Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Knicks vs Sixers

Tonight will be interesting as the 76ers have very athletic PG's in Holiday and Williams. Bibby will have a tough time with either. Maybe the starters go 40 plus tonight. With a back to back tomorrow against Memphis on TNT, these next two games could be JLin's best/last chance for PT.


  1. The Bulls just called up a D-Leaguer, Mike James.

    I think DL is the way to go for Lin. As we saw last year, starter minutes in DL is more useful than garbage time minutes in NBA.

  2. I'll be honest here, whether Jeremy cuts cut or not, he's already made more bank sitting on the bench than most of us can doing any sorry ass job. Let me guess, if his contract for this season was at $800,000, divide that by 82 games.... and we come to about $10,000 per game. In this economy, it might take the average joe a half year of hard labor to make that much (2 years for an illegal immigrant). I rest my case.

    1. Meanwhile, other NBA players of equal or lesser skill are earning Millions, compared to his minimal salary $800,000.

      His agent probably takes 10-15% off of that, and is not helping him much. A good agent gets the best contract offer for his player ... he does not leave his client with an un-guaranteed, on a team that doesn't give him any minutes.

  3. Jeremy Lin DNP. Even Mike Bibby didn't get any minutes this time. JLin is wasting his time on the NYK bench. He's not learning anything of value and not developing.
    They should just waive him so he can find another team that has use for him.

  4. Lin dominated the D-league last year. I don't see how sending him to the D league could improve his game, not unless Donnie Nelson made him play nothing but point guard for the entire year on his Legends team. At least that's what Nelson said before Lin opted to sign with Golden State.
    Right now, teams are trapping Lin. They do that because he can get into the paint and cause damage. NBA teams will regularly throw traps at point guards, even the best of them, and the only way to truly beat the trap is to at least have a two guard ballhandling front. At least that's what ex Lakers coach Phil Jackson wrote in a coaching book. Lin was always on the court with capable ballhandlers in Golden State, but that is not the case in NY. Even great guards like Deron Williams can have 6 TO nights when he's not receiving adequate ballhandling help.
    I don't think that Lin's ballhandling is necessarily a huge problem. There are a lot of good.NBA guards who don't handle as well as Lin does. Good teams like LA or Miami often have lultiple players handling the ball and getting the team into its offensive sets. A bad team like NJ which has one ballhandler in Deron Williams and nobody else who can truly help him is prone to rough nights where even Williams will commit 6 turnovers and play poorly. So if Lin doesn't work out in NY, I hope he goes to a team like Dallas where he would not be the only true ballhandler on the court.

  5. Last year, Jlin couldn't shoot the ball. Now he can't dribble. Jlin just hasn't been given enough opportunity to showcase his skills.

    The talent gap between the D League and the NBA seems so great that I believe he may be better off working on a daily basis with NBA players than going back to the D -LEAGUE.

    Is there any chance that he could play for the Chinese National Team in the Olympics this summer? I know there was talk about that. Surely, there could be some way to get around that citizenship requirement.

  6. not worrying about Lin not getting any minutes right now. pg's are dropping like flies in this condensed season. injuries are forcing teams to look high and low for pg's. all i'm concerned with is when Lin gets minutes that he should play it smart. he should focus on controlling the tempo, making nice clean passes, and hitting his jumpers/layups. playing like he's got years of experience as a pg in the nba rather than someone who is seems too desperate to show off his offensive skills set.

  7. "Is there any chance that he could play for the Chinese National Team in the Olympics this summer? I know there was talk about that. Surely, there could be some way to get around that citizenship requirement."

    He would have to obtain Chinese citizenhip per FIBA rules. Unless China allows dual citizenship, he will have to give up his USA citizenship in order to do that. So best case scenario is that China allows dual citizenship. South Korea passed a law allowing dual citizenship to those with "outstanding talents". That's how they got a bi-racial Black/Korean to play for their national team.

    If Jeremy really wanted to play for the Chinese national team, he could also give up his USA citizenship and get a Chinese citizenship. Then later drop his Chinese citizenship and try to regain his U.S. one.

    How likely any of those things actually happen? who knows, probably not likely at this point.

    1. "Lin dominated the D-league last year. I don't see how sending him to the D league could improve his game."

      Well, last year Lin played better in the NBA after some time in DL. Even writers like Matt Steinmetz who were trashing Lin at the beginning of the year conceded that Lin played better at the end of the year and could be a legitimate contender for backup PG the following year.

      "The talent gap between the D League and the NBA seems so great that I believe he may be better off working on a daily basis with NBA players than going back to the D-LEAGUE."

      I probably agree with you. But the reason I want to see Lin in DL is for exposure as a free agent. Here are some scenarios:

      1. 10-15th man on an NBA team, he's only getting garbage time, and he's locked in to that team. If another team suddenly has a need for PG, they can't get Lin.

      2. Starter in DL as free agent - getting experience to make key plays at the end of games, getting exposure league wide, available to be picked up by a team with a sudden need at PG.

      3. DL assignee - this is the worst case, because then Lin cannot be picked up by other teams, and he's not working out with NBA players.

  8. I think there is more likely chance the he will play for the Taiwan(Chinese-Taipei) National Team. Taiwan and Isreal are the two countries that actually recognizes dual-citizenship. And plus his parents are actually from Taiwan.

    I think one of the skills that JLin has yet to show case is his passing skills. I saw some of his college games when they played stanford, and Santa Clara. He is a pretty good passer out on the break, very creative. I hope he can get a chance to go out and run the fastbreak and push the ball.

  9. China sure could use Lin.
    Their guard play hasn't been so great in recent years, though I actually consider PG Liu Wei a pretty good international player.
    If I could make an All Time China team with Lin as the starting point guard, it would look like this:
    PG: Lin
    SG: Hu Weidong. The 6'6" Hu was a slashing dunking player who nearly dunked on a few American NBA players in the old days. Hu had good scoring instincts and was athletic ny world standards. With modern training and American competition, Hu might have become a solid international player.
    SF: a young Wang Zhi Zhi who was an outside player before coming to Dallas
    PF: Mengke Bateer. I know Yi Jianlian "should" be the starter here, but I like the idea of the bruising Bateer setting picks and taking up space down low.
    C: Yao.

    6th man: Yi Jianlian (subs at all 3 frontcourt positions, especially for a winded Bateer)
    Backup point: Liu Wei (strictly a point)
    7th man: Sun Yue (primarily a defensive player to me)

    My knowledge of China basketball is totally outdated. If anybody wishes to tell me who the bright new stars of today are, I am interested.

  10. Speaking from a black man…this is raciest!!! I can’t believe that JLin is not even dress or listed on the bench to play this game. He’s an Asian man and graduate from Harvard (3.1 GPA). What would Dr. King this about this? If I can only rub my blackness onto JLin maybe he would get some playing time. Base on this game and many other games the whole starting lineup sucks!!!! Scoring less than 40% and they shoot the ball like crazy just to score 10pts. The Knicks are so horrible right now why wouldn’t they put Lin in to play a full game to see if he is worth keeping or let go. I hate waiting to see this game just to see him on the bench and now not suit up. I’m a very disappointed black man!!!! If they don’t plan to keep him please let him go so that he can find a team that would value his basketball ability and skills. Many teams can use JLin right now. I just want him to prove to everyone that he can really play ball and not just an Asian man. All the team will regret release him for their team once he get some playing time. This is what Dr. King would say “ Can’t we all just get along and let him play and not be raciest” “I have a dream that one day a basketball player will not be judge by the color of his skin but by the ball handling skill. Aman Dr. King Aman…I rest my case.