Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jeremy Lin Highlights at Impact

A couple of JLin highlights from Impact Basketball summer 2011 at the 1 min 15 second mark.


  1. nice. anyone know how the quality of play is in Impact league vs D League?

  2. alot of the player in this Impact League are NBA players. but they don't play like it's a real game. these games are to get in shape and practice. -consider them exhibition games.

  3. here a link to some more pick up game with lin.

  4. Jeremy Lin will be running with the Dongguan Leopards for this competition, which ironically features two Taiwanese teams.

    Sep 27 Taiwan Beer vs. Dongguan Leopards
    Sep 27 Pure Youth vs. Ryukyu Golden Kings
    Sep 28 Dongguan Leopards vs. Ryukyu Golden Kings
    Sep 28 Pure Youth vs. Taiwan Beer
    Sep 29 Dongguan Leopards vs. Pure Youth
    Sep 29 Taiwan Beer vs. Ryukyu Golden Kings
    Sep 30 3rd vs. 4th
    Sep 30 1st vs. 2nd