Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fresh Start For JLin

This looks like it could be a good situation for Jeremy. The Houston GM, Darryl Morey is an advanced statistics guy. He is not fooled by what a guy looks like or what people may feel about a player. This will really help a player like JLin, who may not look too flashy or athletic, but will produce especially on the defensive end. Also, the Houston Rockets connection to Yao and the Asian Community, will help. Jeremy has played at Yao's Charity game and seems to have a solid bond with him. Also, Houston has a rather large Chinese community compared to most NBA cities. While there are already three pg's on the roster, it's not like you have a bonafide star and or 1st round draft pick that you know the team is beholden to. With the team still pushing hard for a big name center, it's likely that one of pg's would be part of the potential trade package. It's been a crazy week in the NBA, so who knows what can happen in the next few weeks. Right now, Jeremy is in a position to show his true worth and that's all you can ask for.


  1. It would be nice if the Chris Paul trade to LAL went through. This would send Gorin Dragic there. I think Dragic and Lin are somewhat comparable, with Dragic getting the nod on offense and Lin on defense. Even if Dragic stays, he's on a bad ankle so having Lin as an alternative is good, especially since there's no effect on the salary cap.

    Jeremy is potentially in a good position now. If he sticks with the Rockets, he will be a free agent next year and could go anywhere he wanted.

    By the way, checked out the W's practice on UStream. Charles Jenkins' defense is highly questionable at this point. He can't stay in front of Curry and looks like he's playing tag with him. I'm still basically a W's fan, and not rooting for him to fail, but, if Jenkins doesn't work out, the W's will find their biggest problem wasn't finding a center, but rather at backup PG. Hmm. I wonder where the W's could find a good sized backup PG at a minimum salary who plays strong defense, knows the Warrior system and has an improved jump shot...?

  2. daryl morey is indeed the perfect guy to appreciate what jeremy lin brings to the court. can't wait!

  3. Hmm, I have mixed feelings about this.

    1) I guess it's a compliment that Lin didn't clear waivers. (Is there any way to find out what the NBA waiver priority is? Just wondering which and how many teams passed him up before Houston got him.)

    2) I'm tired of all the people who play the "Asian marketing" card, and this isn't helping. Critics will say that the Rockets just need an Asian to replace Yao's fan base.

    3) I still think the ideal situation would have been for Lin to become a free agent, then sign with Dallas. Barea's gone. I think Lin can beat out Beaubois for PT. He could learn from Kidd and become his eventual replacement.

    4) As Houston's roster stands right now, Lin is kind of buried in the depth chart, behind Lowry, Dragic, and Flynn. Lin's a similar style to Dragic. Flynn was the 6th overall pick, so Flynn will get extra consideration.

  4. Uh oh, Lowry's already got #7. Luis Scola's already got #4 (Lin's college/high school number). What if you add 7 and 4 together? Hey, #11's available! :-\ (cringe)

  5. pic of lin at practice.!/RocketsJCF/status/146341325221015552/photo/1

  6. Jeremy can go with lucky #8, unless that's already taken or retired?

    He's not listed on the roster on their website yet, either it's not updated yet or he's a training camp filler for now.

  7. We Christians dont believe in luck, we believe in the Holy Spirit and that everything happen for a reason. I think he going with #13.

  8. It's too soon to know whether JL can make the (active) roster, but I think Kevin McHale will be a good fit for him. In the training camp interviews, McHale is constantly hammering home the importance of defense, b-ball IQ and contributing even when not scoring. Also, he briefly mentioned JL today when a reporter asked about him.

    Called Jeremy a "quick guard," but that it's too early to evaluate (only one day!). Still, McHale said Jeremy looked good despite being in a new and uncomfortable situation (i.e. where only a few guys know the playbook). Great to have a no-nonsense, intelligent coach who really seems to emphasize things other than scoring.