Saturday, December 31, 2011

Knicks vs Kings on New Year's Eve

If Iman Shumpert comes back from injury early (2 weeks from Dec 25), Jeremy has about 5 games left to really show what he can do.  Once Iman is back it'll be even harder to get any PT. With one practice under his belt, he should be good to go. Shouldn't be too hard learning the offense. Pass it into Carmelo then get out of the way. By the way, check out Mike Bibby's stats (especially the plus/minus) after two games as the backup point:

2.0 PPG
21.5 MPG
.22 FG%
0.0 3p%
1.5 RPG
2.0 APG
.5 SPG
0.0 BPG
+- Minus 32

With the Kings not playing much defense, I actually think Bibby will have a decent offensive game against his old club. However, I'm sure he'll have trouble guarding Jimmer, Tyreke, or Thornton. I would love to see Jeremy matched up with Jimmer. My wishful thinking but he is just a twisted ankle away. He may need divine intervention to get in, like when Roddy Beaubois got injured and Jeremy went head to head with John Wall.


  1. I don't know much about Shumpert. I'm confused as to if he's a SG or PG. ESPN's depth chart shows Shumpert as the backup SG. But most articles I read reference him as a Knicks backup PG. So does that make him a combo guard that plays both positions or what?

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  3. Yeah real,

    Knicks fans love Shumpert. He's very athletic. He is more of a two but you can call him a combo.

  4. There are several incredible frustrating things about this situation.

    1. Douglas and Bibby have played so poorly on both ends of the floor that ANY 3rd string PG should be playing 10+ minutes per game. Lin, Acie Law, Charles Jenkins...that guy at the YMCA.

    2. JL isn't perfect, but he's exactly what the Knicks need. They need someone who can drive and dish but also play defense. That's all.

    3. With the Knicks other PG options being an aging Davis and a rookie combo-guard in Shumpert, JL has a real shot at sticking with the Knicks next season and beyond.

    But let's try to keep cool. It's only two games and the Warriors game doesn't count (only a shootaround beforehand). Shumpert is still two weeks away from coming back, maybe more.

  5. Looks like Houston fans are still upset about waiving Lin, check this thread out..

  6. Lin still listed as 6'3/200. He is more close to 6'4 or even 6'5. who decides the nba player profile? looks like Lin didn't advertise his size (like other players listed 1 to 2 inches taller)?

  7. It seems like Jeremy is taller than 6'3" when you see him on the court and compare him to other players who are supposedly the same height. It may be the other players are exaggerating their height.

  8. Players do exaggerate their height or their height is listed with shoes on. Jeremy Lin was measured to be 6'3" (without shoes) at the 2010 NBA Combine. Strangely, he wasn't measured with shoes. That same year, Jordan Crawford was measured to be 6'3" (without shoes) and 6'4.5" (with shoes). He's listed by the Wizards as 6'4".

  9. Many NBA players list their height with shoes on. Others such as JLin list their height w/o shoes on. Thus for instance, Charles Jenkins on the Warriors is listed as 6'3" but that is with shoes on and I'm pretty sure he stretched at that. Jenkins is closer to 6'0". Lin is a legitimate 6'3" probably 1 1/2 to 2 inches taller in his shoes. It should be noted that there are 2 other measures of length used as well, wing span and standing reach (how high do can they touch with their arms raised.)

    I'd be curious to know his current weight. It looks like he's bulked up. It would be good if his height/weight comparisons matched those of Baron Davis. He could be Davis' understudy on the Knicks...if they would only give him a few minutes of P/T.

  10. Draft express is a good place to see players' real heights. Here is Jeremy's:
    As the people above me said, he is 6'3 without shoes, which means he could be listed anywhere between 6'4 and 6'5. I also wouldn't be surprised if Jeremy gained an inch or so since being drafted.
    For example, look at Kyrie Irving.
    And as for Charles jenkins:

  11. Why do we overanalyze everything?

  12. "Why do we overanalyze everything?"

    Fanboys will be fanboys.

  13. He's not in a position to be a play as he normally does. He doesn't have a guaranteed contract like Melo or Bibby, those guys can jack up shots at will because their roster spot is guaranteed.

    Lin is in a precarious situation, is he playing to help the team, or to impress the coaches ? You see him doing things he doesn't normally do, like putting up more difficult shots, leaving his man on defense to go after a steal.
    He's trying too hard to do what others expect from him. Rather than just playing his way. From playing only 1 minute in garbage time, you can't blame him for the lack of swagger in his game. Every temp player has it when they're fighting for a chance to play.

  14. Looks like another Asian is back in the NBA! but will play in the D-League first! lol

  15. Harrelson having a great game in his first heavy action. I mention this because most people don't understand that playing a guy for 1-5 minutes isn't a good way to judge talent.

    If only JL could get a game or two of heavy action. Shumpert is out 2-4 weeks, but for all we know, it's close to 4 than 2. So maybe the clock isn't ticking as fast as we think on JL's Knicks "audition."

