Monday, February 13, 2012

JLin & Racism

Check out this article:

Here is Jason Whitlock's apology:

Is that sufficient? Tell us what you think!


  1. I was going to post a comment about how insensitive/ racist Whitlocks' Tweet was, perhaps even more so after learning that Whitlock is an African American.

    But... in all seriousness, Lin is 6'3, 200 pounds (can't believe I'm writing about this), and is probably quite well-equipped downstairs.

    I'm sick of this stereotype.

    Thank you for adding fuel to the fire Mr Whitlock.
    Can't wait for 6-0 against Toronto.


    *if any of you are upset or discouraged by this, don't be - this guy is a joke.

  2. I had no idea Jason Whitlock was an expert on Asian male anatomy.

    ANGRY ASIAN MAN has few things to say about this as well.

  3. Now this guy owes an apology to Tiger Woods who is Asian American too. I guess he thinks Tiger is small down there just like Lin.

    I am enjoying watching this utterly racist comedian make an utter fool of himself. He is a good punching bag for guys like me who ENJOY beating on racists physically and otherwise.

    With racists like Whitlock, the worst punishments usually are self administered.


    too funny


    "Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he's Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don't get the same praise."

    -Floyd Mayweather

    How bout that for more racism...

    1. Is this the same boxer mayweather who's too afraid to face Manny pachiano? Who happens to be Asian btw

    2. I believe it is the same one. lmao. I want him to tell me which "player" lead his team to a 6 game winning streak and outscored Kobe (leading scorer in the NBA)

  6. Floyd should be the Knicks GM.

    Then he can look in the D league for undrafted black players who won state high school titles, went to the Ivy League, dominated Summer League, dominated the D.league, led the NBA in PER in limited minutes, and then amassed more points and assists in his first games as a starter than any player of ANY color since 1976.

    Sure! There are black/white/green/blue players that do that every night. Uh huh.

    My advice to racists like Mayweather: The next person who embarrasses you might be an Asian.

  7. Speaking of racism, check out what Floyd Mayweather said about JLin:

    Floyd Mayweather Accused Jeremy Lin of Taking Steroid and Racist Remark
    by: Benny Tompkin

    In the recent trip to Las Vegas, I caught up with pound for pound Floyd Mayweather to talk about his favorite sports besides boxing, basketball! What transpired is racist tirade and ped accusation of Asian Sensation Jeremy Lin.

    Ben Tompkin- What do you think of Jeremy Lin

    Floyd Maweather- Who?

    Ben Tompkin- The New York Knicks Point guard who's taken the world in storm the past week.

    Floyd Mayweather- It’s just so crazy that a guy can pop up out of nowhere and become such an amazing basketball player. A guy like Lebron and Kobe has been doing it since the early 2000s, dominating the sport and beating the best out there. This guy just popped up out of nowhere and people are trying to say he’s on the level of a Kobe and Lebron, when They've been dominating and doing this for almost 10 years now. it’s just so crazy that a guy can just pop up out of nowhere and become such an amazing basketball player.

    Ben Tomkins- Do you think Kobe or Lebron feel threaten?

    Floyd Mayweather- As soon as they come off vacation, They’re going to cook that little yellow chump. They ain’t worried about that. So they ain’t gotta worry about playing against a midget. Once they kick the midget ass, I don’t want you all to jump on their dick. So you all better get on the bandwagon now. … Once they stomp the midget, They’ll make that mother f—– make me a sushi roll and cook me some rice

    Ben Tomkins- Is there a possibility Jeremy Lin in on steroids?

    Floyd Mayweather- No no not at all. All I am saying is that before Jeremy Lin can play against Kobe or Lebron, he must take the test. It's that simple. If you're the best take the test

  8. first of all that is a stupid stereotype perpetuated by the racist hollywood media. good for asians standing up to this trash and racist. it's NOT ok to continually degrade an ethnic group and make it seems ok to do so in a public forum. he should be fired.

    for floyd this is not because lin is only asian. he doesn't realize lin is the first asian american to have this much of an impact in the nba. blacks broke their color barrier a long time ago and they had their time. now lin is doing it as an asian american setting the trail for future asian american athletes.

    also isn't floyd too scraed to face an asian? lol

  9. That's pathetically funny.

    I am enjoying watching Floyd beat himself. He's beating himself even worse than he beats the mother(s) of his children.

    Unfortunately for Floyd, Lin's already beaten Kobe. And Lebron vs. Lin will be great. I look forward to seeing Lebron guard Lin. By the way, Lebron deserves kudos for being extremely respectful of Lin's game.

    The steroid thing I won't get into. Just make sure that Kobe and Lebron are tested too, if they are going to test Lin. Besides, the NBA has the laxest drug testing of all major league sports. Should Lin turn up clean (like 99.99999% chance), his accomplishments would look even more impressive.

