Monday, February 20, 2012

Knicks vs Nets Post Game

Jeremy is gonna get everyones best shot, every night. Deron looked like he was playing game 7 of the NBA finals and went off tonight. Even though Jeremy had a very good stat line (21 pts, 9 assists, 7 reb, 4 stls, 3 TOs), the team was out of sync with Melo back and no Shumpert. No worries here though, as it'll take some time to work out the kinks.

If you don't have the NBA League Pass, you gotta get it. These Knicks games are so intense as everyone is trying to stop the Lin-Sanity. Too bad we had to hear the Nets announcers and their constant whining of "Jeremy can't go left". It had to be repeated at least 25-30 times. I'm also getting sick of the "its the system" excuse as to why Jeremy is setting all these statistical records. Another common excuse is "this is the first time we saw him play, now we have the scouting report on him". This may be true but how about these reasons that Jeremy could use but won't:

1.  It's the first time he's ever played in the game with Melo and most of these players together at the same time. He didn't practice once with Tyson before playing in a game with him. Same with Stat.

2.  The amount of minutes he's played in his career, it's like he's a rookie in his 20th game.

3.  He is seeing all of these defenses for the first time and they are putting their best defender on him and game planning to stop him like he is Lebron.

4.  Deron Williams is a career .35 % 3 point shooter, he was 8-14 tonight. He got hot and there was no hedging from the Knicks bigs off of the screen to help. Makes no sense from a coaching standpoint.

5.  He had a knee operation this past summer so is probably only about 85-90% full strength.

6.  The Knicks are just a horrendous team without him. Once he is off the floor, it's just one on one. They need him to be on the floor 40+ minutes.

7.  He's not getting any DWade type calls yet.


  1. he'll never get d wade type calls

    he's still asian and this league hasn't changed yet

    Clearly, people are still racist about jeremy lin, as shown by the announcers saying "we got a scouting report on him ohohoho.. shut him down now"

    they seem to forget that jeremy lin can still adjust and change to demolish them next time, the dude is only 23 years old.

    Dam haters just mad cause jeremy has a harvard degree and a NBA contract

    1. Tyson Chandler had a great quote after Sunday's game:

      “I was talking to them before the game and they were saying they had an answer for Lin,” said Knicks center Tyson Chandler, who played for the Mavs last season, “I guess they were dead wrong on their scouting report.”


  2. "6. The Knicks are just a horrendous team without him. Once he is off the floor, it's just one on one. They need him to be on the floor 40+ minutes."

    I feel so too. D'Antoni hardly calls any play so it's really up to the point guy to create.

    On the playing time. There was once Mo Rivera had already closed out 2 consecutive nights and the Yankees were up by one in the 9th no out 1 man on first with a red hot slugger Zimmerman on deck. Torre didn't go to Mo and Zimmerman hit a walk-off HR.

    In post-game, Mo said he was ready "but I only think of one game and Joe thinks of the season."

    D'Antoni had to let Davis getting some burn in order for him to integrate into a better back-up PG in the future.

  3. "7. He's not getting any DWade type calls yet."

    That's very true. A lot of the calls he got vs. Dallas Mavericks that sent him to the FT line, he was not getting vs. Hornets and Nets. Greivis Vasquez put him into a choke hold from behind, and the ref called a jump ball tie up.

    It all depends on who the officiating crew is going to be. Sometimes they try to give the team with lower records more whistles in their favor to make the game more even and "interesting".

  4. A few comments:

    1 I wish people STOP expecting or demanding J. Lin to win all his games - if the opposing team played well or played better, please give those teams their deserved credit, i.e. those wins are not a failure on Lin's part as in these events are independent of each other. Also, Lin experienced positive standard deviation in his first few games (partly because IMHO the Asian stereotype worked in Lin's favor). Lin who is an expert in math knows the concept of the Large of Large Numbers, i.e. one approaches the expectations as the number of random trials increase, respectively. Lin had a great run and is already in the record books so please expecting him to win every game and STOP making excuses when he doesn't win.

    2. People should understand the concept called "Deliberate Practice." Lin is given a wonderful opportunity at deliberate practice -- he is given a chance to grow by challenging the best and brightest the NBA has. Lin's detractors look at Lin's turnovers, what I see is deliberate practice, what I see is Lin continuing to attack the basket, challenging his opponents, falling to the ground, getting up, and doing it again, again, and again. This is a type of education he can't get anywhere else.

