Friday, February 24, 2012

Some Postgame Thoughts

I'm sure that jlinfan#1 will post here with some thoughts of his own following our trip to Orlando. Right now, we're sitting in the airport killing 4 hours before our flight back to the Bay Area.

Here are my thoughts/reactions to the game:

1. JLin's style of play is not suited for the all-star type game. He is a traditional point guard whose strengths, in part, lie in executing a system. In the all-star games, there is no system. Hence the 25 minute "practice" in the morning. Is doesn't mean that JLin is a bad player. But, for example, this is the type of format that Rubio excels in. Rubio can use his creativity to do some really fun stuff.

2. In my pre-game notes, I commented on the fact that Steve Kerr, who was one of the Team Shaq coaches, had specifically called out that this would be JLin's 3rd game in 3 nights (of course it was Landry's also). We were wondering therefore how much time JLin would get. It's a balancing act, recognizing that the game itself doesn't mean much but that there are fans who want to see certain of their favorite players play. Personally, I would have liked to have seen JLin play more. But he didn't play that well (see comment #1 above) so perhaps that was also a reason for the reduced minutes.

3. The funniest moment of the night was the Kiss Cam. If you watched the game, you know what I'm talking about (unless they didn't show it on TV).

4. I'm really impressed with both Rubio and Irving. Looking forward to some good matchups between JLin and them in the years to come. Should be fun.

5. The media's focus on JLin is unfathomable. Even David Stern commented today (or was it yesterday) that the attention on JLin has exceeded what Jordan faced. Nthere were so many members of the media wanting access to Jeremy, it was crazy. Seeing it in person blew me away. It is a much bigger phenomenon than I had understood.

6. Keep in mind that JLin is essentially a rookie with 11 games started under his belt. He will improve as he has done at each level of his career. I fully expect some ups and downs but I think he will grow from them and will end up having a very successful NBA career barring unforeseen injury).


  1. I think Lin normally plays just fine in All Star outings.

    In summer charity exhibitions, Lin scores from outside and dunks every now and then. He definitely would have played better if he wasn't so fatigued.

    I am looking forward to seeing how Lin does next season with a guaranteed contract, training camp, and a team that considers him part of the gameplan. He was the only player on either team who had none of those things one month ago.

    1. The fatigue excuse is iffy. Yes, he was coming of playing two nights in a row, but it's not like he played 40 minutes each game. He was fresh enough to go out there, get into a uniform, and play. Blake Griffin has to play in the All-Star Game on Sunday. I didn't see him using fatigue as an excuse. Lin just flat out wasn't trying at all and seemed passive again. Steve Kerr noticed this and told him to take a seat.

      I'm really anxious to see how Lin plays against Cleveland and Kyrie Irving. Let's hope this Miami game didn't mess him up mentally.

    2. But in the grand scheme of things, this little All Star thing doesn't mean anything. It's not real basketball, which Lin excels at. However, so many people came to see him and they didn't get their money's worth.

    3. I'm sure Lin's mind was willing but his body wasn't.

      Besides, Blake Griffin doesn't get double or triple teamed on every play. Nor does he have to create for teammates. People aren't targeting Griffin they way they target Lin. Simply put, Blake Griffin does not have it anywhere as hard as Lkn does.

      Lin should be commended for going out there even when his body failed him. He knows that people have paid to see him. Yesterday WAS his best effort, but his body shut down.

      Basketball players are not computer programs that keep on going no matter what. They are humans who get run down. It's that simple.

  2. The plan was to only play Griffin and Lin 5 minutes each half from the start. Lin wasn't taking the game serious and was just moving the ball around.

  3. Lin didn't take the game seriously? Are you kidding me???

    His parents were in the stands. There is no way he'd blow this game off if he had energy to spare.

    I am not Lin, but I have played enough basketball to know not to play my regular game if my body is too tired to do it.

    Lin was ineffective. He deserved to be benched. But he shouldn't be taunted for putting on a brave face and hobbling onto the court when he could have been resting.

  4. some of you guys are over analyzing everything...

    from nba's main site:

    Lin explained he asked for limited minutes because "I didn't want to play a back-to-back-to-back" -- meaning two games with the Knicks and then the Rising Stars -- but it went deeper than that.

    Careful about the cult following he has generated in a short time, Lin simply didn't want to show up the other players, most of them young and eager to create a buzz for themselves. Besides, two weeks ago Lin wasn't even on the radar for this game, designed to showcase the league's up-and-comers.

    nothing to do with being "ineffective" and "not trying at all" and "not getting their money's worth." I'm looking at you TVN.

  5. Thank you ntt. Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill. Or is it just some trying to find anything to rag on Jeremy about.

  6. It was pretty obvious just from watching the game.. Jeremy was just enjoying a pickup ball game at his own relaxed pace.

    He knows he doesn't need to show out as he knows it's just a pickup game that's part of the "festivities" as he put it.

  7. I know many Lin fans were disappointed in the lack of minutes and show, but I think this was a smart and classy move by Lin. Classy to take a back seat to the other Rising Stars who weren't backdoored in. Smart to save his energy for the rest of the season, and also calm the hype down. If he keeps getting all the media headlines, every team's going to be gunning for the Knicks, it's doing the entire team a disservice. He showed maturity by not getting caught up in Linsanity, and willing to disappoint fans in one exhibition game in order to perform better in games that count.