Sunday, February 12, 2012

How Did Jeremy Get Here?

Besides having talent and having great heart, here is what got him here:

Hard Work:

Prayer and Faith:


  1. thank you for sharing this. amazing stuff.

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    1. Terrible. Three minutes of my life I will never get back. Use an original beat if you want to be taken seriously. And stop spamming.

  3. Stephen A. Smith does a180 turn around and gives credit to how well JLin is playing. Watch the embedded clip. The same guy who last week says Lin is a flash in the pan, from Hahvahd.

  4. Here are complete highlights from the forgotten game vs the Celtics. There isn't a whole lot to see, but that drive and dish to Amare was a foreshadowing of what was to come.

    It's funny to hear so many analysts declare that "no one saw this coming, he came out of nowhere." Since they didn't see it coming, they arrogantly can't accept that anyone else could have. Granted, even most diehard Lin fans didn't expect him to average 25 pts 8 asts in his first few starts, but there were certainly many astute fans and some experts like Musselman who saw the signs that he could be a successful starting NBA player.

    Most analysts and fans saw the mistakes Lin made and dismissed him immediately. The astute ones saw the great plays and recognized the potential if he had more game time experience to cut down those mistakes. It really wasn't that complicated. I liked Kenny Smith's quote best, "That's the worst job of talent evaluation I have ever seen."

  5. NY Times: Lin’s Appeal: Faith, Pride and Points

  6. NY knicks starting linee up:
    Jeremy Lin at PG
    Baron Davis at SG
    Carmelo Anthony at SF
    Amare Stodamare at PF
    Tyson Chandler at C

    this is a blue print for off ball screens and cuts and PnR mania

    mad insane lineup in the future.

  7. there's a reason Jeremy doesn't over harp on his faith in's incredibly off putting to those who are not Christian. I hope this site will not force it down our throats as well. I come to this site to follow up with the latest Jeremy Lin news, not to be converted.

  8. JK,

    I don't think the video was meant to convert anyone but to show Jeremy's faith. He is strong in his faith after all (not sure about the owner of this site). The video is a pretty strong one though and I understand why JK would feel strongly about it. I went to church off and on for years and I'm not a fan of getting anything jammed down my throat either.

    It's a tough balance but I have confidence that the site will continue to be a good forum to discuss all things Jeremy Lin without getting too religious and/or political.

  9. If Jeremy Lin didn't have Peter Diepenbrock, he.likely would have never been allowed onto a college basketball court even at the Division III level.

    Diepenbrock pushed and sweated. He literally bullied the Harvard coach (initially rejecting of Lin) into taking Lin. Even after Lin was at Harvard, Diepenbrock continued to push for better things for Lin. That happened even in Summer League where Diepenbrock made sure every coach knew Lin's name (Brian Shaw did not).

    Also, Lin's open proclamations of his Christian faith give the majority of this country's basketball viewers the ability to feel something "in common" with him. That is why perhaps Lin should be called "Yellow Jesus".

  10. This was obviously a Taiwanese church that emphasized Taiwan's nationhood which have not existed since the late 70's. Not to be political, but for me Jeremy Lin is a great basketball player regardless of race, background, sexuality, hair style (ron artest), living situation (couch), or even religion. You can say that God gave him a chance, but I really doubt God forced his to practice basketball everyday and God gave him that sick cross over move, so please, let us praise Jeremy Lin for his humility, persistence, and respect his love for the game and God.