Friday, February 24, 2012

More from the shoot around

JLin received the loudest ovation by far and has already been interviewed a couple of times while no other player from Team Shaq has been interviewed.

Steve Kerr said that he wouldn't "give away any secrets" to Team Shaq's "strategy" although he joked that they were going to "slow it down."


Kerr did mention that the Knicks had played the last two nights and so they were going to be conscious of that fact.

Gotta think JLin gets some decent time, though, given the fan interest.

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  1. i actually think JLIN is gonna come out of this All Star break better and stronger and with a much better rapport with all his peers. He'll get to see all the different personalities and the speeds and style of play of the BEST of the NBA. this is exactly what he needs to become NEXT LEVEL. and when he gets there, we'll all be witnesses