Tuesday, February 7, 2012

First Start, Looks Like Just The Beginning

Some great videos. Thanks to everyone for posting.

What an amazing few days for Jeremy and his fans. Jeremy and this site are just blowing up. Up next, one of the guys most responsible for Jeremy getting a chance in the NBA, John Wall! Then, can you believe it? The Lakers are at the Garden on TNT Friday night! By the way, the guy that Jeremy's 36 minute stats resemble most? You're not going to believe this one, DWade. Yes, I'm saying this right now, JLin will be a DWade level player. Obviously, DWade is a bit more athletic, but JLin will become the better shooter and is a better passer. Both are amazing getting to the basket and the line.


  1. He still acknowledged Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour. Way to go Jeremy!

  2. JLin, you were phenomenal. BUT we are are not surprised.

    2 years ago at summer camp you already showed us what a solid player you were. But you never had a real opportunity to show everyone else what you could do, until now.

    Thanks for being the TRUE personification of PREPARATION MEETS OPPORTUNITY.

    You always had the goods, but finally you had a chance to deliver it, and you didn't waste that chance. That's the key to success, in all walks of life.

    You are leading by example to all of us.

    Less moaning about what's happening, more preparing for what's gonna happen.

    Thanks again.


  3. Here is the ESPN video link where Tim Legler talks all about Jeremy Lin:


  4. Some of you guys probably know, but for those who don't and are interested.

    Here's another Jeremy Lin fan forum where people can discuss and follow Jeremy Lin especially game threads. Aman2k also posts his videos here first, and I help spread his videos.


  5. Aman2k's video is up, 12:51 of footage:


    1. thanks, saw most of the game, but missed those sick crossovers...

  6. "I don't know, Lin couldn't bring the ball up the court against Avery Bradley, such a basic PG task. I doubt any NBA team will have any use for Lin." (Making fun of people who said that a few days ago!)

    1. i'm enjoying roasting the haters on various forums. good times.

    2. You need to post these haters login names so we can re-read all those posts and have a good laugh.

  7. Jeremy is on his way to becoming the Asian "Steve Nash"!

  8. Jeremy praying with Jason Ma!


  9. http://www.asianweek.com/2012/02/07/is-jeremy-lin-the-nba%E2%80%99s-version-of-tim-tebow/

    The last commonality will be explained with a question. Who is responsible for framing Jeremy Lin’s public image if he continues his success?

    The answer: ESPN. The network biasedly covers East Coast sports—especially, New York sports. They recently started coining Lin’s recent performances as “Lin-sanity.”

    How is ESPN’s coverage of Jeremy Lin similar to Tim Tebow? Tebow was relentlessly covered by the media during his college years, and still receives the same overblown attention as an NFL player.

    If you are wondering who is responsible for Tebow’s overblown coverage, that answer is also in front of us: ESPN. This network will cover Jeremy Lin like Tim Tebow, if Lin continues outperforming in New York.

    To put it simply, Jeremy Lin could be the NBA’s version of Tim Tebow this season, because of ESPN and their common characteristics.

    I just hope “Lin-sanity” does not become a word, like “Tebowing.”

  10. Top 10 good things from Lin’s repeated breath-taking performance:
    10. Foxconn has moved their assembly line from making IPads and Kindle Fire to sewing up Lin jerseys, which they believe provide a much higher profit margin and a much more endearing experience to its workforce.
    9. Real-basketball-comments-to-racial-Joke ratio has gone way up in all forums. It takes more effort nowadays to come up with new jokes on stereotype than praises on his game.
    8. Did you see the child-like D'Antoni at the conference? Knicks’ losses aged the man for years and Lin made him younger than ever in 3 days.
    7. Gatorade is ringing up for the copyright of his purple tongue picture.
    6. There is an over 50% chance that Knicks will guarantee his contract. This is an extremely high figure for the shifty Knicks owner James Dolan.
    5. No Melo, no Amare, no Tyson, no big contracts, no problem. Lin proved that team work, IQ, and determination can still win games.
    4. Naysayers still point to the 8 TO. I point to the fact that, with 8 TO, Lin still had 28 points, 8 assits, and led his team to win. He could regress in scoring but I can only imagine he will study the traps on film, get more used to the high number of minutes, and trim down his mistakes.
    3. Lin-sanity, Lin-credible, Lin-spiring, De-lin-cious...
    Merriam-webster just added a few more words.
    How about a j-lin?
    J-lin (verb)
    Pronounced: jay-lin
    Definition: Defeat an opponent or win over a crowd unexpectedly as an underdog
    Examples: The Nets and the Jazz just got j-lin-ed.
    MSG is getting j-lin-ed on a nightly basis.
    2. My wife actually let me watch the whole game - a testimony of how many hearts Lin’s performance has touched, even those who usually dislike me for watching too much sports.
    1. We continue to feel vindicated. I love to see him drive and then say to myself, "Didn't I see him doing the same in a Harvard uniform before?" A lot of us might feel more connected to Lin because of common background, but I refuse to think I had followed a guy all these years purely based on that – Anybody who gave him a chance and watched him, would have been captivated by his style of play and gutsiness long time ago. Now we feel darn good that we were right.

