Sunday, January 22, 2012

JLin Early Matinee

Nice to able to see some JLin before the football games today. A lot better than watching a Knicks game.

Watch here live at 9am PST (Sun. 1/22) or anytime later on Futurecast. Click this.


  1. I'm looking forward to this game. Redclaws might put more defensive intensity on Jeremy this time, after he humiliated them before. Let's hope he has improved on passing out of double teams.

  2. The Knicks Have lost 6 straight and still 8th place in the Eastern Conference??? That's fucking horrible, fuck the Knicks!!!

  3. Oh yeah it's going to be a good game!!!! I can not wait... Yeah the knicks sucks n if they keep slipping like this the coach will b fired by the end of the year... Thats a good news : )

  4. Announcers say Lin is not playing! Anyone know why?

  5. Josh Harrelson fractured his wrist and is going to be out for 6 weeks.

    Knicks may want to get Jordan a lot more playtime if they need him as back up center (?)

  6. Anyone know why Lin is not playing???!

  7. I think lin being out would prove that the Erie win can only be attributed to him. Without Lin distributing the ball, every Erie player's production would suffer. In fact, I think Erie would lose badly today without Lin and Jordan would have a mediocre game at best.

  8. Yeah, the Erie offense is falling apart without Lin. PG Gerrity having trouble defending Jerome Randle, and bringing the ball up court. They looked much better with Lin and Jordan involved.

  9. Aw man, according to the game recap, "Jeremy Lin was inactive due to an ankle injury". I was secretly hoping that there was a trade pending, and the Knicks were holding Lin out until the trade was completed. Hope it's nothing serious.

    Well, ironically, I think Lin's stock improved more by him not playing today (than if he played). See the numbers with/without Lin:

    score: 122-113 win / 88-110 loss
    team FG%: 55% / 41%
    Jerome Jordan pts: 26 / 10
    Jerome Jordan FG%: 67% / 27%

    Jordan (and the entire team) fared much worse without Lin getting the ball to him.

    1. Good analysis real-dsb. I hope these numbers in the hands of the right people.

  10. That's weird, I can't find anywhere in the game where he injured his ankle. He seemed to be playing just fine. Maybe it was one of those things where he feels it afterward cause he's so filled with adrenaline from dominating the other team, and getting hot looks from the women in the crowd ;)