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  17. JL finally comes in with 3 minutes left and plays as bad as he's ever played in his life.

    Especially painful to watch because he's gonna be judged on this meaningless garbage time stint instead of every other NBA game he's played in and looked solid or good in, which is basically every one since his D-League stint.

    Trolls are gonna love it.

  18. Lin looked bad out there. It seems like he had trouble with the Kings PG, Isaiah Thomas, who is 5'9" and very quick. Keith Smart probaby gave Thomas a quick scouting report on Lin.

    Hopefully Jeremy can brush it off and work on his handle and conditioning more.

  19. Yea, Lin look incredibly out of sync.... Boy I'm glad he is finally out of California and back to NYC against Toronto... Not sure if he is getting anymore mins though, maybe not used to playing more than a minute in garbage time??

  20. Jeremy got in a few minutes but didn't look particularly good. The King's Isaiah Thomas harassed him on defense and gave Jeremy some trouble. Jeremy's got decent handles and quickness but first time I would say he was a little overmatched. Jeremy also had trouble staying in front of Isaiah on defense.

    Jeremy's going to have to show he can handle things at practice. I think Jeremy's skill set would be useful in match up situations but coaches have to be aware of that.

  21. Jeremy Lin is the joke of the night, after a win. Real sad. He is getting ripped hard on the Knicks forum. Knicks fans - Hate him or love him.

  22. I am a Jeremy Lin fan but that was sad to watch he sucked so bad even if it was garbage time. He fell like 5 times and keeps almost turning the ball over to little ass Isiah Thomas. He should of manhandled him easily. Shaking my head...

  23. I'm not too worried about those idiots on the forums, there is a word people use call, Knee Jerk Reaction threads.. It happens all the time when a certain player doesn't do very well in 1 game, but again it's kind of funny though...

  24. In reading some of the other comments, we do forget that JLin hasn't PLAYED NBA level of basketball in a while. He was cut from the Warriors camp early and only practiced a few times with the Rockets. He only played a few minutes of preseason basketball and is basically trying to get his rhythm and conditioning back.

    I really think the lockout screwed up Jeremy and many other fringe guys who would normally get to condition in summer, training camp and preseason games. Jeremy could work his ass off on his own but nothing beats practicing and playing against NBA level players.

    Heck, I play league and pick up basketball year around and consider myself in decent shape. However, when you miss a few weeks of b-ball, your timing, rhythm and conditioning go away a bit. Not an excuse for Jeremy as he has to be ready no matter what. But I would not be surprised if this was the case.

  25. Isiah Thomas blew by every guard in the PAC-10 for the last few years. He is as quick as they come and has good springs. I think he finishes better than Barea. Just a bad match up for Lin, who I don't think had ever played against a guard as quick as Isiah Thomas. He'll learn from it to and adjust hopefully to use his size to his advantage.

  26. What was really disappointing was Lin's very poor judgement in terms of just trying to force the issue by driving no matter what, even if whole defense is expecting it and when there may not even be an open lane to exploit.

    People won't remember Isiah Thomas beating him off dribble as much as Lin trying to split a double team and getting dribble tied up by other team, or falling on ground and trying to pass to teammate.

    Hope he's got thick skin, because he's going to take a lot of (deserved) flak for his very poor judgement during those 3 minutes.

    Really would have been better if he just passed the ball to a teammate, let the ball move around, and exploit a lane to hoop when it developed naturally in the flow of offense.

    He also looked really lost out there on offense, so don't know if he doesn't know offensive schemes yet, or just unfamiliar with other players out on court at same time.

  27. Lin's game footage has now been posted on Youtube, as "Jeremy Lin is not good". Haters coming out in numbers now.

  28. I've noticed that Lin struggles offensively and defensively against much shorter guards like 6'-0" and below. He dribbles the ball rather high, maybe it's just his form, or his short wing span. He needs to work on that, there are a lot of small point guards in the league, with quick hands, who like to reach in.

    I doubt Baron Davis would've done any better coming back from injury, except maybe recognized the zone defense and just passed the ball around instead of trying to penetrate the zone.

  29. "He dribbles the ball rather high, maybe it's just his form, or his short wing span. He needs to work on that, there are a lot of small point guards in the league, with quick hands, who like to reach in."

    Completely agree the above comments. Lin dribbles way too high.

  30. For the sake of comparison, I looked online for Jeremy's reach and wingspan compared to some of this old Warriors teammates.

    Jeremy Lin WIngspan / Standing Reach: 6'5" Wingspan / 8'2" Standing Reach

    Stephen Curry: 6'3.5" Wingspan / 8'1" Standing Reach

    Monta Ellis: 6'2.75" Wingspan / 8'1" Standing Reach

    I don't think it's a matter of wingspan as Ellis and Curry have shorter wingspans and do just fine. I think it is a matter of technique. It's funny though, when Jeremy executes a crossover dribble, he keeps it low but not when he is dribbling against pressure. Hopefully someone points that out to him. BTW if anyone has FB, Jeremy is on there and so you could probably note that to him! :)