Monday, January 16, 2012

JLin @ OKC Highlights

JLin looked good against 1st round pick, Reggie Jackson. Jackson couldn't stop JLin straight up or on the pick and roll so they put James Harden back in with a little over a minute left. Maybe JLin remembered playing against him in college, Jackson couldn't stop him then either.

Actually, check out how well he did against these Big East draft picks head to head his last season at Harvard:

Kemba Walker UConn 2011 1st Round Pick #9
Reggie Jackson BC 2011 1st Round Pick #24
Jeremy Lin Harvard 2010 Undrafted

                                 TOT-FG    3-PT               REBOUNDS
## Player Name          FG-FGA  FG-FGA FT-FTA OF DE TOT PF TP   A TO BLK S MIN
04 Lin, Jeremy......g   11-18       2-3      6-8      3    6    9   3   30   3   4    2  3  37
15 Walker, Kemba..g     6-9        2-3      6-8      1    3    4   0   20   4   2    0  2  38

04 Lin, Jeremy... ...g   7-10       1-1     10-12     0   3    3   4  25    4   2    0   0  38
00 Jackson, Reggie..g   5-16       1-5       2-3      1   3    4   3  13    3   3    1   1  34


  1. LOL, wasn't Reggie Jackson a hall of fame baseball player. Any relation ?

  2. Jlin actually looked good out there. Under control, played under control and drove when there were lanes and did not force anything....

    Things i noticed he needs to improve on:

    1. All his drives are still right handed despite the fact that I thought he worked on his left hand a bit during the offseason.

    2. I still haven't seen him hit a jump shot in a live game.

    Otherwise, not a bad performance for garbage time.

    1. I think he has improved those things in the offseason, he just hasn't had enough PT to show them yet.

      Since Lin is stronger driving to the right, and the lane's open, he *should* keep going right until the defense adjusts to it.

  3. 1. Yes, but that that side of the lane was open, so it didn't hurt him to go right. Obviously the defense will pick up on that and adjust if they play for 30+ minutes.

    2. Yeah, he had one open 3-point look at about 3:06. Instead he went under the rim and kicked out, which resulted in a base line jumper for 2 pts. Good idea ? For a point guard, yes.

    3. Anybody notice that he ALWAYS falls for pump fakes and jumps up for the block. This time he jumps right into Cole Aldrich for a ridiculous foul @ 4:13. Not good. He should've just held his ground with his arms up. He shouldn't gamble on blocks so much.

    1. I agree that JL is taking what the defender is giving him.

      As for the foul on Aldrich, JL is a guard that is helping on the defense and make sure that a Forward/Center did not get a easy dunk. If I am the coach, I actually give JL credit.

  4. JL has a tendency to dribble to the left side at mid-court and then fades to the right and drives in for a right handed lay up. If he wants to practice his left handed drive, he should start from the right to finish the drive on the left. But ideally, he should drive to the middle which gives him the option to dish to the left or right or finish it himself.

    You can tell he still doesn't have confidence in his 3's. Once his 3's becomes a threat, players would defend closer up top and gives him even more chance to drive in to create plays. I would say as a guard, having a reliable 3 pointer is more important than being able to drive left.

  5. I will not watch the knicks until they give JLin some playing time.

  6. Do you think Knicks will have a roster spot for JL once B. Davis is back? I think it is difficult. If he becomes a free agent, where can he go?

  7. As a basketball player with NBA experience he has lots of options. During the lockout, he was recruited by several Italian league teams. If not Europe, he can play in the NBA D-League, Donnie Nelson might give him another chance to join the Mavs D-league affiliate Texas Legends. He needs playing more time to develop.

    I think the worst case scenario is that another NBA team claims him before he can become a free agent (48 hours ?) .... he won't have any choice as to the next NBA team, and he sits on the bench for that team, like he's doing now for the Knicks.

  8. No, there aren't enough roster spots once Baron Davis comes back. Lin is already on the inactive. One more player active will bump either Jerome Jordan or another bench player into Inactive. And then there won't be any more room on the roster for Lin.

    And besides, Feb. 10 is when all contracts become guaranteed for NBA players. The Knicks will probably waive Lin before that happens, so they won't have to pay his salary for the whole season.

  9. I think this was the most meaningful outing of the year. Whereas the other mopup duties were truly garbage time, this time even though the score was out of hand, both teams were still playing good team basketball, not just hoisting 3 pointers and going for dunks. Hence, Lin was able to play his real game, not forcing things, but driving and dishing on offense. Playing solid defense and staying in front of his man, he didn't allow his man to score a single point. Summary of every play Lin was involved in:


    1:00 drove right past #15 RJ with a hesitation move. would've had an easy layin except he got mugged by #45 Aldrich.

    3:05 great use of the screen to get an open lane, drove right baseline. Aldrich was there, so Lin kicked it out to Landry on the perimeter.

    4:50 Lin tried going left, but there were 2 defenders, so he went back right, penetrated, drew a few defenders, and passed to the open man.

    5:30 drove right and layup was goaltended for the score.

    7:50 Lin drives right, drops a beautiful dime for Jordan to dunk.


    0:45 defending RJ. The lane was wide open behind Lin. Yet RJ chose to pass the ball instead of trying to drive past Lin.

    1:50 again, Lin guarding RJ with open space behind. RJ passes again.

    2:35 Lin was screened by Aldrich. Lin made a good switch to prevent the pick and roll against 6'11" Aldrich.

    3:20 This time RJ tried to drive left on Lin. He sort of got by, but Lin stayed by his side so that the help defender could stop RJ's drive.

    4:00 RJ started to drive left on Lin, Lin stayed in front, RJ passed.

    4:10 Lin leapt for a block on Aldrich. It wasn't a bad attempt, Lin would have landed cleanly, except that Aldrich unexpectedly spun back out.

    5:55 Ivey drove past Lin, but Lin stayed with Ivey to pin him at the baseline. Ivey had to pass out of it.

    6:50 Ivey tried to take Lin off the dribble to the right, left, left, right, but Lin stayed in front of him. Great D.

  10. thanks for the video post! exceeded my expectations :)