Monday, February 13, 2012

SJ Mercury News Exclusive on JLin & His Faith

JLin talks about waiting for an opportunity to play and the role of his faith in the process:


  1. one of the few positive articles on jlin for the bay area. damn the bay area media must have some sour grapes. lol

  2. What a great message for those going through difficult times and disappointments. Romans 8:28!!

  3. This is the true Jeremy that we love, genuine and is grounded in his faith.

    I was reading this article w tears. What a testimony! I will continue to pray for him. There are more battles waiting for him in the future. He has passed the 1st test and learned to trust God. By God's grace and mercy, he will press on and win all the battles.

    If the door to play as a starting point guard for Knicks was opened by God, no one can close it!

  4. Go JL. This is why we support him from the beginning. Go Jeremy.

  5. To the admin: congratulations for this great info page about JLin. A bit of constructive criticism: please fix the links when you paste web addresses so we can just click on them! ;)


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