  11. ys298...HAHAHAHA you nailed it right on the money. I'mma coin the term YELLOW MAMBAAAAAAA! I was amazed that they didn't bring the double team last night sooner than the 4th quarter. by then, #theyellowmamba already played something like 30 minutes and STILL lit up the Jazz. The bandwagon is HUGE, my facebook is blowin up! Everyone, please pray that #theyellowmamba stays healthy, that D'antoni can "ride him like seabiscuit" into the playoffs...ROTFLMAO!!! (quick shout out to Jared Jefferies)

  12. Now Jeremy Lin gets his rematch against John Wall.

    In a Lin-sane world, Lin would give Wall some of his NBA money for being Lin's punching bag in Summer League 2010. Also, Lin needs to give some of his money to Omar Samhan for setting great screens, scoring double figures (shot over 50%), and having a great game against Javale McGee who dominated that summer.

    I love the Lin vs Wall matchup on many levels. It pits the deserving #1 overall pick against the undrafted reject of the same year. I expect both guys to attack each other and have excellent games. Wall is a great player, but so is Lin.

    By the way, the Knicks can drastically upgrade their bench by hiring Omar Samhan on a mknimum wage nonguaranteed contract. He is incomparably better than Anthony Davis or Jared Sullinger or Andre Drummond or any college big man who's entering the NBA draft. Samhan is the Jeremy Lin of centers in that he was a MASSIVE producer in college and Summer League 2010. I would love to see Samhan alongside Jeremy Lin again.

  13. oops...he said "secretariat" lol...my bad

  14. He'll have to become finals MVP if he wants to be D Wade level. Grand assumption and only time will tell.

  15. trying to keep expectations realistic...DWade is a good shooter and a pretty good passer too, so I'm not expecting Jeremy to beat him straight up. What Jeremy does is have point guard skills. But their stories are similar...they were both passed up in high school. Wade showed in college that he could play so the NBA gave him a chance early on. Jeremy played in the Ivy League so he had his doubters. They're both strong attacking perimeter players. And they both suck at shooting from 3 pt range. They're both insanely smart basketball players...Wade has made so many clutch plays for the Heat.

  16. His contract becomes guaranteed at 6pm today!

    Watching the game, I was worried the Jazz would adjust and expose him, but Lin stayed in front of Harris and was able to consistently drive right on him. Glad the Knicks won and JLin played well. All he has to do is work on his weaknesses (3 pt shooting and going left), and he can definitely make it in the association.

    1. he uses picks well, which helps him go right when he's struggling going left. genius.

  17. i'm not even gonna try to criticize any part of #theyellowmamba 's game. the kid is out there for 44 minutes a game playing against NBA elites with a swarm of bench players for support and he pulls out the V in convincing fashion. All the haters tryin to cover their butts on the record are just trying to salvage their pride, waiting for "teams to adjust" and neutralize him. But on this blog, this forum, we the fans always believed in Jeremy and continue to support him. like in JayZ's song, i don't even know what this means, but he's provacative, he gets the people going!

  18. lol...ty corbin is wondering wth just happened. he's phoning up avery johnson to start a support group #jlinwaxedme

  19. Anyone have the entire Knicks vs Jazz game for download?

  20. Lin is the 21st century Michael "Sugar" Ray Richardson.

    Like Lin, Sugar was an attacking 6'5" (in sneakers) pg who bullied opponents physically and led the Knicks to victory. Sugar was an All Star and a Knicks crowd favorite. To me, Lin's.and Sugar's games are eerily similar.

    Of course, the difference is that Sugar messed up his life with drugs. Otherwise Sugar would have made the Hall of Fame.

    Sugar was a great player for the Knicks, but Lin has the potential to be even better.

  21. am I READING THIS CORRECTLY? HIS CONTRACT ONLY GUARANTEED $50,000?????? HE'S WORTH A $50,000,000 bonus!!!


  22. Jeremy Lin: 5 Reasons He Is the Point Guard of the Future in New York


  23. i can easily see #theyellowmamba scoring 30+ points, but the beauty of it is...he's not primarily looking to score. he said he'll attack the basket if he's coming around a screen and gets the ball, but the kids is looking to get his teammates involved first. THAT'S A POINT GUARD.

  24. Has Jeremy Lin got the guaranteed contract yet?

  25. I wish Bob Fitzgerald and Jim Barnett would read this blog and eat their crow for crowning Acie Law as the "much needed back up point guard." Not to mention a particular Keith (not so) Smart... But props to Eric Musselman, Daryl Morey, the Knicks front office, and especially Mike D'A.

