Saturday, December 17, 2011

No JLin Lots of Jimmer

Got tickets for the Warriors vs. Kings preseason game right before getting the news of JLin being waived. I was hoping to see JLin and Jimmer. Jimmer is the real deal. Can't play a lick of defense but will be a big time scorer in the NBA.

As for JLin yes, he is right on the edge of the 15 man roster:

1. Kyle Lowry
2. Kevin Martin
3. Chase Budinger
4. Luis Scola
5. Jordan Hill
6. Johnny Flynn
7. Courtney Lee
8. Terrance Williams
9. Patrick Patterson
10. Hasheem Thabeet
11. Goran Dragic
12. Marcus Morris
13. Chandler Parsons
14. Donatas Motiejunas (playing in Europe, not sure if he counts)

Coming in at the end of the game before Marquis Blakely was a good sign. However, Greg Smith (center) came in right before Jeremy and they just signed PF Jeff Adrian. The Rockets are short on big men, so thats a big concern.

On a positive note, Bill Ingram of Hoopsworld does give a good report on JLin in his Rockets review (at the bottom under "Who We Like"). Click here.

Hopefully, JLin gets some meaningful minutes on Wednesday @ San Antonio. Lets pray.


  1. Even if Jeremy Lin doesn't make the Rockets, it's not the end of the world. Other teams will be interested in him. If the Rockets are going to keep Lowry, Dragic, and Flynn it's better that Jeremy gets waived to see if he can make a team without so much competition at the guard spot.

  2. Looks like these Rockets fans don't think Jeremy is going to make the team.


    McHale on the fringe roster guys: "They didn't play much...but Jeremy Lin is a good, *nice* player. Greg Smith is a *nice* player." At the same time, McHale stressed how hard it is for unproven guys to show their potential with such a short preseason.

    Anyway, I get the feeling that McHale really likes Lin, but there's only so much room on the roster. Dragic was supposed to be traded in the original CP3 deal, but now he and Flynn are "stuck" on the Rockets.

    Bad news: JL may not make the roster and certainly won't be active without an injury. Good news: McHale seems to be a fan and has said he's not going to judge anyone based on a single preseason game or anything (much less a couple minutes).

  4. Agree this wasn't the best of starts for Lin's new phase. There are a couple things that at least give me hope. I didn't watch any video but the fact that Dragic fouled out suggests to me that he is somewhat lacking on defense.

    On the Warriors, Jenkins looked decent although the jury is out until we see him guard someone other than a 5'9" rookie, Isaiah Thomas. By the way, if Thomas is 5'9" then Jenkins is closer to 5'11" than 6'3" The other backup PG didn't impress. Depending on how Ish Smith looks, the W's still have a need.

    If Lin should not make the Rockets roster, the Warriors can re-sign him with no affect on their salary cap. I'm not saying this is a good thing, just a possibility. I would hope he signs on with another team.

    My guess is that McHale will opt to keep him as the 15th spot as others have mentioned. If so, maybe it's better to spend some time in the D-League.

  5. I watched the entire game, Dragic played good. He was hustling and going for loose balls and aggressive. The commentators were giving him props.

    Jeremy compared himself to Dragic last season.

  6. Not likely the Warriors will resign Jeremy. They picked up another guard (Ish Smith) off of waivers last week. While Jenkins didn't play great, Coach Mark Jackson likes him. Of course, we'll have to see during the regular season how this pans out. Jeremy's going to either be a bench warmer or in the D-League this season. For everyone saying, it would be good for Jeremy to be a free-agent D-Leaguer, let's take a step back. It will be better for Jeremy personally to be on the Rockets roster. It means, they will have picked up his contract (at least for a little while). I mean, while we all want Jeremy to actually PLAY, he has to earn a living too. This isn't pick up or college basketball anymore.

  7. coach41: "while we all want Jeremy to actually PLAY, he has to earn a living too."

    Lin made $470K last year, and he has a Nike contract too. So I'm pretty sure he has made/is making a decent living. I'm looking at the long term picture, and I still think he'd be better off as a free agent D-Leaguer, with the opportunity to be signed by a team that needs his skill set.

  8. Btw, it was a small applause when Jeremy entered the game. I think the rockets will keep him for marketing purpose, he will be a fan favorite there too.

  9. Rockets waive 3 today, Blakely, Omar Samhan and Ibraham Jaaber today. Lin is still on the roster.


    Sounds like Mark Jackson's backing up his talk about defense and teamwork. According to the writer, the Warriors actually made their opponent earn every basket. Even Ellis and Curry were hustling on defense. And instead of previous years "clear out and let Ellis do his thing", they were actually cutting and moving the ball.

    Granted, that was only one preseason game, but that actually sounds like the type of team and coach that Lin would have been a great contributor for. I feel that Jerry West was the one who made the call to waive Lin, because Mark Jackson hadn't even seen Lin (or Jenkins or anyone) practice yet. West helped draft Klay and Jenkins, whereas he had nothing to do with Lin.

  11. Jeremy interview

  12. He mentions in this longer version of the video @ 14:10!