Saturday, March 10, 2012

Amazing Interview With Doc Scheppler Part 3

This is the last part of our incredible interview with Jeremy's shooting coach Doc Scheppler. His Pinewood HS girls team won their 2nd round NorCal State playoff game tonight at Hamilton near Chico. They defeated the previously 30-0 Hamilton by 10 points, while hitting 11 three pointers. Congrats to Coach Doc and his girls. Also, thanks for the amazingly insightful interview! In your opinion, how good can he be?

Doc: If he keeps getting better, he can be an all-star...I believe in him with all of my heart.... He's just so special. Is there a player, past or present, that you can compare him to?

Doc: He will be the next Steve Nash...  He's only 23... He's only going to get better!

Here are more questions from our site:

Reebok: During the off-season, does JLin have a quota on the number of 3 point shots per day to work on? How about free-throws? 

Doc: It wasn't a set number it was more the quality of the workout... We wanted to master all the shooting situations. At the end of the day it ended up being around 500 shots... Free throws combined... This summer with his shot already established, we'll tackle more these situations more.... and hopefully make these shots a part of his game that he reactively performs..

ABC Baller: Coach: I notice that Lin shoots much better off the dribble, than from spotting up. Why the difference, and how can he improve his stand still shooting ?

Also, can these shooting drills increase the accuracy of pull-up jump shots, fallaway jump shots, post-up turnaround jump shots ... etc. Or are those skills completely different ?

Doc: Hes more comfortable off a dribble because that's who he was before seeing me... Believe me his catch and shoot is to die for... He needs to develop that"shooters mind set" where he's planning to shoot prior to the catch...instead he reverts back to "let me see if I'm open"... then shoots it... That'll come with more drill work and good pick up in the off season..." Plan to shoot.... react to drive"  is the mindset I want all shooters to have when away from the ball.

These are all situational shots that require consistent drill work to master... Thats the goal... to master all the shots like a golfer masters...and be great at every single one... This summer our main goal was a consistent repeatable eternal release... It's done..You'll see him shoot better and better.

YMB: JLin appears to be just an average or slightly below average FT shooter for a PG. It would seem like that's one area he should be really strong in given that he gets to the line so much. Does he have any special routine for his FTs?   Any specific path to improvement? 

Doc: He should be better!  I thought his arc angle was too high a week ago (interviewed on 3/3/12)...and I reminded him about snapping his wrist and having tight rotation on the ball....and also ending his follow thru at a 45 degree angle.. Also shooting a lot of FT's RIGHT before the game and also at halftime to have a better feel when he steps to the line...He's about a 90% FT shooter in repetitive practice..but game FT shooting is different.. you have to have that 15 foot muscle memory stored and ready when you get the different intervals... He'll only get better because of his form change being a little over a year in the making!

RioFan: Is Jeremy making plans to train with the Coach again this off-season? Can Jeremy bring L. Fields along? 

Doc: Yes and I can't wait to get my hands on Landry's shot....if I get the opportunity...He has some flaws...needs a quicker jump, better rhythm,,,looser grip... wrist snap...It will be a piece of cake..

David Chang: What is your take on the outward hitch/flair that Jeremy has on his right elbow when he takes jump shots? Is it unorthodox? 

Doc: Not sure I understand what you mean...and what situation...Pull up off dribble?  As long as his hand is Behind the ball... his elbow is going to appear to look to far out because his release is slightly off his forehead


  1. Great interview. I hope that other young up-and-coming players can learn from Doc Scheppler's advice.
    Practice, form, and determination ..... not natural athleticism, is the main driver to success.

  2. No, natural athleticism is the main driver to success.

    Lin is one of the fastest, largest, and most athletic pgs in the NBA. There are a lot of guards at every level that work just as hard as Lin does but aren't able to get the same results because the athleticism is not there.

    I do not agree that Lin plays like Steve Nash. While they do play a similar role in Dantoni's system, Lin is actually a multiposition swing player who can play even against weaker 3s. He's not like Nash who lacks the size to finish at the rim or make athletic defensive plays, nor will Lin have Nash's unbelievable dexterity with the ball.

    Scheppler is indeed correct that Lin shoots better off the dribble because "that's who he was before he saw me". Lin uses that side soccer throwing jump shot motion that scored so many points for John Stockton, Isiah Thomas, and so many other great NBA players of the past. For various reasons, that kind of shot allows a player to shoot the ball properly while absorbing contact from a defender. If Lin gets away from that shot, he'll no longer be an All Star caliber player and would regress.

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