Friday, November 11, 2011

Jeremy Back To Harvard And 3 Things We Learned

Jeremy is scheduled to participate in Rajon Rondo's Boston Charity Classic this Saturday at Harvard's Lavietes Pavilion. Click here.

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Three Things We Learned about JLin from We Believe vs. Dubs game:
1. Confirmed that Jeremy has deep 3 pt. range though not as deep as Hibachi's.
2. Jeremy's knee is fine. He moved well and dunked on a quick take off.
3. Jeremy has the trust and respect from teammates.


  1. Anyone know if this game will be streamed like the We Believe vs Dubs game was streamed?

  2. Lin looks like he put on some muscle. I never thought he was too thin, but hitting the weight room should always be good if not done to an extreme.