Monday, March 26, 2012

JLin Questionable for Tonight's Game Against the Bucks

ESPN is reporting that JLin and STAT are questionable for tonight's game against the Bucks.

Also, a short article on how JLin is dealing with the Linsanity


  1. Which knee did Lin have his procedure on during the offseason? I was assuming it was his right knee, since that's the one he wears the blue brace on all the time. I do see references to the procedure being on his left knee, but I don't trust sloppy reporters, they misreport Steph Curry's left/right ankles all the time.

    I've had concerns about Lin's knees even before he got to the NBA. It wasn't a good sign that such a young player was wearing knee bands or braces even before entering the NBA. Especially since his game is dependent on his quickness. Knee/patellar injuries are usually cumulative over long periods, and therefore also take a long time to completely heal.

  2. Lin out tonight...Amare out indefinitely....

  3. hope Knicks can squeak out this victory and Lin will be ready to go for Orlando on Weds...go Knicks!