Monday, June 27, 2011

Jeremy On Taiwan's Asian Championship Roster

Taiwan to include Jeremy Lin in Asian Championship roster. Click here.


  1. It will be great for him as long as he doesn't get hurt. There's gonna be a lockout so at the very least, it'll help him stay in game shape.

  2. If that is indeed true that in order to play for PRC, Lin would have to give up his U.S. citizenship, then that would be absolutely out of the question... end of discussion.

    The 2011 FIBA Asia championships are from Sep 15-25, and NBA preseason would start around the first week of October. So if the NBA season is delayed, then I say why not for Lin to play in the tourney. But if the NBA season starts on time, then don't play in Asia.

  3. It is true Jeremy would have to give up his citizenship to play for PRC. The main reason for this because PRC does not offer dual-citizenship, while the ROC does. That's how other players such as Chris Kaman (Germany), Ben Gordon (England), Serge Ibaka (Spain)(Naturalization), Marcus Douthit(Naturalization) (Philippines) can play for those countries.