Thursday, September 22, 2011

JLin Running With Monta & DLee


  1. niiice fastbreak layup by Lin. still not shooting though.

  2. Jeremy was in the building to watch the FIBA Asia game between China vs South Korea in Wuhan, China:

    He will now go to Dongguan to practice with their CBA team, but won't be playing for their CBA team for now.

  3. Wouldn't hurt for him to be more creative and aggressive, especially when it's just pick up. He needs to look for his shot more.

  4. Maybe there's a "silver lining" because of the lockout situation. Looking at the video clips, Charles Jenkins doesn't look ready, especially on defense, and seems a lot smaller than advertised (Jeremy looks like the biggest guard on the floor.) If and when the season starts, it seems less likely the W's will sign a PG free agent and to me, Jenkins should be slated for D league so he can develop. Thus Lin's conditional contract is likely to be made permanent and he will have an opportunity to be the backup PG.

  5. Jeremy Lin talking to a reporter in Wuhan, China during the FIba 2011 CHampionship. Said he will consider playing for CHINA!!! haha but probably won't happen unless they offer dual citizenship.

  6. and Jeremy Lin has been playing at the 2011 ABA Marco Polo Championship, here is the schedule and some pics:

    Sep 27 Taiwan Beer vs. Dongguan Leopards
    Sep 27 Pure Youth vs. Ryukyu Golden Kings
    Sep 28 Dongguan Leopards vs. Ryukyu Golden Kings
    Sep 28 Pure Youth vs. Taiwan Beer
    Sep 29 Dongguan Leopards vs. Pure Youth
    Sep 29 Taiwan Beer vs. Ryukyu Golden Kings
    Sep 30 3rd vs. 4th
    Sep 30 1st vs. 2nd

  7. Jeremy in NBA2k! Finally got his own picture too!!

    shown at 7:04

  8. Anonymous213,

    Thanks for the CBA scoop!