    1. Barnett not so much... But Bob Fitzgerald definitely. Fitz even carried his bromance for Law onto his talk show on KNBR.

      Matt Steinmetz is another one... He's always questioned JLin's spot on the team, hinting that Lacob's wasting a roster spot for his own pet project. Steimetz's weekly chat is tomorrow (wednesday) at noon on csnbayarea.com. I'll see if he's willing to answer a Lin question.

  26. Jeremy Lin rap song:


    "New York riding the wave of Jeremy Lin… but it will hit shore"
    by Kurt Helin


  27. How exciting for JLinFan#1 the creator of this blog. This was definitely the place I was getting all of my Jeremy Lin news the past couple of years and I thank you so much for your time and effort here. I have always wished for this day to come and have known that this guy had extraordinary talent since high school. It has been quite emotional to finally see Jeremy Lin get his chance and get some credit after over six years of being overlooked time and time again.

    Keep it up JLinFan#1 and I'll stay tuned.

    1. I definitely agree. Thank you so much!

    2. Thanks guys! We really appreciate all of the support and I'm sure Jeremy does too!

  28. Looking at NY schedule, most of the teams NY will play b4 the 25th weekend(guessing that's the all star weekend) are played against sub 500 teams. Non-sub 500 teams are Lakers on the 10th, Dallas on the 19th, Atlanta and Miami on 22nd and 23rd.

    Looks like NY might have some time to get some good playing time against the weaker teams.

  29. NBA.com has a video up of Jeremy Lin!!!

    Jeremy Lin's long trip!


    RealGM fanart:


  30. Some of the press are still taking about Baron Davis returning to become "the savior" for the Knicks. They are like the Jews still waiting for the Messiah...

    Anyhow, since JLin was said to have beaten Davis in practice. His position now is playing 2nd fiddle to JLin, and I think that's why the media is reporting, "he has an infection in his elbow." What!?!? So his elbow's got a cold?

    You heard it here first, "Baron does not return to the Knicks and is asking to be traded elsewhere".

  31. Jeremy you're gonna have to learn the euro step soon. As coaches will pay more attention to you, you're not going to have as many easy drives to the basket as time goes on. Euro step makes a player virtually unstoppable, look at wade and tyreke.

    Also faith is a gift from God, you are chosen, congrats, don't be ashamed of the Gospel and don't fall for Pentecostal deception.

  32. "But the uncertainty is over. Lin has cemented himself as a credible N.B.A. player, not a novelty act. On Tuesday, his contract became guaranteed for the season. The Knicks are keeping him. It seems safe to go apartment hunting." - New York Times

    http://www.nytimes.com/2012/02/08/sports/basketball/jeremy-lin-has-burst-from-nba-novelty-act-to-knicks-star.html?emc=eta1 (page 2)

  33. Thanks for the nice article, HT!

    I just hope the Knicks will get a backup PG for Lin soon... with the way Jeremy has been playing, he's gonna either breakdown physically really fast or just get injured.

    Shumpert "can" be a backup point for spot minutes, but really that's just not the natural position for him, same for Toney.

    In the case of Bibby, I think if he really slows the tempo down, that would minimize the number of possessions per min during Lin's time on the bench, which makes it easier for the team to freeze the score.

    I don't think anyone here at this board has any real concern for Lin's game at the moment. Let's just pray he paces himself well in the future and stays as healthy as possible!

  34. Can anyone analyze this article for us?

    It looks to me that JLin will (or already have) get a guaranteed season contract but the content and the details are tricky.


  35. A terrific backup point guard for Jeremy Lin is the guy who could be considered the Jeremy Lin of the 2011 NBA Draft.

    Ben Hansbrough of Notre Dame is the younger brother of Indiana PF Tyler Hansbrough (whose game I love). I thought Hansbrough should have been drafted because he dominated the extremely NBA-like Big East. Every year an NBA ready guard like Lin goes.undrafted, and Hansbrough is immediately ready to contribute in the NBA.

    While I don't think Ben Hansbrough has the size and athleticism to be the 2nd coming of.Jeremy Lin, I do feel that he is an inexpensive nonguaranteed pickup who could definitely provide many of the same things Lin does. I strongly feel that Hansbrough could provide anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes of Lin-lite PG play as Lin's backup. The Knicks would not have to drastically alter their style of play without Lin on the court if they had Ben.

    1. It's funny, before the last two games I admit I was rooting for Douglas, Shump, and Bibby to do poorly - anything to get Jeremy minutes. Now, I desperately want Douglas to return to his old form so that Jeremy doesn't have to play 48 minutes every game and inevitably injure himself.

      Gotta repent of that attitude.

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  37. Lin has been a breakout star on the Knicks' roster, after a surprise career game in early February. Before the NBA, he played four seasons for the Harvard Crimson before turning pro in 2010. http://hermesreplicas.net


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