Thursday, March 8, 2012

Amazing Interview with Doc Scheppler Part Two

Ironically, Doc's Pinewood High School Girls won last night in the first round of the Norcal Div. V playoffs, led by a 5'0", Freshman, Asian-American point guard. Good luck to Coach Doc and his team the rest of the way.

Interview Part One

Interview Part Two: His shot looks much better then when he played in the D-league but his shooting percentage isn't much better. Will it just take time?  

Doc: Yes, He's only going to get better and when it becomes fully integrated in his game mindset...he'll thrive as a player. Where do you see his shooting percentages leveling off at?

Doc: I'm thinking he can be a 90% FT shooter, 50% Field goal shooter and a 40% 3 point shooter ... How was it working with him this past summer?   

Doc: A motivated learner is a dream for teacher.  He was always receptive, engaging and inquisitive...A lot of communicative sharing and fun. Everyone talks about his work ethic. Do you have anything to add to that? 

Doc: Motivation is a strong emotion.  He wants to be great... He wanted to prove people wrong... He was motivated by $$$$$.  He's motivated by winning... He always gave everything he had... Sounds like you spent considerable time with him over the summer. Can you share a little bit about Jeremy the person? Maybe a story or two that shows us something new about JLin? 

Doc: The Beat the Ghost story has been published in the NY Times and Mercury News.. Basically a shooting game when you have to get to 21 before you miss 7... You keep a running score Ghost gets 3 when you get 1 on a make.. One particular day he didn't want to move on until he beat the ghost.. an hour later and 12 games after he finally won 21-12... thats 21-25 from NBA 3.. He commented how he sucked today.  I figured out what his percentage was and it was about 71% on the day.. Yeh, you sucked all right... "Doc, i'm not into moral victories!"  I have to beat the ghost..... Or I told him of a female player (a Harvard Classmate, Liz Altmaier) who beat the ghost from college 3... 21-3...thats 21-22...I told him this in June when we were working on form shooting and standing shots.... 5 months later in November when we were warming up with our "Batting Practice Catch and shoot shots at the top of the key... He made his first 20 missed the next 1 and made the next... his comment "Damn, I wanted to beat Liz" An example of his competitiveness! We also play a Free throw game called Free throw golf... 9 alternating shots... Perfect swish-1 Made shot Par... missed shot +1.. you get an eagle for a banked free throw (but you only get one of these in your nine shots.. We had some epic battles back and forth.. As the trophy I used a badminton birdie like the Masters Green Jacket.. Whoever won that day got to keep the birdie... Seies stands Jeremy 18 Doc-14...and I want that birdie back!   We had one game that I won -8 to -7... Thats 6 perfect swishes.. 2 makes and a bank make...2 shots from perfection.. Is he planning to work with you this coming summer?  

Doc: I believe so... We haven't talked specifics but we will continue the process of Operation $$$$$$ Jumper! What other things wilyou be working on?  

Doc: I want him to be a great shooter in all situations..In other words..Hit a triple threat drive fake and shot just as easily as  a catch and shoot.  A pull back as easy as a quick pull up.  I want him to Beat the Ghost in all situations... Thats lofty....but he can and will do it! What was it like going out to NYC to see Jeremy play in person?

Doc: Surreal..It was mind boggling to see my friend at MSG...everybody loves him.. How do think he is handling all of the fame and spotlight in the Big Apple? 

Doc: I'm sure this wears on him, but he'll adjust to his status and find a comfort zone... and this mania will level off What's your thoughts on why he was overlooked at every level? 

Doc: I can go for paragraphs about all the possible reasons but it comes to being a winning basketball player....He does everything the right way...which leads to his team winning... his vision, knowledge of passing angles,deception, timing, principles of play are qualities you really have a hard time measuring with statistical data...Joe Montana and Tom Brady are perfect football examples who flew underneath the radar at so many levels of Evaluation and they are 2 of the greatest quarterbacks ever!!!!  You can't measure their intangibles

Continued in Part Three (final)


  1. I'd like to see Jeremy Lin develop:

    1) A turnaround jumper going to the left

    2) Baby hook shots with either hand going in both directions

    3) Stop and pop pullup jumpers off the dribble

    4) Bank shots from the corners off set shots

    5) A right handed George Gervin style finger roll that also serves as a teardrop floater

    1. I think he should learn to do Steve Nash style layups and floaters in the lane.
      When Steve Nash gets to the rim, he doesn't jump for layups, so the defense won't be able to time their jumps to block his shot.
      The Laker's Andrew Goudelock has a good running floater from 12 ft out, where he never leaves his feet. Such a shot is nearly impossible to block.

  2. @KHuang: I thought you were going to list things like... left hook, right jab, headbutt, elbow swing, etc. LOL

  3. I WOULD if Jeremy Lin had Micheal Ray Richardson as his personal coach this summer!

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  5. It should be noted that Doc's team hit 15 3's in their victory last night. A testament to what a great shooting coach he is! Can't wait to see how much more Jeremy can develop with his help.

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    2. You do realize that the high school basketball 3-point line is about 3 feet closer than NBA distance. And the girl's basketball is slightly smaller than the boy's basketball by about an inch.

      Not criticizing the victory, but there is a difference between the NBA and lower division basketball games.

    3. Yes, I do know the dimensions of a basketball court and ball. Neither of those have anything to do with the fundamentals of shooting, and are not relevant to what I said.

      Lower division, upper division, or NBA, find me teams that hit 15 3's in a game. You still need to know how to shoot, and that is a testament to Doc and his training

  6. Folks, the NBA maybe reviewing the foul on Jlin during the Mavs game. After seeing it, I find it hard to believe that a technical wasn't even called. If you want to send a complaint to the NBA. Here is the link:

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  8. "NBA, something has got to be done about this! Officials need to send a message to protect players, and if they missed this call by not calling a technical foul, your review office should take a hard look at the foul committed by Jason Kidd on Jeremy Lin during their game on 03/05/12. Since I watch Jeremy and follow all the Knicks games, I don't want instances like this to be the norm when guys will aggresively just do anything to take him out, flagrant or not!

    To me this foul is every bit intentional and disgusting! Something should be done to send a message to all the players that this kind of horrendous acts will not be allowed in the NBA!"

  9. I like those targets for JLin: 90% FT shooter, 50% Field goal shooter and a 40% 3 point shooter.

    Although I think 90% FT is a bit too optimistic. Larry Bird had a career 89% FT. And in his rookie year, he hit 84% FT. Rick Barry also had similar FT % stats. JLin is currently a 75% FT shooter, so realistically I think he can become a 85% FT shooter.

    Those numbers will definitely make him an All-Star as he will continue playing aggressively. The key challenge would be to lead his team to a championship. Probably not this year though.