Tuesday, May 17, 2011

JLin Interview With Rick Quan

Emmy Award winning Rick Quan, former sportscaster in Hawaii and San Francisco, sits down for a very cool interview with Jeremy Lin about his journey to the NBA.

Rick is very involved in the Asian community and has his own Production Company as well. Check out his sites:


  1. I've always found pieces or articles on Lin actually quite informative and well-done. You can't really find that these days. It's a success story in of itself making it as a pro baller, and at the same time having to overcome those obstacles. With the right coach, I think the Warriors can be, or will be much better than quite a few teams next season.

  2. Anyone else get the feeling that Lin is going to be dramatically better next year? Look how much he advanced during his soph year at Harvard. It all depends on the kind of minutes he's given but I feel like he will be able to take huge strides next year and really make an impact for the team.

  3. Haha, also, Jeremy's interviews have been more interesting.

  4. If he works hard on his jump shot these few months, there's no reason why he couldn't be dramatically better. Hitting jumpshots will help his confidence, and in turn improve his overall game. Jim Barnett mentioned in the final game of the season that JLin should shoot 500-1000 shots a day in the off-season. I hope he's doing just that.

  5. nice interview with Jlin at Lincoln elementary in Oakland.



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