Monday, June 13, 2011

Jason Kidd And Jeremy Lin

After watching Jason Kidd play as a sophomore in high school, I immediately thought that he would be a Hall of Famer and win an NBA Championship. It wasn't looking good on the second part of my prediction until this incredible run by the Mavericks.

After watching Jeremy play in college and in the SF Summer league, I thought he had a good chance to make it in the NBA. Now that Jeremy is in the league, what kind of player do I think he can be? Well, I see him as a poor man's Jason Kidd.

Obviously, he doesn't have the athleticism, great passing, dribbling, and court vision of JKidd. However, there are many similarities to their games. First, both had bad mechanics on their shots coming into the NBA but were still able to deliver in High School (leading their teams to California State Championships) and College (turning around dormat college programs, California & Harvard). Both have awesome size for the point, 6'4" with shoes and over 200lbs, thus able to guard multiple positions. They both have uncanny anticipation and feel for the game making them great thieves. Jason is an all time great rebounding point guard, Jeremy should be a very good rebounder. Finally, the most important thing I saw in Jason that I see in Jeremy is toughness and heart. Both, cannot be taught.

So, worse case, I see Jeremy as a top backup point with a Jason Kidd like game.


  1. Had J-Lin signed with the Mavs, he'd have a ring.

  2. lol i dont think the mavs was interested in him at the time.

  3. "lol i dont think the mavs was interested in him at the time."

    The Mavs were one of several teams that gave Lin an offer. But the Mavs plan was for Lin to develop in d-league for a year or two. Whereas the Warriors offered Lin a guaranteed contract, which meant a very good shot to making the active roster. At that time, the Warriors offer was much better.

    In hindsight, Lin may have been better off with the Mavs. If Beaubois was on the active roster during the playoffs (albeit with no playing time), Lin would most likely have been in front of Beaubois after a stellar d-league season.

  4. I play for the Golden State Warriors the name's Jeremy Lin,
    I'm such a devout Christian that you'll never see me sin,
    Whenever I am on the floor you can be sure that the dubs will win,
    all the other teams better watch out for me i'm ready; let the season begin

  5. Jlin at basketball camp.