Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Knicks vs Cavs Post Game Thoughts

Except for Jeremy, the whole Knick team stunk it up in the first half. They showed up in the second half and ended up pulling away at the end of the game for a 120-103 victory. Kyrie Irving was very impressive for the Cavs and looks like a lock for ROY. Jeremy had a very good game as well and could have easily gotten 20 assists. He also keeps getting hit across the face with no calls.

Pretty funny how some Bay Area Media still questioning if Jeremy is a starter down the road. By the way, nice road win by the Warriors at the ATL but dnp for Jenkins. Also, forget the talk about this is Melo's team. The Knicks are Jeremy's team. Melo needs to give Jeremy his number 7.

Jeremy Lin Kyrie Irving
Points 19 22
Assists 13 7
Turnovers 1 4
Plus Minus +13 -19
Draft Position Undrafted 2010 Draft #1 2011 Draft
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Here's a link to the highlights.

From - JLin postgame interview giving well deserved credit to the 2nd team:

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  1. Solid outing from Jeremy. Turnovers were definitely not an issue here. Those tough games against better teams make him that much better against other lesser teams because he now prepared for the toughest pressures.

    He is definitely the face of the franchise right now. Even more exciting is how the whole team is improving. The second unit with more time playing each other can easily blow opposing teams' second units out of the water!

  2. longer highlights

  3. Jeremy Lin has found his role on this Knicks team. He no longer has to score on every other possession. He can distribute the ball to team mates. But he needs to stay aggressive, and be looking to score in order to free up his team mates and give them open looks.

    Also, did anyone else notice that Lin's 3-point jump shot has regressed to his previous bad form ?
    Jumping too high on the shot, and releasing the ball high above his head, instead of in front of the face. Resulting in the ball going too long and bouncing off the back rim.

    Lots of work to be done on his jump shooting form.

    1. Well said. Having Davis in the rotation is critical to Lin's min on the bench. He is also pacing himself much better for the length of the season, as least by the look of this game. I guess those gased-out legs really taught him a lesson there.

      For the benefit of the Knicks, I still feel that they are most efficient offensively with Lin being the attacker, leading to either of the following 3: 1) Strong finish at the rim (and1), 2) low-post feed for a dunk, and 3) dish out for a 3 on the perimeter. This is like bread and butter for Lin all his life. I'm not saying it's the play everytime down the court, Lin will breakdown physically doing that, but if they're playing some unmistakable opponents, Lin's ability to breakdown the double team would be the key.

  4. Lin shut down Irving in the 2nd half... Awesome production numbers by Lin and the only player to put those type numbers is DRose...

  5. He played well despite having a bloody nose and 2 cotton balls up his nose which I'm sure impeded on breathing normally. His stats would've been higher!

  6. racist refs. lin should start complaining about them internally. it's not fair when the other teams are getting cheap shots borderline flagrant fouls not called because he's asian.

  7. Mark this up as another premier NBA PG that Lin has outplayed. I saw some lazy/ignorant media recaps that Irving and Lin fared evenly--they probably just looked the points 22 vs 19. But Lin only took 12 shots, whereas Irving took 18. And the 13:1 A/TO ratio is way better than Irving's 7:4 ratio.