Friday, April 8, 2011

Radio Interview With JLin

Very honest and telling interview with Tim Roye on Warriors Weekly Radio. Click here.


  1. Thanks for posting the link. That was one of his more interesting interviews (although let's be honest, Jeremy Lin's interviews are generally as exciting as Tim Duncan's =). I got a chuckle when he said that they make him be the bookkeeper/banker for their card games.

  2. Jeremy said that one of the most challenging things this year was converting from SG to PG. I really don't think it's the best decision for the Warriors to force him into a pure PG role. I don't see the potential in him as a great PG. When you look at his passes and assists, they don't wow you where you think he could be a great PG. On the other hand, some of his drives do wow you and make you think he's a great slasher.

    OK, not all PGs are flashy. Some just make a lot of fundamental and effective passes for assists. But I haven't seen Lin demonstrate that either. He's never had double digit assists in college, D League or NBA. (I know he wasn't a PG in college, but still.) In D League, Aaron Miles averaged 8.8 APG. Donald Sloan was also converted from SG to PG, and Sloan has had quite a few double digit assist games.

    I'm not knocking on Lin. I'm just saying that he is most effective as a combo guard who does a little bit of everything (score, pass, rebound, defense). For an NBA team to get the most out of Lin, it's going to be to use him as a backup combo guard. I understand that a pure PG is a bigger need for the Warriors, but Lin is probably not the answer to that.

    Player MIN +/- +/-/MIN
    Ekpe Udoh 942 103 0.1093
    Jeremy Lin 225 19 0.0844
    V. Radmanovic 1144 58 0.0507
    Al Thornton 1348 0 0.0000
    Charlie Bell 171 0 0.0000
    Stephen Curry 2397 -24 -0.0100
    Jeff Adrien 181 -6 -0.0331
    Dorell Wright 3025 -129 -0.0426
    R Williams 1524 -66 -0.0433
    David Lee 2522 -126 -0.0500
    Monta Ellis 3201 -237 -0.0740
    L Amundson 647 -66 -0.1020
    Acie Law 726 -85 -0.1171
    A Biedrins 1397 -234 -0.1675