Thursday, February 23, 2012

JLin fans - Tell us the questions you want us to ask Jeremy! will be heading out to Orlando to cover the Rising Stars game on Friday. While there's no guarantee we'll get to score an interview with Jeremy, we'll do our best!

With that in mind, if YOU have any questions you'd like us to ask Jeremy, let us know in the comments! We may only get one or two questions, so make your question count!


  1. Jeremy obviously is in a pretty good situation now. Would he relive his nba life the same way with being waived and all the uncertainties and heartaches or would he prefer to go through the usual route of being drafted and playing for the same team that drafted him?

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  3. Was Jeremy's father the "Linsanity" back in the days when Jeremy was a cute little cupcake. (At what age did Jeremy start to dominate his father?)
    -Gordon Cheng- (AUSTRALIA)

  4. What's his in-n-out replacement in ny? shake shack? 5 guys? how's it compare? or did he leave burgers and go for something else now?

  5. Since I'm Asian, I'll ask it anyways..
    "What is your favorite Martial Arts movie of all time??"

  6. Ask him if he's had the Halal Cart (chicken/gyro/rice/lettuce/white sauce) on 53rd and 6th, and if it's one the best things he's ever tasted in his entire life, cuz it was for me! :D

    Ron, Los Angeles

  7. Since I'm Asian and I have Asian parents: "Did your parents always want you to be a lawyer/doctor/engineer/etc.? If so, how did you overcome that?"

  8. Congrats, you mean you'll have a media pass to the event?

    Here's a non-cupcake question:

    Playing at Harvard is probably a bigger detriment for an NBA career than being Asian. There have been more and better Asian NBA players than Harvard grads. If you felt you could play in the NBA, why didn't you walk on at a major school such as Stanford or UCLA instead of playing at a minor school that offered you a guaranteed spot? Wouldn't you have honed your skills better by playing against tougher competition?

  9. What do you plan to do with the money you earn from your new Nike shoe contract?

    Richard, New Jersey

  10. Hi, I have been following the story on Jeremy Lin since he was a Senior at Harvard.
    Just want to say that I am very proud that there is someone like me playing pro basketball ... at ANY level.

    I'm also a 2nd generation Chinese American Christian guy, born and raised in Los Angeles (San Gabriel Valley area).

    I enjoy being involved in my Chinese American church and community. However, there is ONE THING that has always bothered me: As a community, we mainly keep to ourselves.

    Besides @ work and school, most of my Asian American friends don't really socialize or interact with people of different race/ethnic backgrounds.

    Have you noticed this in your life, and do you think that it's a problem ?

    Your fan,
    Arcadia, CA

  11. How crazy is it that you are getting compared to all these All Star NBA players?


  12. I really really wish those foreign reporters would stop asking non-basketball, totally irrelevant questions during post game interview!!
    "Jeremy, Do you prefer Chinese food? or a hamburger? Do you have a girlfriend?"
    I'm like... C'mon!! for real? you need to ask THAT right now?!

  13. I'm concerned for Jeremy. I wish him the best health. What is he doing to recover physically from each game? I hope he has a world class dietician. Look at what Djokovich was able to accomplish in tennis because of his change in diet...

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  15. I think Damny has a great point. From watching YouTube videos, I notice that Jeremy likes to eat lots of fast food burgers and fries. I think that all those artery clogging foods might be bad for energy level and fitness.

    Has Jeremy consulted with a sports dietitian, in regards to what he should eat and what foods to stay away from ? If so, is he on a special diet ?

  16. Jeremy, can you rate your groupie chicks on a scale from 1 to 10? On behalf of all Asian dudes under 6 ft tall, who were good at math and live vicariously through you, please tell us. And be specific, please?