Friday, December 9, 2011

What Next For Jeremy Lin?

Hmmm? A good sized guard who plays defense. I guess that's not what the Warriors need...

Also, the complaints about him being just a marketing ploy are out the window...

Obviously, Jerry West was not a big JLin fan. Looks like they didn't want him beating out their 2nd round pick. That's OK, I believe this is just what Jeremy needs. He needs to play with a chip on his shoulder, like he did against John Wall in the summer league. Honestly, I haven't seen that player since. Now, he may also get the chance to play on a team that actually plays and values defense. This will be a very interesting few weeks before the start of the season.

Also, very nice to see the support and respect JLin got from his teammates on twitter:

Tough day losing one of our teammates .. JLin u are a great ball player and unbelievable teammate and person! We will miss u lil bro!

to my man …can't say it enough man your work ethic and skills are gonna pick you right back up…keep the faith bro and keep ya head up:


  1. Bad news in the short term, but it will likely be a long-term blessing in disguise. The Warriors are a terribly-run organization whose GM and owners have made mistake after mistake after mistake. Even the small group of hardcore fans who hate Lin agree that their leadership (old and new) is idiotic.

    Why do you think Chandler wouldn't sign with GS even though they offered him the most money and playing time? He knows the Warriors are a total mess right now. They want to change their losing ways (one playoff in the last 17 years), but won't change their fundamental approach.

    JL was already a good defender and his jump shot form looked so much better this summer/fall. He'll land somewhere better, whether it's training camp invites, an outright signing or starting on an Asian team for a season to show what he can do.

  2. Jeremy will be fine. It's probably better that he got released now rather than at the end of training camp.

  3. Clippers, Sterling would love the fact that Jeremy Lin has a huge Asian fan base following. Chinese/Taiwanese advertisement galore.

    Worst case scenario, he goes play for Dongguan.

  4. He deserves a better team with a coaching staff that'd appreciate his talent and work ethics.

  5. You know where he'd be a great fit? Phoenix.

    They could use a defensive-minded backup to Nash on the roster, having traded Dragic and signed only Zabian Dowdell (two guys whom JL was compared to by NBA draft analysts). So why not invite him to training camp?

    Boston would be another ideal training camp invite. Their only backup PG option right now is Avery Bradley, and of course, JL is a "local" kid from Harvard. He even played with Rondo for the recent charity game.

  6. Angry at first, but then I also feel that this could end up to be a better situation for Lin in a long run. We should had foreseen this when the Warriors drafted that 2nd round pick. Still a bit surprised because I thought Lin would be the type of player Mark Jackson would appreciate. Oh well.

    It's also very touching to see the supports shown by Curry and Lee.

  7. The Knicks just released Chauncey Billups... Im assuming Lin would be perfect for a city like NY.

  8. I was one of the people that were hoping the Warriors would release Lin last year in the second half when he was getting no playing time or experience.

    Although I like Mark Jackson as a person and player, I'm not sure he is the right fit as a coach for Lin either. As a first time coach, he's going to rely his veteran players, which means tons of minutes for Monta and Curry again. And he's going to be figuring out his rotation and system throughout the year. It'll be similar to last year again.

    Lin would be best off going to a team with an established coach and system who needs the defensive and offensive energy off the bench.

  9. Nevermind about Phoenix -- they signed Telfair and Shannon Brown earlier today.

    I can't believe I forgot about the most obvious destination -- the MAVS. Barea is probably leaving and Donnie Nelson (Jr.) was the one who saw potential in JL to begin with. Dallas would be perfect for both parties.

  10. The Mavs already have Rodrigue Beaubois.

  11. I'm with @real-dsb and an original member of the "Free JLin" movement.

    The Mavs should consider Lin precisely because they have Beaubois as a backup to aging Jason Kidd. Beaubois is supremely talented but coming off a 2nd surgery on his foot, is more of a 6' 2" shooting guard, and certainly is not JJ Barea 2. He's also the subject of trade rumors.

    That said, I'd rather see #7 go to the Lakers to backup Fisher, or Paul (if that happens.) They have Steve Blake now as backup. This whole thing is going to cost me money because I'll have to buy the NBA TV package. Although I am a longtime W's fan, I'd still rather follow the Lakers than the Mavs.

    The W's now have a major problem at backup point. (note: Today's Mercury News shows Charles Jenkins standing next to Mark Jackson. If Jackson is 6'1" then Jenkins is around 5'10" not 6'3") When the W's see they have this problem, they will have to do something like trade Charlie Bell's contract for Blake.

    At any rate, this is all fantasy league stuff so I'm interested to read what others think. My actual prediction: Lin signs with Charlotte because Curry will go there eventually and the two are good buddies.

  12. Oh, one more thought. Lin would be attractive to the higher end teams as a backup because he is willing to play for the NBA minimum. This means his salary would not count against the cap or the luxury tax. So if an over the cap limit team has a roster spot, he would actually be a bargain.

  13. After my last post, I started thinking, maybe the W's will re-sign Lin since his salary wouldn't count against the cap. That said, if I were him, I'd investigate other opportunities. My last post today..I promise.

  14. Cutting JLin and resigning him would really only save 40k so really not much savings there. However, you are right, in that it will not affect the team overall salary. JLin was schedule to make 800k and according to last years salary pliers with one year of service makes 762k.

    Again, not saying it won't happen, but it's unlikely for Lin to resign since this team is guard heavy with Curry, Ellis, Thompson, Jenkins, Williams (if he resigns) which would be plenty of guards.

    it wouldn't be too far fetch to have Lin go to OKC, Toronto, or even NYK. Considering you can sign him for the minimum and just have him develop more in the DLeague, on his shooting and strength.

  15. That's just wishful thinking.

    Mavs have a load of guards on the roster: Jason Kidd, Rudy Fernandez, DJ, Jason Terry, Rodrigue Beaubois. Just because Rodrigue is part of trade rumors doesn't mean it's going to happen, and if it does they can still get a backup PG other than Lin.

    Lin isn't Barea 2 by any means either. Lakers not only have Blake, but also Morris and Goudelock currently on the roster. There's a lot of competition for Lin to get PT with either Mavs or the Lakers.

  16. Dallas is also expected to sign Vince Carter.

  17. Let's just wait and see where he lands in the coming days/weeks. If nothing else, JL was a top D-Leaguer (invited to and impressed at last season's Showcase), so that should be good for a training camp invite or a ten-day contract somewhere.

  18. Idk how much of this is true but warriors promise to resign him in 48hrs.

  19. ya, they might resign him to a training camp invite so they have enough bodies (the warriors just picked up 3 players from the d league)... then they are probably gonna send him to the dleague like last year... i think he needs to play away from the bay where he is so popular (bay area product, large asian population). i hope my knicks pick him up.

  20. The rumor they might resign J-Lin may be true though they can't publicly announce it. THe Warriors apparently offered a 4 year / $40 Million contract to the Clippers free agent center DeAndres (sp?) Jordan. Once that situation is finalized, the two Warriors rookies will be signed and Jeremy may be offered a "make or break" minimum contract.

  21. Jeremy Lin reportedly picked up by HOUSTON ROCKETS.

    Doesn't seem like he will get any more playing time than he did with GSWs, what with Lowry, Dragic, and Flynn =\ but at least it is an opportunity to show the league what he's made of! Stoked