    3. What is the right way to judge Lin's performance? The golden rule has been to judge his actual results versus his potential, i.e. his shooting percentage, the number of his assists, his production or the number of 4Q points in close games, i.e things that are in his control. As stated earlier, the law of large numbers will kick in as Lin plays more games and it should be clear the value of his contribution due to his skill.

    1. I don't expect JLin to win all of his games. I gave DWill credit, he was on fire from 3. I gave you facts and my opinions, not excuses. The excuses are from the media and NBA players who can't explain or don't want to admit that this guy is dominating like no other point guard ever at the start of their career. Also, he is #9 in PER in the NBA. Basically, his stats say he is currently the 3rd highest rated point guard in the NBA. These are actual results. I don't know what you're complaining about.

    2. When Lin wins, you treat him like he's super-human, and when he loses, you either get quiet or focus (as in this article) on excuses. Your actions speak louder than your black characters on white space.

    3. Lin doesn't need excuses.

      Once again, he played like an MVP. The Knicks got burned by one of the best players in the NBA. There's no shame in that.

      ALL great players get the garbage as well as the glory. Jeremy Lin has gotten mainly garbage throughout his career. Now he gets the glory too and we fans are excited.

      I love the fact that opponents all want a shot at him. The NBA is the ultimate meritocracy and guys who earn the right to be talked about do so by proving themselves against the best. Jeremy Lin has become an elite NBA star not just from his own amazing effort, but from opponents giving him their best shot.

      I don't know about other people, but to me Lin IS superhuman. I am utterly in awe of his consistent basketball greatness. Even other NBA players are in awe of Lin just like us.

      As far as the Knicks winning or losing goes, the troubling thing for me is Amare Stoudemire. He seems to have lost the physical explosiveness that he once had in Phx. To me, Stoudemire looked more athletic last year and that was before Lin was even on the team. The Suns saw this coming and let him walk despite taking tons of flak for it. For Stoudemire to br effective, he is going to have to do the "Karl Malone" and start to really develop his outside jumper, post moves in either direcion, and defensive footwork. That will take backbreaking work, something that Stoudemire is not afraid of. Lin is going to do his consistent thing whether the team wins or loses, but it's on Stoudemire to expand his game for the Knicks to win.

      This is a Jeremy Lin fan site. He is our hero, win or lose. We believed in him when he was a DNP, and we really believe in him now that he's lost to NO and NJ. We are not ashamed to be loud about it either!

  5. I believe Lin will get DWill back... He is willing to accept the challenge and if Melo wasn't playing Lin and DWill would be dueling it out for sure...

  6. Agree that League Pass is money well spent. About the game, it's ironic that the Knicks were searching for a backup point guard because that still seems to be a problem. Baron Davis didn't look effective, his wrap around showboat pass cost the team points. Hopefully, he'll get better and accept his backup role. They really missed Shumpert, he is a great one on one defender. Jeremy could be effective too but the team can't afford to risk him getting too many fouls. That was a problem yesterday. With Shump out, Jeremy guarded Williams and was effective, but did eventually foul out.

  7. I saw the whole game too. The problem was DWill got wide open 3ball looks because Anthony and Amare are terrible rotating on D to defend against picks. Most of those points were not on Lin.
    Also, Amare is a terrible rebounder, he either can't jump anymore (like KG) or is lazy.

  8. please nobody panic. D'antoni purposefully introduced 3 "new" players to the "system" against the lowly nets who either a) just came back from injury, b) hasn't played at all this season until yesterday, c) just came off a plane from china. Dwill STILL had to drop 38 on the knicks for the nets to win by single digits. I wasn't as impressed with the nets overall performance like the media is squawking all over the place. the nets got the win because of a CAREER night from Dwill, and confusion on the defensive end by the knicks. Not to mention their offense was out of sync also. I'm not worried about amare's explosiveness, or teams roughing up jlin, or melo's rust. I'm more excited about how, when this team can get some practice in, will be able to take it to all the top ranked teams EVERY NIGHT. Lest we forget, whenever you have a situation where BARON DAVIS is your BACKUP POINT GUARD, i'd say you're sitting pretty. One thing to note, we need to stop with the technical fouls, and we definitely need to not foul 3 point shooters. OH, and HIT YOUR DAMN FREE THROWS!!!!

    ...jeremy lin for president 2012

  9. jeremy will not be getting d wade calls yet because he is asian but the more he plays like going around the league, the league's refs will see lin more and he will get those calls. lin is a star player and the refs will always give stars those calls soon.