    "Midget" Lin at 6'5" in sneakers TOWERS over Floyd. I guess that makes Floyd the "Mini Lin". And Lin is going to have trouble serving that food to Floyd if Floyd is sitting in a jail cell for domestic abuse.

    Most Americans feel the same way Floyd do. However, life tends to knock these people upside the head

  10. Floyd is just ignorant from the very beginning... Did anyone see his twits???

  11. Sick euro step vs Kevin Love, Jeremy!

    Regarding Floyd, how can any civilized person take anything that Floyd Mayweather says seriously?


    at 3:34, euro step used to perfection!

    and this one on Jeremy's own teammate Jeffries

  13. Floyd Mayweather is a boxer...... His head is so banged up you can't take what he has to say too serious.

  14. Stephen A. Smith just went off on his LA radio show on regarding Floyd's tweet about Jeremy. He called Floyd stupid, immature, juvenile, etc and said he was specifically talking to the Black community regarding the issue of racism.

      2/13 podcast
      he starts talking about it at around 13 minutes in.

  15. Hey guys, check out what Charles Barkley said on The Dan Patrick Show. He tells it like it is and never sugar coats nothing. I'd been waiting for him to comment on what's been going on with the KNICKS since last week.

    1. Reading Sir Charles' comments I have to respond by stating the obvious.

      I thought Jeremy was a two-guard at Harvard and in high-school; meaning he is still learning how to play the PG position at the NBA level. Scary thought... maybe he can get better? At least turnover the ball a little less?

    2. It's really interesting how public opinion has changed from Lin being regarded as a combo guard to a Steve Nash, pass first, point guard. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect Lin to improve exponentially given that in his entire NBA career, he's only had a handful of meaningful games. He really has embraced his role as the Knicks starting point guard. I think it's important Lin's confidence levels stay high, as he obviously has the skills and mentality to compete at a high level. Keep it up Jeremy!

    3. In basketball, observers sometimes get too caught up in trying to put players into categories.

      Lin appears to be a complete basketball player. No basketball player ever has no weaknesses, and Lin is as good as he can be at this point. He has the capability to adjust his game to whatever the ongoing situation demands of him.

      Basketball is not a static sport, just as life is not static.

  16. Coach John Wooden has said: "Sports doesn't build character, it reveals it." Jeremy has shown the depth of his character and unfortunately so has a lot of other people.

  17. Who cares? They're just ignorant fools who want attention. Ignore them, and they'll go away.

  18. I don't think JLin fans should let FOX sweep this under the rug. Some kind of actions needs to be taken..whether he be fired or suspended. Fox is hoping this dies down and remains silent and inactive. This is unacceptable. DON'T LET THIS DIE DOWN!

  19. Just let him play basketball.. There is too much pressure and hype for this kid right now... I kind of wish he wasn't so overblown and famous and I think that's what he wants most... I sympathize for Lin right now cause once the Knicks start losing, a tsunami of negative feedback is coming his way... Not as a human being of course, but as a Knicks player...

  20. I think Jason Whitlock needs to be fired, make an example of him, there is not a chance in hell that he would make a comment like that about a black/white person.

  21. this is the response I received from fox sports after emailing them my concern on the comments of their reporter, we should all be voicing our complaints to them:


    I'm Scott, part of the Customer Service team.

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding Jason Whitlock. Please know that we take your concerns very seriously.

    Simply put, we agree that Jason’s remark about Jeremy Lin was offensive and inappropriate. Comments or ideas that foster racial stereotyping have no place at Fox Sports.

    Jason regrets making the remark, and he has issued a sincere, heartfelt apology. We take him at his word that it was a lapse of judgment that will not happen again.

    We appreciate your loyal readership, and we hope you continue to visit


  22. I don't know why people always like to ask you " are you chinese ? taiwanese ? asian? american ??" Maybe next time you should reply " I am a Chinese, I am a Taiwanese, I am a American , because I love all of you guys in the world."
    By the way, I appreciate and respect your humble attitude , that is what we should learn from you , not what are you ...go on Lin !! The God stands on your side !!

  23. Heck, I am Taiwanese and I ask people what their ethnicity is all the time.

    Everybody should be proud of their cultural heritage. Nobody should feel superior over anybody else of a different culture.

    I am always happy when people ask me what is my ethnicity and national status. Many times the people that ask have worked or lived in Asia. I am every bit as curious about them as they are about me.

    My girlfriend is Norwegian from North Dakota. Though she was born in America, she has a faint accent. People ask her and me all the time about her accent, not mine. I even had a friend who lived in Japan say that she sounded as if she had a Japanese accent!