-pointer. And now Derek Rose is on fire scoring 7 points in only 2 minutes.

    It's the Knicks team, they don't step up.

  7. Star calls on Rose gets Lin into foul trouble. Solid game so far for Lin, 2 steals 3 blocks 6 assists, 2 TOs.

  8. Giving up offensive rebounds has been a huge issue every game with Amare back. Probably gives up 8 points a game off rebounds they should have had.

  9. It's not about jumping, Kevin Love barely jumps and he's the #1 rebounder in the NBA, his secret .... GETTING IN POSITION AND BOXING OUT !

  10. Ronnie Brewer has more rebounds than Amare. What the hell??

  11. Knicks can't play defense and can't rebound. That's it. Lin's playing well though

  12. Knicks are gonna lose again.

    And it's rebounding that's to blame. Nothing else.

    All they had to do was not be 100% awful boxing out and hustling for loose ball and they would have won.

    Jeremy missed a couple shots he usually makes, but he was money from the FT line and surprisingly good on defense. Even when Rose got by him, he knocked the ball loose all night, even blocking 3 shots (2 of them Rose's).

    1. In the end people (And newspaper columnists) only look at Derrick Rose's 32 points and say that Jeremy Lin is a "poor defender".
      They don't see how Lin held Rose to under 30% shooting in the first half, and blocked 2 of his layups.
      Rose did most of his scoring by sprinting down the court on a fast break, getting to the free throw line with the least bit of contact, and scoring while Jeremy was on the bench or in foul trouble.
      It was not like Rose scored 32 points with JLin guarding him with a hand in his face.

    2. It may be better in the long run for JLIn to get some bad press. It may take the target off his back. Stats can misleading, look at Melo. He has great career numbers but his total game is lacking.

  13. I'm laughing at people, including Knicks fans, trying to blame Lin for the loss.

    I encourage JL fans just to laugh and ignore them. I mean, these are the same fans who actually call Lebron, "LeBrick" and "LeChoke" and say that he "sucks" because he struggles in 4th quarters (even if he shoots 60% in the first 3).

    If the far most talented player in the league gets that kind of hate, imagine what a lesser player like Jeremy is gonna get.

  14. I think Lin actually matches up really well with Rose (he was definitely better defender on Rose than Davis).

    Foul trouble in second half understandably limited his aggressiveness on defense, but if rest of Knicks can get their act together, playoff matchup with Bulls looks like better option than Heat.

    And I think Melo needs to be traded or dumped by Knicks (he had pretty good game today, but seems like he is selfish poison in locker room) and major reason for current 6 game Knicks losing streak.

    1. Knicks are now 10-24 with Melo in the lineup. He's a cancer. Melonoma.

      8-15 before he got hurt. Knicks then went 8-1. He came back, they've gone 2-8 since then. It's pretty dramatic.

  15. Jeremy Lin actually played amazing defense on Derrick Rose. Rose shot 5 for 15 in the first half with Lin covering him. Rose picked up easy layups in the 3rd quarter with the corpse of Baron Davis lazily covering him. It took 29 shots for Rose to get 32 points, which was great defense for Lin.

    Notable stats:
    Bulls had 22 offensive rebounds, Amare only had THREE total rebounds.
    Melo shot 8-21 including coming up small in the last 5 minutes with missed layups.
    Derrick Rose got 32 points off of 29 SHOTS. (BAD).
    Jeremy Lin 15 points, 8 assists, 3TO's, 3 steals, 3 blocks.

  16. Jeremy Lin block on Rose!!

  17. Some of those rebounds seemed to bounce favorably for the Bulls, but I also suspect Knicks are very undisciplined boxing out, and obviously on defense in general.

  18. A few things:

    1. Lin was definitely fouled in the act of shooting at the 1st half buzzer. Officials should have reviewed the video and given him free throws at the start of the 3rd quarter.
    Any star player in the league would have gotten free throws.

    2. Lin played good defense on Rose. He just needs to watch the fouls, and not over help off of shooters. His one-on one D is almost Raja Bell like. (Of course Raja Bell doesn't get whistled for every contact.)

    3. Rebounding: The Bulls have no 7-foot players besides Omer Asik. The 6'-9" guys Boozer, Noah, and especially Taj Gibson were beasts on the offensive glass ... which gave the Bulls extra possessions when they were shooting bad from the field.
    The Knicks need to read up on the Fundamentals of rebounding.

    4. Why are Knicks fans complaining that Carmelo isn't getting the ball in the post where he wants it ? He's only shooting about 30% in post up situations. In this game he scored most of his points on fast breaks or pick and roll.

    5. Lin's offense was decent, the Knicks scored the best in transition off of Bulls turnovers or missed shots. He did take some very bad jump shots, but hopefully he will become a better shooter over time.
    There was a turnover in the end where he tried to pass it to Landry Fields who was being blanketed by defenders. The announcer made a good point, "If you're going to pass it to someone, pass it for a reason, don't just pass it to someone who is not open."

  19. Jeremy got 2 fouls that shouldn't have been. The one where Rose blew the layup and Jeremy got called when the replay showed he didn't touch him. The other one where Rose jumped into Lin that should've been offensive. Playing with 5 fouls vs 3 definitely affects the way you play.

