Thursday, March 1, 2012

The importance of Baron Davis

Benjamin Hoffman of the NY Times on the importance of Davis as a quality backup to JLin.

I think most of us agree that JLin, especially because of his ability to get into the lane (which takes a physical toll) and also because of the way that teams are double-teaming him, to consistently play 35+ minutes a game.  The emergence of Davis as a capable backup will be another key to the Knicks' success.

Take last night, for example, JLin is playing well in the first half and is basically keeping the Knicks in the game.  Previously, when JLin has needed to rest, however, and the Knicks brought in Bibby, the dropoff was startling.

Of course, this is also key:

In the coming weeks, as the frequently grumpy Davis plays himself into shape, the Knicks will have to hope that he continues to enjoy sitting in the back seat while Lin drives the currently playoff-bound team.

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  1. "When your team’s starting point guard and rising star is a relatively small player..." o_0?