Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Knicks @ Heat Pre-Game Warm Up

Can't believed we missed this one. Kobe and JLin, are you freaking kidding me? This vid is just flat out sic. Should be another one in the making with LeBron, DWade, and JLin Thursday night in South Beach!

ESPN Insider Tom Haberstroh's Tweets:

LeBron James on tomorrow: "I know I'm going to end up guarding Lin at some point".

Someone paid about $10,000 for a ticket to Knicks vs. Heat tomorrow night.

LeBron on Thursday vs. Knicks: "It's gonna be electrifying"

NY Post's Marc Berman on Sulia writes:

Jeremy Lin on facing LeBron James, who claimed he may defend him some. "In terms of matchups, LeBron is a great player and great defender," Lin said. "We just have to be aggressive and not change anything on my end. This is a good opportunity to build momentum into the All-Star Break. It's a big game."

Another great article on Jeremy and his faith:

Oh yeah, the Knicks beat the Hawks 99 to 82. JLin with 17 pts and 9 dimes: will be out in Orlando for the Rising Stars Game on Friday! So right after the Heat game, stay tuned for exclusive JLin news and interviews.


  1. a shout out to my korean and singaporean brothers and SISTAS in the media...can we please ask Jeremy some INTELLIGENT questions during the post game interview? I mean, you flew your butts all the way from asia to ask him 2 questions and the best you can come up with is "how do you balance school with athletics?". Come on...have some dignity

  2. yeah, that question embarrassed me as a Korean American. but to his credit, he said they took a poll, and those were the questions that the public voted on. *shakes head* I think I should be more embarrassed that it's all of korea and not just that one journalist. :-P

    1. Well, I think we can all be a little forgiving here.

      In Asia, it's common for people to ask questions about the past using a present tense for the person in front of them. I've gotten so use to it that I myself do it on occasion!

      Culturally, the question from Korea can also be interpreted like this: "You have a lot of admirers that want to follow in your footsteps. How do you SUGGEST they balance school and athletics?" At least that's how my Asian raised brain hears the question.

      I see nothing wrong with the interviewer's question, awkward as it may sound to American ears.

    2. Yeah, I would give the Korean guy a break, he HAD to raise that question since it's the result of a national poll. He could had put it better as KHuang said, but seriously speaking, Jeremy has answered similar question before in various interviews. If I were the organizer in Korean, I definitely would had played Jeremy's interview video on television and run a different question from the poll.

      If we think back from that "no good team" question raised by the Taiwanese journalist, the core of the question was actually quite decent; that's exactly the problem the Knicks as a team has faced during the run. She just didn't construct a well-polished sentence for it.

      I still think it's ETTODAY's fault for putting a non-basketball journalist in an NBA conference room.

  3. Lebron James often gets put on scoring pgs in the 4th quarter.

    However, the Knicks have Carmelo Anthony who is the only player in the NBA that Lebron has to guard. Leaving Melo to guard Lin could result in Melo going off.

    Dwayne Wade will also see some coverage of Lin. However, Landry Fields is starting to play more assertively. The Knicks need aggression from the 2 guard opposite Lin.

    This game is bigger than the All Star Game for.both teams.

  4. you know spoelstra got the tapes from all of jeremy's 9 games and he had an extra day to prepare a game plan against our knicks. THIS IS GONNA BE EPIC.

  5. Jeremy just needs to play solid tonight...obviously the Heat will come after him with everything. Lebron will want to block his shot to the 5th row, Dwade will want to take him off the dribble or dunk on him and even Mario Chalmers will be poking at the ball all night long to try to rip him. Jeremy just needs to hold his own and rely on his superstar teammates to carry the offensive load (Melo needs to go for 25+ and Amare needs a double double) or the Heat will blow Knicks out. YOu know the Heat are pumped for this game, they had extra day of rest and they want to teach Linsanity a Lesson. Gonna be tough for them tonight but Knicks can win if they get all star play from Anthony, Amare and solid play from Lin and Chandler. I think though Knicks will have hard time against NBA best team - Heat win by 20? Jeremy goes for 10 points, 7 assists and 4 To's. Lebron puts up 30 and Dwade puts up 30..they are motivated by the lack of media attention for their season because of Linsanity and will take it out on Knicks and Jeremy Lin.

    1. Having said this, Jeremy does know how to rise to the occasion of a big game. He could surprise us again and reach deep for a game of his life here. I just wish the Heat players had disrespected him in media like Kobe had done or Mayweather. Jeremy is a competitive pit bull out there and will attack if he feels disrespected (i.e. 38 on Kobe)but there's no edge her tonight as Lebron and Wade singing praises about Lin. Oh man it will be great theater tonight no matter what happens. Maybe Jeremy gets a double tech with Lebron????

    2. Jeremy Lin said that he's excited to play the Heat. He needs no more motivation.