  20. still terrible officiating but i like that lin is talking to the referees now about some of those fouls. in the past he would accept it an move on. now he is talking. also i saw some plays where he's directing guys on defense. i like that. the only way to get respect is to demand respect and speak up.

    i don't like how lin just gave the ball to melo that was a terrible three point attempt by melo. probably coach's order.

  21. Once again, Lin put the Knicks in a position to win the game.

    Linsanity rages on, as far as I'm concerned.

  22. Did anyone read that Chicago Tribune article? It's like he was watching a different game. Talk about home team bias!

    1. "Rose also acknowledged he was amped to face Lin.

      "Definitely. Who's not right now?" Rose said. "No matter who I'm playing against, I'm trying to win the matchup.""

      Jlin is getting everyone's best game right now and he's holding his own. This only the start of his career, bright skies ahead.

    2. Every city newspaper has sports writers who love to hate on Jeremy Lin. It sells newspapers and draws more readers than articles that say good things about Jeremy Lin.

      Because then that anti-Lin article will attract Lin haters as well as Lin defenders. Basically just trying to stir up shit.

      They say the dumbest things. "Lin is too weak or slow to be in the NBA. Baron Davis will take over Lin's job..."

      Did they even watch the game when Baron Davis was playing ?

    3. The reporter obviously based his writing on the 30 points alone, conveniently ignoring that Rose took 29 shots; that He went 5 for 15 in first half; that Jeremy blocked him twice and stole the ball 3 times. Yeah, biased amateur reporting.

  23. haha get rid of Melo and Stat and they're golden.

  24. There isn't a defender in the entire NBA who would have done a better defensive job on Rose and his 12-29 ref assisted shooting tonight.

    Jeremy Lin got the better of Rose tonight, as far as I'm concerned. Once again, Lin nearly led the Knicks to victory despite Melomire.

    I suspect that the Knicks would be winning a lot of these games if it wasn't for Melomire.

  25. Lin from what I saw had a pretty decent game. Melo iso just does not work! Especially with his stroke so off. At least Stat is finally getting his J back. But both are still not in season form!

    MeloIso really kills the momentum. I would rather have Novak in his place. But all close games, there was a lot of new things I haven't seen the knicks do before this game. But they seem to revert to the Melo Iso high pick and roll strategy in the second half instead of what was working the first.

    Wonder if it's adjustments or why they slowed the game down from what was working for them before.

    Another game lost because of the starters. And like the Warriors no rebounding! If they had cut down on those second chance points this game probably would have been won.

    Was melo this ball hoggy before Lin and in Denver? Because he seems like he is forcing himself to play like that just to prove people wrong.

    Every game seems like a play-off game because of the Linsanity and Lin has improved each game.

    1. It's also the simple fact that Lin has been roasting people even in losses like this.

  26. I agree with you KHuang (just not sure about "the entire NBA" ;-)

    I thought that Lin played VERY well overall; but since his team lost, I decided to check this day's boxscores from ESPN. Here's Lin and Rondo comparison (keep in mind that Rondo of Celtics is considered a franchise player with 5 years more actual experience):


    Lin 15 8 4-11 6-6 1 3 3 3 5 -4 33
    Rondo 12 10 4-8 4-4 2 3 0 6 2 +6 41

    Keep in mind (for basketball knowledge newbies like me) that +/- for most players from the losing team is always in the negative (and the reverse is true for the winning team's players). For example: Clippers' Blake Griffin played a tad better than the Celtics' top performer Garnett, yet Griffin is -9.

    I am very impressed with Jeremy Lin's fast learning curve and determination. He can only get better with more experience. I hope that he installs a basketball court in his home someday soon, like many players do (with the same type of flooring and everything). It would be great for him to be able to make 3 pointers the way the richer and more practiced players do - as well as a higher 2-point FG percentage.

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    2. I'm more impressed by the fact that Rondo plays with 3 Hall of Famers and a team that focused on defense.

      The difference is that Rondo is a role player on his team while Jeremy Lin IS the team.

      MeloMire are killing the Knicks. In the NBA, max contract players do get benched if they are the prime cause of their teams losing (Kirilenko, Lewis, Arenas, Marbury).

  27. Sorry about the formating in the above.

    Lin 15 Pts
    Rondo 12

    Lin 8 AST
    Rondo 10

    Lin 1 REB
    Rondo 2

    Lin 3 STL
    Rondo 3

    Lin 3 BLK
    Rondo 0

    Lin 3 Turnover
    Rondo 6

  28. lets do some numbers and find out what the biggest reason for these loses"

    during Lin win streak which started at NJN game to Dallas game:

    97.33 Avg PP by Knicks
    90.44 Avg ppg allowed by Knicks
    record 8-1

    stats after Melo game back
    100.9 Avg PPG by Knicks games
    104.3 Avg alowed by Knicks
    record 2-8

    These stats clear shows that they are doing better offensively and its not the #1 issue: The Biggest and most glaring issue is their Defense, turnovers, and Defensive Rebounds during the last ten Games .

    They score more PPG after Melo returns, but they are allowing more PPG for opossing teams:

    If Knicks had played defense and kept their last ten oppenents to their season avG.. They will have 6-4 records instead of 2-8 record

    their record was 16 -16 before MELO return, with the 6-4 road trip record, they should currently be 22-20 instead of 18-24

    Folks the bottom LiNE: IF the Knicks can fix their Defensive issue they will start to WIN games Again.