Wednesday, September 7, 2011

JLin To Play In Vegas Next Week

It's great to hear that Jeremy will be playing in Vegas at the Impact Basketball two-week competitive training series. Jeremy is an alumni of Impact Basketball, working out there last summer before the 2010 NBA draft. Other Warriors will be participating, including Steph Curry, David Lee, and Dorel Wright. Click to view.


  1. "The games will be streamed online for free and they will also be open to the public."

    Sounds great. This is almost as good as Summer League. JL won't play as much as he would have on the Ws' Summer League team, but the level of competition will be much higher. I'm convinced Joe Abunassar (who runs Impact) did a lot for Jeremy's defense, which was a question mark during pre-draft evaluation but became a major strength for Jeremy later on. JL has learned to stay in front of a more explosive guy through superior balance and agility.

  2. didn't see his name on the official rosters

  3. What roster were you looking at? I saw Lin's name on the official NBA/Warriors roster:

  4. He means JL is not on the Impact/"Lockout League" rosters. I'm pretty sure they asked him (as a recent "success" story even listed on the Impact website). A couple possible reasons.


    Warriors are hosting their own training camp next week, while the Impact event is a two-week affair. If you go to the Impact website, you'll see that Curry isn't listed on any rosters either -- even though he was "confirmed" multiple times in press releases.

    2) I forgot that JL had his knee to rehab -- even canceled on FIBA Asia. Probably taking it easy until the official Warriors camp next week.

  5. Come on real-dsb, don't be so jumpy! We all know Jeremy is still in the NBA. :)