Monday, February 20, 2012

Tim Tebow On Jeremy Lin

Tebow On Jeremy Lin - ESPN Video - ESPN


  1. LOL, it sounds like Timmy Tebow doesn't know anything about Lin, except for what was mentioned on ESPN.
    He probably isn't aware of Jeremy's religious faith, only his recent rise to stardom.


  3. Kurt Warner or Tom Brady are far better story comparisons than Tim Tebow. Warner and Brady were also overlooked and performed when they got a rare opportunity.

    Tim Tebow was a highly recruited HS athlete, won the Heisman and national championship, drafted 1st round in the NFL draft, and fans clamored for coaches to play him in college and in the pros. Tebow barely won NFL games despite playing terribly and relied on his teammates to carry him, and has no NFL throwing skills.

    Jeremy Lin is the only California HS Player of the Year ever to receive zero D-I scholarships, after he won the state championship with nobodies against Mater Dei which ended up that year sending 7 players on D-I scholarships. He brought Harvard to its best season in 50 years but went undrafted by the NBA. He was cut twice by NBA teams that never gave him a fair chance, and almost cut a 3rd time before the Knicks got supremely desperate and actually played him more than 5 minutes. Finally, Jeremy Lin is playing amazing and putting up huge numbers and has NBA superstar point guard skills, so he's the anti-Tebow.

  4. Deadspin asked the question "Who is the black Jeremy Lin?" They answered their own question with "Gilbert Arenas".

    I disagree. Arenas played D1 basketball under Lute Olson at the University of Arizona and was drafted in the 2nd round. That makes him more valued than Lin.

    In truth, the "black Jeremy Lin" played briefly in the NBA but was mainly an ABA superstar in the 1970s. That would be 4th round NBA and ABA undrafted NAIA point guard James Silas who went to a tiny school, was waived by the Rockets (like Lin), and became one of the greatest point guards ever to play the game.

    Most of what I know about Silas comes out of the book "Loose Balls" about the ABA. Silas is now a Spurs legend who has called himself a cross between Sam Cassell and Baron Davis. Like Lin, Silas was a 4th quarter superman and immediately made a impact on the pro level in his first starts.

    The ABA Spurs discovered Silas in an ABA vs NBA exhibition against the Houston Rockets. Supposedly Silas dominated for one quarter and then never played for the Rockets again. So the Spurs grabbed him and immediately found out that Silas was a star.

    Other than Silas, I cannot think of another player of any color who dominated the NBA without being a highly recruited D1 player.