Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nice NBDL Debut - Triple Double

JLin dominated last night and showed all why he'll be getting some NBA minutes soon. I loved the opposing announcer with the East Coast accent raving about Jeremy.  Nice read here on his performance and what it may mean down the line. Click it.


  1. Yeah at lease i can watch him play!!! : )


    Great article giving Kuddos to Jeremy. A must read.

  3. Nice article. I've been saying all along that Lin will get more exposure and recognition playing in DL. Hope he continues this next game!

  4. Yes, it's incredible for D-League play, but we have to keep in mind, these numbers don't translate in the NBA. There were a lot of drives to the basket, that would not have resulted in free throws in the NBA. And those drives where Lin runs over a defender camped just outside the arc. In the NBA 9 out of 10 times, that would have been called an offensive foul, charge, and a turnover.

    The D-League does not play much in the way of defense, besides the occasional shot blocking or gambling on steals. Players and coaches are more concerned with scoring points and padding their stats. Their main goal is to impress the NBA teams and be called up. That's why the final scores are usually something like 125 - 120. High scoring offense combined with show boatmanship.

    Don't get me wrong, D-League is actually more exciting to watch than NBA games, because of the faster pace of the game, the high scoring and show boating.
    But I have a feeling that they are setting up players to be unprepared by the NBA level defense.

  5. Not long ago, I wrote here that Jeremy Lin should have been a lottery pick in the 2010 draft. I even said that I would have taken Lin over #1 overall pick John Wall.
    Based on actual on court production, Jeremy Lin is playing as well as a lottery pick would be expected to do. Though Lin has had less NBA minutes, his performances are absolutely awesome despite the small sample size.
    I had also written that Jeremy Lin already dominated the D league and sending him down would probably not improve his game. I will say that the dominating performance he put on in his 1st Erie game is not a fluke. The longer Lin stays in the D league, the more he'll dominate. I would go so far to call Jeremy Lin the "Oscar Robertson" of the D league.
    I believe that Lin has NBA All star potential, though few would agree with me. I firmly believe that he can average the same kind of stats that he did at Harvard and in the D league, provided he gets the minutes.
    To me, Jeremy Lin is the best kept "secret" in the NBA. With minutes, Lin would impact a game in a way that few players in the NBA can do. What's scary to me about Lin is that I don't see anybody in the NBA being able to stop him from doing his thing once he fulfills his potential.

  6. Josh Harrellson is out for 6 weeks with a fractured wrist.

  7. Another DNP for Mike Bibby tonight. It looks like its the end of the road for this veteran. This gives the Knicks more pressure to keep Lin, unless they decide to pull a Keith Smart and bring in another scrub like AC Law. Time to clear out the old and bring in the new... That is, if D'Antoni is realizes that it is 2012 and not 2000.

  8. Knicks might call up Jerome James to replace Josh Harrelson. Now we're just waiting for an injury to Bibby or Douglas, so they'll call up Jeremy Lin.

  9. D'Antoni will be fired after this year when his contract is over that would b a good news for JLin to b in the lineup n actually get some playing time. Thats why they are loosing so bad this season because of D'Anton stubborn decisions making never replace the when they have a bad playing night.

  10. @KHuang - I love your enthusiasm for JLin, but you've got to be realistic! You lose all credibility with your outrageous statements. Jeremy Lin needs a chance and he will be a good contributor if given that opportunity, but you know nothing about basketball from what you're saying. And are you going to continue to "quote yourself" every time Jeremy Lin plays well?!? In 5th Grade, I placed 3rd in the Science Faire. I moved on. So should you from your previous comments.

  11. I fully understand that I sound "outrageous" raving wildly about Jeremy Lin as if he is.some sort of great ballplayer (which I totally believe he IS).

    To the many readers who think I am overrating Jeremy Lin, my suggestion is to not make the same mistake that everybody has made about Jeremy Lin all his life: assuming that he cannot succeed big at the next level when his actual on court performance virtually guarantees it.

    I have watched the NBA a long time and have seen all sorts of players succeed and fail. Based on Jeremy Lin's utter domination of EVERY league he has played in up to and including the NBA (super production in low minutes), I feel that it is outrageous NOT to assume that Jeremy Lin can be a superb NBA rotation player.

    I fully understand that lots of people have reservations about Jeremy Lin's NBA ability. All I am seeking to do is to reassure those people that they have absolutely nothing to worry about. Lin has already proven that he is not a 15th man NBA scrub who can't play big minutes against the top NBA players. So sit back and enjoy the Jeremy Lin show!