Thursday, March 1, 2012

JLin's Harvard Recruiter's Assessment of JLin as a College Prospect

Interesting read.  Holden seems to say that he wasn't surprised that JLin wasn't given any D1A scholarship offers.  Seems odd that a CA player of the year wouldn't be physically ready to receive even one D1A offer.  From our research, we're not sure that has EVER happened.


  1. I'm so tired of people and their revisionist history.

    Keith Smart claimed he couldn't shoot, despite the fact that Lin had consistently shot around 36% for most of his career at Harvard.

    His current coach wasn't sure if he could play defense(as if playing D was a requirement for playing in the NBA). Mike D'antonio...a coach known for his questioning someone's defensive prowess. He had Steve Nash in Phoenix..and Nash couldn't guard a cup of warm piss.

    Scouts claimed he is a COMPLETELY different player when he was in college. Claiming he didn't have the athleticism to compete in NBA, despite all tests directly refuting that statement.

    I would give all the money I have to the first person/coach/scout who flat out admits "We didn't think he could play because he was Asian"

    This denial really needs to stop already. Lin didn't just magically appear out of nowhere. He was consistently overlooked because of his race and now he has succeeded DESPITE his race.

    1. You hit the nail on the head.

      All these "Why Was Jeremy Lin Overlooked?" articles that the American media is peddling are hilarious as they deliberately overlook the 1000 gorilla in the living room: anti-Asian racism.

      Just like that ludicrous Freaknomics article, all these self-styled pundits and media shills are desperately spouting one contrived "theory" (i.e. rationalization) after another about JLin because they simply don't have the guts or honesty to admit that JLin was overlooked to a significant degree because he was an Asian dude.

      It's ain't politically correct to raise these issues in America.

  2. I love doing the "Jeremy Lin" to people in my second job.

    My second job regularly puts me in face to face contact with guys who are dominant in my field the way Lebron James is dominant in basketball. So little unknown me gets to go head to head against those guys.

    Typically the reaction I get from the big guys is either racial rejection or ignorance. That's because I'm KICKING THEIR BUTTS and they know it. So I press on, doing my thing regardless of what others are doing. Just as Lin has objective measures by which he can measure his success (points scored, etc), I tally up the scoring in objective measures and usually end up on top. And yes, the so called "scouts" refuse to acknowledge that an Asian guy can possibly succeed even though there is a long track record of success there too.

    I have made lots of enemies in my field because I'm an outspoken Asian American who can point to those objective numbers, and I LOVE IT. Like Jeremy Lin, I feed off the negativity and transmute it into higher levels of performance.

    1. I'm not telling you because I am not here to advertise or make more enemies than I already have.

      I work in three different fields, all of which require a certain type of athleticism but only one of which would be called "athletic".

      Most people also consider me unathletic just as they do Lin.

  3. To be fair...wasn't he 5'10" out of high school (and pretty skinny)? I'd call that a legit concern.

  4. Iam - Don't know where you're getting that info from. I've heard it before and it's simply not true. JLin was 6'2" and 180lbs. Perhaps a little light but you'd expect that he'd fill out. This is the height and weight according to Plus, he was Player of the Year. So you'd think that would count for something. And in any event, don't the coaches watch these kids play?

    1. agree, take a look at pictures 5 and 6 in this gallery. j lin looks a bit skinny his freshman year sure... but is he any skinnier than the opposing d1 scholarship players in the same picture?????????!!

  5. Lin was 6'1" or 6'2" as a high school senior.

    There are plenty of sub 6 foot guards that not only play D1 but make the NBA.

    It's a simple fact that when a guy dominates California basketball for 2 years the way Lin did, he'd be having college recruiters all over him if he weren't Asian.

    Lin was wise not to try to walk on at a D1 school. He'd have been cut for embarrassing the stars and there would be no Linsanity. Then we'd be seeing Lin drop 30 on our US Olympic team playing for Russia or something like that.