Sunday, February 19, 2012

Knicks vs Mavs NBATV Highlights

That's Jeremy's mom celebrating after the throw down dunk!


  1. I missed the second half of the game. Is there anywhere I can catch a replay of the whole game?

  2. espn will replay it at night.

    also lin had 5 steals. he's always been a great defender and i don't get how people say this guy can't play defense.

    1. His defense intensity has gone down since he's begun to play 35+ per, OF COURSE. But that's also when he's exposed to the spotlight, but he still plays with a mindset where he thinks he can recover fast enough on help-defense, resulting in quite a few near-non-contested 3s on the wing. His quick hands are still here, but he's not playing suffocating D like there's no tomorrow anymore.

    2. If I were D-Antoni, I'd be ordering Lin to not guard any harder than he already is.

      The Knicks are a top 10 defensive team despite D-Antoni's incorrect reputation as a coach who doesn't emphasize defense. Besides, the only time an opponent got the better of the Knicks was NO where Lin nearly led the Knicks to victory anyway.

      I am also of the old school mindset that Jeremy Lin's defenders are not capable of exerting full offensive effort since they get worn out trying to stop him. Often the best defense is a good offense.

      Jeremy Lin could instantly become the best perimeter defender in the NBA if he was asked to. Of course, he'd end up shutting himself down too!

    3. Lin can't gamble as much with his defense anymore (last year he was among the league leaders in steals/min) b/c D'Antoni probably won't let him -- can't risk letting him get into foul trouble anymore.


  4. well he cant do everything, hes not on the court for his defensive presence. hes on there to score and orchestrate the offense, to put it quite simple.

  5. Wongfu productions made this hilarious video regarding the negative effect that Lin is having on couples.

  6. File this under "how do you like me now?"

    It seems Jason Terry wasn't too impressed with JLin before the Knicks game against Dallas.

    I wonder what his opinion is now--after Lin just put up the most complete game of the season in beating the defending champs.

    Terry not impressed with Lin

  7. Jeremy was always, and still, a great defender. Non-stat things like knocking balls loose, deflecting balls, stopping layups by putting hand on ball to cause a jump ball and slapping the ball against his opponent to cause out of bounds. All these turnovers won't show up in the score sheet.

  8. When Carmelo Anthony comes back, Linsanity will only increase.

    Against the Mavs, Lin was "guarded" mainly by Shawn Marion. "Guarded" is in quotation marks because Lin got 27 and 14 on Marion who is possibly the best non ref assisted defender in the entire NBA. Even with double and triple teams, Lin shredded the Mavs defense.

    Had Carmelo Anthony played this game, Marion would be guarding Anthony instead of Lin. That would mean that Dallas would have to guard Lin with Kidd who cannot stop Lin. The only other player I've seen that could turn the great Jason Kidd into a defensive liability was Michael Jordan who wasn't even a pass first point guard like Lin.

    I am terribly excited about Carmelo joining Lin. I think Carmelo is going to put the Knicks over the top the way Mark Aguirre put the Detroit Pistons into championship contention.

    I am salivating over the tag team tussle of Linsanity vs the "Decisionmakers" over there in Miami.

  9. Oh yeah.

    Take that, Dallas!

    Even though Dallas deserves HUGE kudos for being the ONLY team to offer Lin a Summer League 2010 spot on their team, they failed to realize his value.

    Donnie Nelson wanted Lin to miss the 2010-2011 NBA season by playing for his D League Texas Legends. Instead, Lin wisely opted for Golden State where only Keith Smart's stoneheadness kept Lin off the NBA court.

    Lin had to endure playing with Dominique Jones and Rodrigue Beaubois. Jones played like a lottery pick during summer league and the horribly overrated Beaubois just ran the team into the ground with selfish poor shooting no defense play. Even NCAA superstars Lin and Omar Samhan couldn't erase Beaubois's consistently poor play.

    The Mavs would be a much tougher team had they kept Lin and Samhan (who played better than backup Mavs C Ian Mahinmi in Summer League). For sure, Samhan would beat out erratic starting C Brendan Haywood.

    So though the Mavs deserve credit for giving Lin a chance, they also need to take the fall for giving up on him.

  10. Don't miss Jeremy Lin's postgame comments on the Knicks Win vs. Mavs!

  11. on Jason Terry's comments that Lin is product of system. The system doesn't give you the ability to finish at the rim with contact. The system does help you nail crucial buckets. The system doesn't come up with steals. Is the season over yet? 'cuz I can't wait people to shut up about Lin - Lin just has to do it for the rest of this year. finish the year at 19 and 7.5 would solidify it. Next year he'll be at 20 and 8 easily and get voted in to the a starter. Deserving? probably not, but it's a fan vote so oh well.