Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lin-Sanity Seven @ 7

JLin takes and tidbits. We have some really deep and insightful videos and articles today:

1.  This ESPN interview with Rachel Nichols actually brought tears to my eyes:

2.  Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless takes on:

Jeremy Lin Ethnic Sensitivity - YouTube

3.  More on race and ethnicity:

Knicks' Jeremy Lin holds mirror up to America -

4.  Jeremy and Religion:

Jeremy Lin emerges as emblem of burgeoning Asian-American Christianity – CNN Belief Blog - Blogs

5.  Jeremy On Back To Back SI Covers:

6.  Jeremy is back in the top ten of John Hollinger's Player Efficiency Rating (PER), which is one of the most thorough NBA statistical ratings systems currently in use. I believe JLin will slowly climb into the top 5 of the rankings as the season moves along. Note that the only PG's ahead of Lin are Derrick Rose and Chris Paul:

Hollinger's NBA Player Stats - ESPN Insider - National Basketball Association - ESPN

7.  The Knicks play back to back starting tonight against the Hawks. Thursday nights game at Miami will likely be the most watched regular season game of all time. I'm confident that we will see Jeremy playing at an MVP level as they take on LeBron, DWade, and the red hot Heat! I can't wait!


  1. For people who can't watch the first video (due to not being in the US) here's another link:

  2. thanks JLinfan#1. i just got spotted tickets to tonight's game against the hawks. imma scream til my lungs pop...then imma hand gesture my support for our boy #17 JLIN. can we rename him "the godfather"?

  3. I'm calling it right now. At the post-game conference tonight, the lady reporter from ETTODAY will ask Jlin, "Jeremy, very good game tonight. Can you let us know if you wear boxer or brief, or boxer-brief?"

    Everyone on this site and *Facepalm*

    1. Actually, as embarrassed as I have been of her questions.. I'm kinda looking forward to what she's going to ask next, lol

    2. I'm waiting for TMZ, Entertainment Tonight, and Extra! to start showing up Knicks' post-game conferences to ask about J-Lin's love life, now that the Kim Kardashian rumor turned out to be false.

    3. Dammit, the girl didn't ask any questions! lol. Maybe she read our complaints.

      But there's a new sheriff in town! The Korean dude asked how he balances school and athletics. Wtf?? Do they not realize it's a POSTGAME interview?? Oh my. I vote no more foreign reporters, please.

      Well at least it makes the interviews entertaining, though. Embarrassing, but entertaining.

  4. Lin is now at 210 lbs. Which makes sense given that he was 200 lbs last year and look like he added more muscle this year. According to his trainer, he is faster and jumps higher even with the extra weight. (Too bad he didn't say what his vertical was, any guesses? My guess would be 32 in.)

    1. Don't tell Floyd Mayweather. He'll accuse Jlin of using steroids since he thinks it's impossible to maintain or increase strength when gaining weight

  5. Here's a cool article that talks about ESPN's "accidental racism" and the situation of Asian Americans in general.

    Jeremy Lin and ESPN’s 'Accidental' Racism

  6. This is a pretty good article on the Asian-American identity:

  7. Another game another new challenge. (May be another stupid question from the "not so good" reporter.) JL seems to be capable of making adjustments after adjustments to get better.

    Nets sets lots of screens for DW on offense, and also packs the middle on defense. They dared Knicks to make the outside shots which they did not, so the middle got even more packed. The much needed "spacing" to the Knicks offense are gone.

    Let's hope it domes not become the formula that will prevent the Knicks from getting deep into the playoff. Godspeed Jeremy!

  8. lin is not just a good basketball player but he's a revolutionist. he's doing something that has never been done by an asian american male before. he's changing stereotypes and he's bringing out the concealed racism and hatred against asians from other people (whites/blacks) to light. the backlash and reaction from the asian american community from that offensive tweet and espn headline was only a small step in the right direction. we as asian american males still have a long way to go. hopefully lin has inspired us to go out there and make a difference for our asian communities and to follow our dreams regardless of race.

  9. I thought Jeremy played extremely well today. He was orchestrating and doing exactly what the team needed him to do at the time. Driving/Shooting when the offense got stuck, creating easy basket for teammates, and slowed down the tempo when teammates got too rowdy. In his earlier games I wrote how Lin gotta learn how to delegate the responsibility to his teammates and it's ok to conserve his energy on the court. He did just that today.

    Tonight was actually the first game since his outburst that he didn't record a career high in any category (in Sac game he dished 13 dimes, the loss to NJ he grabbed 7 boards).

    The Knicks as a whole may be a bit too young and energized to play with a lead. It's frustrating to watch careless basketball during periods of the game when they had double digit leads. The team at current status looked more like a young up&coming team over a battle-tested contender. Like Jeremy said in the post-game conference, they gotta be more consistence throughout the season to avoid getting a win against tough opponents and then losing to a team with poor record the next game.

    The funny thing is that the most erratic players recently were Baron Davis and JR Smith, the so-called veterans of the team. However, they are exactly the type of spark the Knicks sorely lacked off the bench. Their addition, along with Melo's game and mentality to sacrifice for the team, have been invaluable in the long run. Doubters (including myself) can ease up now.

    Ease what? Knowing Jeremy in big games, how many of us can wait at ease to witness the game against James, Wade, and the Heat!!!